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Meri Saasu Maa 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa is shocked to know that pari stopped him, and then asks them to ask her why she did so. sattu asks if she knew this. pari says that she did, and that he is very shrewd, and the way he is presenting things, its all an illusion and begs them not to believe him. she then narrates everything. she says that she didnt tell anyone, so that peace and harmony could be there in the family. shivpal begs her to say the truth, that she didnt want hikm to meet his family, and his sons, and that he didnt have any other option, and didnt want this drama, but what to do, as this lady was becoming an obstacle. sattu says that he didnt expect this from her, and asks why she did so, and kept them deprived from their father. he asks how could she solely take

this decision. granny stands up and says that she told pari not to, as she knows her son best, who cant improve. all are tensed. she says that he is full of betrayal, and henec didnt want him to be related to the family. she says that he is pretending even right now. he says that she is right, and if his own wife and mother think lik that, he doesnt deserve to be here. he accepts he is a bad person, and would never get a place in their hearts, hence he shall go. he turns around to go, while the bahus are tensed. pari, granny and maasa observe tensedly. he then turns around, and tells granny that before going, he has to rectify his mistake. she asks what. he thinks that he shall separate them from their mother. he says that her bahu is living like a widow, in the presence of her husband, and hence before going, atleast he should don the vermillion on maasa’s forehead. maasa and granny are aghast. he goes to the aisle, and takes the vermillion in his hand, and then confronts maasa, who is petrified to see it. he picks up a pinch, to do the ritual, while she retreats back, and granny comments that this shall be a bad omen. she throws away the vermillion, while he smirks. Bhavna says that she cant don her forehead with vermillion for his name. the eldest brother asks whats wrong in that, as this is against hindu traditions. she says that its better that she stays as a widow than a married wife. he asks them to tell the truth, as she is the one who is pretending to be bhavna, as they werent married ever, and that she never donned the vermillion of his name. babita points out, if they werent married, then how come the chidlren, and if they are wives of illegitimate sons. granny asks what nonsense is he talking, as he only produced the photograph of the wedding. he says that he married bhavna, not this lady, who she claims to be bhavna. sattu asks him to be clear. he says that he and bhavna married, and they are all his sons. he then asks her to say the truth, and then says that this woman who they think is their maasa, isnt his wife, and is not even their mother as this isnt bhavna at all. they are all aghast and apalled. granny is shellshocked. pari asks what nonsense is this, and asks them not to believe him, as its a trap. he asks maasa how long she plans to betray them. granny says that its a white lie, as this is bhavna, and asks them not to listen to him. he says that he knew that granny would support this lying woman. sattu comes and asks him to stop, or he shall kill him. shivpal says that it shall be good, as then he shall meet his wife in heaven. he says that bhavna is dead for long now. to make him believe, shivpal presents them the death certificate of bhavna devi, saying that granny had kept it hidden in her secret locker safe. granny is apalled. saattu collapses back, unable to read what he sees. Sattu refuses to believe it. maasa says that she is bhavna’s twin sister, who promised bhavna on her death bed, that she shall take care of her children, and shall never make them miss their mother, and that she is fulfilling that promise only. he is unable to digest this shock. she goes and reaches out to her, while he keeps retreating. she tries to make him realise that she is hi mother, and has raised him. he asks her to stop lying. pari asks him to compose himself. he says that he doesnt wish to hear anything. maasa is distraught. granny begs him to listen to her, and that this is true that she isnt the mother, but her maternal aunt, and she requested maasa to take care of the children, and she sacrificed everything of hers, for the well being of her children, and asks him not to punish her so bad, for her devotion and motherhood. maasa turns to the children, and asks if she ever made them miss their mother. sattu begs her to say that this is not true. PAri tries to make him understand by drawing an analogy between krishan’s original mother, and how he was brought up by someone else. he says that she didnt lie atleast. shivpal apologises that the truth must have broken them, but one day the truth had to come out. pari and maasa look at him with disgust, while he addresses the children, that he is their father, which cant be falsified, and that he wont tell them whats wrong and whats right, but they should just keep in mind, who is theirs and who not. he says that if they need anything ever, then they should remember that their father is alive. he then eyes everyone and begins to move out. the bahus are tensed that they cant let this wealthy man go. the eldest bahu stops him, and they all apologise saying that they made a big mistake, as they kept thinking of false relations as true, but today they realised, that strangers are strangers only. babita too says that this is the reason maasa was so rude to them, and that she loved cruelly, when they were in pain, as she would have felt the pain, only when she was their own. they all beg him to stay back, while maasa stands humiliated. pari is aghast. the eldest bahu turns to her husband, and tries to convince him, that he shall get the property too. he is convinced and he too turns to shivpal and says that they cant let him go. the other sons too side with shivpal. Pari tells them that they are doing wrong, but the eldest says that they are rectifying what she did wrong, and asks if she cant digest their happiness. shivpal smirks at maasa. sattu sits on the ground, while maasa asks if he shall misunderstand her too. he says that she neednt have lied too, and whatever it is, she could have done it as maternal aunt, as relations cant be built on lies. he beraks down, asking why she did this from him, and kept him deprived of their father’s love. she says that she didnt want shivpal’s bad deeds influence her children. he claps and taunts that she is the one who lied, but he became wrong. he says that he exposed her today, and now that its revealed, she turned to the motherhood card, but his sons arent fools, and they know the difference between the right and wrong. Shivpal tells everyone that today his sattu shall have to choose between his real father and his fake mother, right now. they are all aghast while sattu is apalled. Shivpal waits to see what sattu’s reaction shall be. he finally gets up and begins to go towards shivpal, while he stands evilly smiling, as granny, pari and maasa stand aghast. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As sattu progresses towards shivpal, pari stops his way, and asks him not to do so, as he is wrong. he shoves her aside. Later, while bhavna and granny sit in the room, pari hurriedly goes inside, but maasa is enraged and stops her, asking her not to come in, as she is the reason behind all this. Pari vehemently denies, saying that she did so, as she cared for her. Maasa asks her not to address her as maasa, as she says that had she cared for maasa so much, then today, she wouldnt have had to face shivpal’s insults. pari stands apalled. granny eyes them both tensed and helpless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. what’s this new bakvas is i didn’t hope this from sattu i think sattu will understand the sacrifices of his aunt but he didn’t very very very bad

  3. Pari was only trying to help maasaa but it seem she is always wrong

  4. Woah great acting in this episode! Crying was extremely realistic Sattu! Brought me to tears that my prediction was right…

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