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Meri Saasu Maa 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maa saa was angry, Babita and bhabis say that Pari stole the papers, and kept them hidden. Daddo says she and Sattu are just coming. Babita says Pari isn’t innocent, she keeps ten steps ahead Maa saa. Maa saa stares, her anger had been ignited. Baray Bhai stops the ladies and say she saved their life, and they are getting her trapped. Bhabi says if her luck doesn’t get her trapped, they will be trapped for stealing. Pari and Sattu come home, Pari stands at the door remembering Papa’s words. She goes to hug Maa saa and cries. They were all shocked to see her. Maa saa pushes Pari away. Maa saa says she knows why Pari is crying, she has got that paper. Pari wonders how Maa saa knows about the papers. Pari asks if she knows about the papers. Maa saa asks what she thinks about it. Pari apologizes

her, and says she had to hide them not to make her sad. Maa saa asks if she knows about her secret, that she had kept secret from all of them. Pari says yes. Sattu asks what is happening here. Pari says she has hidden a secret from all of them. Maa saa says she will tell him, this Pari has stolen in the house. She says she had been finding the paper in the whole house that Pari had kept hidden in her closet. Pari asks if maa saa was talking about this paper. Sattu asks if there are other papers as well. Pari explains that she didn’t know how this paper came to her purse, she had no time to return them and had to go to hospital. Maa saa asks Pari who she told this secret about. Pari says until she is alive she will keep every secret of her buried inside her heart, maa saa is her mother. Maa saa says Pari knows how to make up things, she accepts that she Pari didn’t steal them but she will get punished for it. Pari says she will fulfil all her punishments. Maa saa says she doesn’t want Pari to use her tongue for the next 24 hours, she will have to do the washing, dishes and cleaning of the house. If she agrees. Pari kept a finger of her mouth.
The ladies were worried in the room that they worked a lot for those papers and that Pari got them finally. What is there in the papers? Babita says they have to find out about those papers. They must find a trick so that Pari tells them the secret, after 24 hours. Babita was determined.
In the room, Sattu sits worried. He says what the hell is this, Maa saa gave him the duty to keep an eye on her. Pari wanted to say something, Sattu gets a call. It was Pari’s papa, he said it is a good news and if she gets to know it from her husband she gets even happier. Pari was excited. Her papa tells Pari that she passed her BA exams with good marks. Sattu cheers as well. Pari was restless. After the call, Sattu says to Pari he will keep her phone to himself. Pari asks him in actions to tell him about it. Sattu says that he will never be able to forgive Pari as she has put his Maa saa in much pain, she sent her to Jail for a false case; he can’t give her any good news and leaves the room.
On Pari’s phone the recording of Baray and Manjhlay bhaiya about the mixing in milk plays. Sattu watches the recording with clentched fists. Sattu thinks this means Maa saa had to suffer everything because of Baray Bhai. He says Pari still hid this all, he wonders why they did this and ruined Maa saa’s and Doodhsagar’s name. he comes to Baray Bhaiya’s room. Bhabi opens the door, Sattu asks about Baray. Bhabi says he isn’t home, Sattu asks her to call him and ask him here. he says he has to talk to him about a video. Maa saa comes there and asks what is wrong.
Babita and Majhali kept the utensils in the bag. Manjhali asks what is she upto. Babita says Pari has to clean all these utensils, they are just increasing her punishment. Pari comes to the kitchen. Babita says Maa saa had asked to clean them before punishing her. They were helping her. Pari tells them to go out, she will do it. Babita says alright, she must clean them herself. Manjali says she wants to ask her about the papers, what exactly was there in them. Pari acts that she can’t speak. Babita and Manjali leaves, Babita says she will not spares her easily. Pari washes all the utensils.
There, Maa saa tells Sattu she has sent Baray out for something important. Maa saa asks Sattu for the phone, she wants to know which video he wants to ask him about. She takes the video from Sattu’s hand. The phone gets off, the battery was dead. Maa saa asks sattu what was in the video. Sattu was speechless. Sattu says she was unable to make a video, he came to take help from him. Maa saa asks Sattu till when he will take help from his elders, he must now go and keep an eye on Pari. He knows how much maa saa hates from betrayers. She tells him to leave.
Sattu comes to watch Pari washing all the utensils. He thinks he must know why Pari did so. He clutches her arm.

PRECAP: Sattu says that Pari knew that Baray Bhaiya did the mixing, still she kept it a secret. He takes Pari and comes calling everyone. There, Maa saa says she will find herself defeated, the day her sons will fight. There is a fight between Sattu and brothers.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Pls sattu and pari be happy pls end all drama and kill maa saa and all people let they both live together

  3. I don’t think sattu is ready for marriage he still his mother son n pari don’t deserves him

  4. I feel that satu dont deserve pari
    I hop all misunderstanding gets cleared between satu pari n maa saa n one new twist is come
    Satu’s father has come so want to see this 3 togethr to fight situation or might maa saa n park

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