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Meri Saasu Maa 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sattu leaves Pari. Maa saa comes to the kitchen and watches the utensils washed. Jalabi says that Pari did her work really well, she has done wonder. Maa saa asks where Pari is, Jalabi says Pari has gone to dry the clothes on roof. On the roof, Babita says to Pari that Maa saa told them to get her all the clothes of the house. Bari Bhabi asks when Maa saa said so, Manjhali says it is because Pari didn’t open up her mouth. Jalabi comes up to get Pari and says her Papa has arrived. Pari’s papa gave her the sweet box. Pari comes down and hugs her papa, he congratulates her. Maa saa asks what it is about. Her papa asks if she didn’t tell Maa saa about it, he tells them that Pari has passed the BA.ed entrance exam. Pari cheers, Papa says she will soon be a teacher. Maa saa asks why she didn’t

tell her. Pari thinks she didn’t know herself about it. Papa asks why she isn’t speaking. Sattu comes and says Pari can’t speak, she had ice cream and is having a sour throat. Her papa tells her to do gargles at night, he tells her to study hard and be a better teacher than her Papa. He takes leave from Pari and Maa saa. Maa saa asks Pari if she really didn’t know about it. Manjhali says how she will speak, she has been punished to keep quiet. Maa saa says now she takes her punishment back, now Pari can speak. She asks Pari if she didn’t know about the news. Pari says she knew about it. Maa saa asks why she kept it hidden. Sattu says he didn’t tell Pari about the news, she only knew there was a good news. Pari nods at Sattu when Maa saa leaves. Majhali says Maa saa has problem with Pari’s studies, what will happen now? Babita sayas a lot has to happen now.
Daddo appreciates Bhawna that she had divided everything equally between her sons, there will be no division and conflict between them. Bhawna says her sons will come up to her brought up, people say she earned a lot but she knows her earning is her sons only. She says her respect is her sons.
Pari comes to the room and thanks Sattu. Sattu was angry and says to Pari he always sides the truth, then why she didn’t. He shows her the video. Pari asks where he got this video. Sattu asks why she didn’t tell Baray Bhai was behind this scandal, everyone pointed at her and she knew who was behind it, then why she didn’t tell everyone. Jalabi comes to the room and says Maa saa sent her, Baray Bhaiya is home. Sattu leaves the room saying today the truth will come to front. Pari stops her all along the way not to say anything to anyone, but he doesn’t listen. Sattu calls everyone in the hall. Baray Bhaiya asks what happened, why he is shouting. Everyone hurries to the hall. Maa saa asks what happened, Sattu never shouts this loud. Sattu says this never happened before. Pari thinks she must stop Sattu. Pari interferes and says there is a snake behind Baray Bhaiya’s bag, everyone begins to jump. Maa saa sends Jalabi to burn some seeds in the kitchen, snake will leave from the smoke. Pari goes to break the fuse of electricity. Maa saa goes to kitchen. Baray Bhaiya tells them to go and get the electrician. Pari says she can repair the fuse, Sattu must help her with the torch. Pari takes Sattu inside, he asks if she thinks herself to be cunning? His brothers have hurt Maa saa a lot. Pari says she thinks him to be sensible, she thought Maa saa’s happiness is the biggest thing for him. She asks if he wants to ask his brothers why they did so, but did he think for once what Maa saa will feel about it? Pari says that Maa saa will be broken by the truth. She says when brothers fight Mahabharat occurs, but if brothers live happily it is called Ramayan. In a Mahabharat, no matters who wins but a mother wins. She joins the fuse, comes out and announces that she saw the snake leaving the house. Everyone was relieved, Maa saa says to Pari that she had seen the snake coming and leaving, if he is her relation. Daddo says snake could have bitten anyone in the house. Pari says until she is in the house, no one can bite anyone.
The next morning, Maa saa stands in her office thinking about Sattu speaking about some video. He didn’t tell her the truth about the video. Sattu comes to her office with the accounts registers. Maa saa asks if this is possible if something is happening in front of one’s eyes and one doesn’t see them. Sattu says it is possible and at times sensible people also doesn’t understand all about it. Maa saa asks Sattu’s phone to make a call, she notices that his phone was black while the phone Sattu clutched that day was white. She calls and asks to come in her cabin. Pari comes to Maa saa’s cabin, Maa saa notices her white phone. Sattu asks what she is doing here. Maa saa says she called her here with her lunch, she wanted to talk to Pari that she doesn’t get a chance of at home. Pari was worried. Maa saa says Pari’s phone is really a good one, she asks her to show her; she heard its camera’s result is really good. Sattu points at Pari not to give it. Pari is worried what is Maa saa watches the video. Maa saa thinks that her suspect was right, if she doesn’t let her watch the video it will be confirmed.

PRECAP: Sattu asks Pari to let him think, he will find a way to tell her. Maa saa gets the phone and says now she will find out about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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