Meri Saasu Maa 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa expresses the desire to be adming. sattu asks if she is that updated with technology. she says that she can change with changing times, and shall get well versed with such technology too. she infact gets them all to pose for a selfie too, for their profile pic.

Later, the three bahus set up their boutique, and then wait for their first customer, and start getting irritable and frustrated when noone turns after sometime. sharabi comes to ask for tea, and they rebuke, reprimand and send her away. then a lady coems, claiming to be the designer for the top actresses in the industry and they are all overwhelmed nd go all gaga over her. they show her the designs, and she says that she likes the all. she places an order of 15 lakhs, and

asks them to send it asap. but maasa intervenes saying that she needs to make an advance payment atleast to confirm the order, as professional ethics demand. but she says that she always works like that, and pays only after the delivery of the order, without any advance. the bahus are tensed, as maasa sternly sends her off, syaing that without advance it would be difficult to deliver the order. she instigates th bahus that if the mother has to take all deciions, then what are they here for, and asks them to decide and let her know. she leaves. then the bahus rue that they lost an order of 15 lakhs. but maasa tries to point out, that any professional would have made the advance payment, as if the lady isnt correct, then instead of earning a profit of 5 lakhs by the orde, they might incur a total loss of 15 lakhs. they are set to thinking but is tensed still.

Scene 2:
Location: L. N. College
In the college, sattu and pari talk to each other. she tells him that they need to start with their professional behaviour. he wants to surprise her, and asks her to close her eyes. when she does, he takes off her rounded specs, and presents her trendy ones instead, and she is plesantly surprised. then she says that its time now for him to surprise the class too. as he makes his grand entry, in hero style, with his changed avatar, all trendy and hip, he makes all eyes turn on him, except for shona, who is least impressed. all compliment him, but she keeps putting him down. then pari coems and likes him getting all the attention. shona comes and instigates her, against sattu, that he proposed every girl with a red rose. pari smirks and thinks that she shall have to punish him then. she then disperses all the students gathered and asks them to get inside the class. when sattu gets to go, she stops him, and reprimands him teasingly. sattu gets romantic with pari, in the college campus, trying to get cosy with her, professing his love and asking her to declare her love for him. she says that a wife doesnt have the problem, to say those magical words to her husband, but a teacher cant do that to a student. he says that he challenges that he shall get her to say I LOVE YOU, in front of everyone. she says that they shall see. as they both go thir ways, they eye each other romantically. while she starts teaching, sattu is lost in his thoughts of getting intimate with pari. he is woken up, by pari reprimanding him for being inattentive in the class.

while all are in the canteen, sattu comes and initiates a talk with shona’s gang, saying that they should plan something for pari’s birthday. shona is irritated. sattu says that they need to get something to get pari mam to forgive him. shona gets a wicked idea, to spoil sattu’s party, in trying to impress her. shona gets babli back, who reprimands that they wont have a party without a motive. he says that its pari’s birthday. they ask how he knows, and he makes up an excuse. he says that he shall sponsor the event. babli gets excited and leaves. Meanwhile, pari comes out of the staff room tensed. babli is aghast at the way, pari hid her birthday, and didnt tell anyone. pari is boggled herself. The screen freezes on pari and satti’s faces.

Precap: Pari consoles shona, as she cries bitterly, and breaks down incoherently in her arms. sattu watches them from a distance, and wodners why is pari getting so intimate with shona, since he doesnt like the girl, and what pranks she is always upto. he decides to have a talk with pari regarding this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Goms

    Good epi…dono wat shona is planned to spoil sattu’s party..
    I hate this shona from the serial “meri ashiqui tum se he”

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