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Meri Saasu Maa 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sattu’s residence
Pari, sattu and maasa discuss as to how they have managed to trap shivpal into not hurting pari, by making him think that she played to his tunes. Maasa wonders what else is shivpal concocting, but whatever happened was good, as he wouldnt harm pari again. he says that its good, as they saved pari, and now the house doesnt stand divided yet again. pari is excited too, that now they can work more freely. maasa too is hopeful of the family uniting now. granny comes in looking for maasa and finds them all laughing, and expresses surprise as to what she is seeing, that sattu is talking so animatedly with them. he apologises to her and then clears the reality, and how this was all a charade. granny is still boggled. maasa then clarifies everything.

granny is very happy to hear the truth, and that the reality was weighing her down, but now she feels relieved, and is sure that he shall bring the house’s happiness back. maasa asks her not to worry, as sattu and pari shall teach shivpal a nice lesson. they all go out together, with maasa leading them.

Meanwhile, downstairs, roop practises dancing on western music. the bahus come and ask her to put off the loud music, taunting her, that this isnt a musical hall. but roop defiantly says that she wouldnt stop, as they have to prepare a song for her dance. the bahus taunt her, and are shocked suddenly to find the door bell ring. she opens the door, to find a courier for roop oberoi from london. Pari accepts it and is boggled. out os curiosity, the bahus linger around, to see whats come. she starts unpacking the suitcases that have arrived. just then, shivpal comes from behind, and then nudges roop to come aside. she complies. at a distance, while the bahus are ogling at the clothes, he says that he sent it, so that she can perform well, as if they win this final victory, then pari shall be ruined, and sattu is their trap. roop taunts him, and says that these accessories and cosmetics wont lure her into agreeing, and says that she stands still on her partnership in shares. he is fuming. maasa and others join them too. the bahus taunt pari of the things that roop is getting already even though she isnt married yet, while she didnt get anything even as dowry. pari tells them that in there is space in the heart, everything is adjusted. she retorts and then leaves from there. she comes back with acid and cloth, and then clears the boundary of separation, while maasa, granny and saattu stand happy, while bahus are aghast and fume as to why is this being done. sattu says that he and shivpal have agreed, in lieu of the fact that pari has agreed to signing the papers for divorce. they say that they feel betrayed, as this isnt what they were promised. Maasa shuts them and says that if she gets to it, they all shall be outside, and asks them not to forget that this is their house, and she shall decide who stays and doesnt. the middle one asks the others to be shut, or else they shall be rendered homeless.

Later, in the room, pari tells sattu, that she is very happy that she succesfully united them back together, and now once he defeats roop in the competition, they shall win over shivpal too. she starts showing him dance moves for him to practise, while he is too mesmerised as he watches her dancing completely overwhelmed. she realises that he is lost, and not focussing on dancing. he denies that he isnt, and asks where did she learn this. she asks him to start practising and then shows him how to do it. he is totally a beginner in dancing, while she teaches him with patience, even though he gets frustrated at times, when he doesnt catch in quickly. Meanwhile, roop walks in the corridor, towards the lobby, oblivous of pari teaching sattu, and stands at the end of sattu’s room, trying hard to make out whats happening inside. while dancing, pari and sattu come closer as they eye each other romantically. she then distances herself, and asks him to focus on dancing. roop wonders why is music coming from sattu’s room. roop is interested and says that she needs to find out. roop opens the door, to find him practising alone, while not realising that pari hides behind the sofa. he deliberately falls to prove that he is naive in this. she has a hard time, controlling her laughter, while pari fumes, at the way, she is insulting him. roop after having had a good laugh, completely having mocked him, leaves. pari closes the door, and vents out frustration at roop, and then is determined that she shall teach him a lesson. she asks him to hang on, and comes back with clothes from the wardrobe. she asks him to take off the dhoti, and he is embarassed but complies when she insists saying that she shall keep her eyes closed. he complies, and she is pleasantly surprised to see him in jeans and kurta, and compliments him galore. he says that he is very lucky to have her in his life, to take care of his respect and dignity. she says that being his life partner, she has to do it. he leans in to kiss her, as romance is in the air. she jerks away, shying, while he pulls her close to himself. Just then, maasa comes and comments on how pari changed him totally, and says that he looks very good, and blesses them all eternity of happiness. they are amused. she hugs them both, and then says that its time to take the next step, of their plan, and tells that the police have come. she asks if she needs to remind them what needs to be done. they deny.

Downstairs, the police comes and tells maasa and others, that they have unravelled new evidence, in the janaki devi murder case. shivpal wonders if they got to know that he killed janaki, and asks the police what about the husband who was charged with murder. he says that the husband isnt implicated now, as in the light of new evidence, they found that her husband is innocent, and that the real murderer is someone else. shivpal is stunned. sattu comes in jeans, and asks him not to be surprised, and says that time had to change, and he too with the time. he asks the police why are they suspecting shivpal, as he isnt involved. Sattu says that if the doubt has to go somewhere, it should land on maasa, as the police shall find evidence and clues too. the police is boggled. maasa and pari, stand pretending to be shocked, while they actually play out their plan. pari asks sattu to shut up, if he even realises what he is trying to insinuate. the police asks them to stop the blame game, as they have some evidence which point to the killer. shivpal stands tensed. the police says that they found a gemstone which might have fallen from the ring, at the crime scene, which means, that the killer has the ring without the stone. shivpal thinks that he doesnt have one, but still he needs to wipe out every single evidence pointing to himself. he thinks that he shall have to stay alert during the investigation, and wonders whats he talking about. pari says that even the most shrewd of killers, does leave evidence, and now its difficult for the killer to escape. the police says that she is right, and they started connecting clues one after the other, after they unearthed them, and now the killer cant hide for long, and that he shall go there after a couple of days, for a thorough investigation, in the hope of finding more clues, that the killer might have left. the police reveals the gemstone, and she recognises it as a stone of a ring of someone male, and asks shivpal where is his. shivpal immediately jumps to defence saying that he never wore a ring like that. sattu stands up for him, saying that he is innocent. Pari stands up for maasa saying that he neednt point at maasa, as she had no purpose to kill her. sattu says that she has all possible motives, that janaki exposed her, to prove that she is the killer. Maasa is distraught, and says that if she is the killer, then he can search rigthaway, so that they get a clear picture. shivpal gets tensed. The screen freezes on maasa’s tensed face.

Precap: Pari tells maasa, sattu and granny, in the room, that all the clues that they have unravelled, all point to Bandhargarh. Maasa asks if she wishes to say that they all need to go there to unravel the truth. he says that its best if they manage to take shivpal there too, somehow, and in the trap of talking, get him to speak out the truth. maasa asks how would they manage to convince him. pari says that she has an idea to land this plan to implementation. all are curious to know. Later, maasa thinks that the aim went straight, as she finds shivpal pacing nervously, as the drained colour on his face shows. sattu and pari follow after shivpal, as he drives in the middle of the night, to an isolated house, where they find a man tied, blindfolded. they are determined that shivpal has some connection to the murder and then wonder who is this man.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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