Meri Saasu Maa 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa enters tensedly with sattu and pari quietly following her. then she hollers at the maid, and the bhabhis scuttle sensing her bad mood. pari and sattu are tensed, as maasa starts venting out as to how she was embarassed by the priest who told if they dont have enough milk to give one bucket to the lord. pari comes to her, and then tries to make her understand as to how she is an epitome of philanthropy, and she merely thought its better to feed hungry people, than waste it on the lord. maasa asks if that made her think that she could do whatever she wanted. Maasa reminds pari, that she never becoems lenient in worship, and asks if she shouldnt respect the lord not too. pari gets tensed, retreats and then leaves. satti is tensed, maasa

too gets up angrily and goes to the room. he goes after her, whe n babita comes and intentionally gives him a letter thats meant for pari, given at the temple, by a lady. he is boggled as to what it might be. she asks him to open and see. but he says that it was hers, and only pari shall see it. He leaves, while babita is disappointed.

In the kitchen, other ladies ask babita what was in the letter. babita comments that the letter is enough to fill hatred between pari and sattu, who are oblivious to their conspiracies, and are inching in closer with every passing day. babita narrates everything, and they are all amused that they shall get a good show.

Meanwhile, along with sattu, sharabi, the maid coems with food. maasa denies. sattu asks her to let be, as he gets to appeasing maasa. Granny asks why is she angry at the food. maasa says that she couldnt please the lord, who saved her from all the troubles along with her family. he sits beside her, and then asks if she is angry because of their step to feed the hungry children. she is disappointed that pari being enw, did something rash, but he knowing the age old traditions, he too got ahead with his wife, and did what she wanted. she is tensed, while he reminds her the story of Annapurna, in their less fortunate times, which she had told, that they should never disrespect grain and food, and that they should always feed it to the hungry and the poor, to be able to respect the goddess of food better. maasa is set to thinking, and finally lets go of her amnger on sattu, as he explains her with much ease the point due to which they did what they did. she agrees, and complies, while he then feeds her and then she takes the rest of the food and starts eating. he gets up to give him water, while pari eyes him from the door, thanking him, that he had faith in her and her opinion. they both eye each other lovingly. then she leaves. he gives water to maasa. granny comments as to how well bred pari is, and she shall be a good bahu, and she has the full faith, that she and sattu shall settle wonderfully on her principles. maasa is left to thinking. she finds a letter in sattu’s pocket, the same court letter and asks whats it. he says that its a letter for pari. she then takes it and begins to see it, while he watches tensedly. before she can read, granny feels a sudden sharp pain in the back, and she rolls it back, and hurriedly attends to her, along with sattu. He says that he shall get the massage person tomorrow. he leaves. Granny comments to maasa that if she wants sattu happy, then she should give respect to pari, and make her feel important and a part of this family. maasa agrees and decides to do something.

Later, she goes and takes out some of the best sarees, and jewels from her closet, and goes to pari to give them to her, while she stands tensed. she asks pari to wear this in the evning, for the munh dikhayi ceremony. pari loves the colours. maasa tells an emotional story about her attachment with the dresses that she has been collecting for her bahu, ever since sattu became 16 years old. She emphasises the importance of this ritual for the new bride. pari is overwhelmed to receive such love, and concern from maasa, in the form of a gift, and hopes that along with everyone else, she shall manage to get her blessings too. maasa complies tensedly. sattu, hears from the doorstop, and is amused and happy. pari thinks, after maasda leaves, that very soon, maasa shall accept her completely, and she too shall completely think of her as her mother, and that then her misunderstanding and her lost faith with sattu, regarding their relation shall be restored. Maasa reminds her to be ready on time. Later, pari goes to the kitchen, and then asks the bhabhis, that she wishes to make food for Maasa today. they tell her the favourite food that she loves. they are all over excited, and help her to find all stuff to help her with. After having set and prepared everything for her, they leave for her to get to her work, to make loads of food for the loads of people, that are expected in the evening. pari gets to her work. They decide that this is the right time to expose pari. they find sattu, and teases him about searching for his wife, as he carries the letter and then tells him that he is in the kitchen. he follows. they all smile. Sattu comes and finds pari working, and stealthily places the letter on the slab, meant for her, and then is about to retreat, when she gets the hint of his footsteps, and assuming it to be the maid, she starts holelring instructions, and a love stricken sattu quietly follows. then she asks him to tie her hair, as they keep coming loose. he complies, and then suddenly pulls it a tad bit too harshly, when she wrenches hher hair around, and realises that it was Sattu. An awkward yet romantic eyelock follows, as she holds his hand. she apologises for not recognising him, while he fumbles, that he just played along, since she assumed. she explains how she is making maasa’s special food, for her only. then her hand accidentally grazes past the burning hot utensil, and immediately gets a scalding burn, that he immediately attends to, while blowing cool air on it. They are aware of their intimacy, as they lean in closer to each other. But they finally distance themselves, and he asks if its noty burnt much. then she spots the letter and he says that it came for her. she has flour on her hand, and asks him to read it. but he hesitates. babita comes and asks him to do it for her, as they are a couple, and that shouldnt be a problem. he complies, when pari too insists. as pari gets involved on her rant about what else she can cook to appease maasa, he is shocked to find the notice letter from the court. she notices him tensed and asks whats the matter. he tells what it is, visibly enraged. pari is shocked. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: sattu reprimands pari, as to how its because of her, that maasa was disrespected in the society. he utters that he can never believe that their milk was adulterated that she is accusing him and their company of, that they have been toiling for, to give it respect and fame in the society. he says that by this act, she not only tainted maasa, but her integrity, her honesty, their hard work and their prestige. The bhabhis are amused as their plan works.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Poor Pari, her evil sasu Maa kya kam tha that even her bhabis are disturbing her, and this sattu is such a ghulam always behind his mother like a pet

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Fatarajo lol…

  3. Come on dude, it would have been easier if they just put the whole bucket of milk on the shiv ling, and then take the milk as prashad after the abhishek and give it to the kids… It would then become a easy situation as both Pari and Maasa would be happy.I can’t understand why this is complicated.

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