Meri Saasu Maa 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa and others are shocked as to what shivpal says. sattu asks how dare he call himself his son. Sattu says that he doesnt know whats his problem, but he cant believe that he can be his father, and if he doesnt leave here right now, after having insulted his mother, he would have him thrown out. shivpal says that its dommed days, when a father has to prove to his children, that he is their father. he turns to bhavna and says that he didnt do right, in hiding the truth from them, and asks her to tell the truth. sattu asks him not to talk to his mother. he says that his anger is justified, but asks him not to waste his anger, and asks him ask his mother instead. sattu asks if he would question his mother, in the influence of anyone. shivpal then

turns to granny to ask her to tell the truth, that she is his mother. granny is shocked. all are distraught. he then turns to pari to speak up. babita asks if she knows him. sattu asks him to stop talking, as when they dont know, then how could pari possibly know him. shivpal thinks that the way things are going, his plan would be ruined, and he would have to expose bhavna. pari is about to say, when she finds shivpal picking up a knife. the middle bahu says that he has gone mad. he says that he is mad for his family, and if he doesnt get it, then he shall kill himself, and end his misery. He says that its worthless to live then in a world like this. he takes a knife, and then is about to slit down his wrist, while all watch him shocked and distraught. granny comes and slaps him, and he says that he knew that a mother cant see her own son killing himself. she says that neither is he her son, nor she his mother. pari says that she has had enough patience, and nnow she wont bear another second at all. she asks him to come along, and then grabbing his hand, she takes him till outside and then throws him out, saying that his place isnt inside but outside the door, and asks him to think again before crossing this boundary. he eyes her angrily. pari turns to maasa and others, and then walks inside, while maasa is enraged. sattu comes to her, and asks how does she know him. she hesitates and says that he has been here before in the disguise of chhote babu. maasa comes to them, and asks pari if she knew so much, why didnt she tell them. all eye her tensedly. maasa then turns to them, and says that this man, who is claiming to be her husband and their father, is noone else but…..but she is cut short, when shivpal enters with their wedding pic. bhavna and others are left aghast. he says that she is enacting, and if they werent married, then how this pic, and that she instigated their minds against him so much, that they didnt believe him. he says that he had to get the proof, which she might say is false too, but this pic is indeed true. maasa clenches her fists in anger and then slaps him tight across his face, while all are shocked. she says that a person who is totally fake, doesnt need to be talking about right and wrong, and asks him to think about himself before casting allegations at her. she asks if he thought these evidences and his arguements would intimidate her, but she isnt that weak, and that she shall answer all questions. sattu is boggled, and asks who is this man. she turns and says that this man is right and that he is their father. all are distraught. pari’s father understands the sensitivity of the matter, and asks the guests to politely leave, as its an internal matter of the family. they all leave. the doors are shut.

Inside, sattu gets emotional and says that this means their father isnt dead but alive, and asks maasa how did she keep this secret from them. she says that he doesnt deserve to be their father, and that he didnt fulfill any responsibility, and left her stranded, just because she was illiterate and ugly. she narrates everything that he did to her. all are shocked to hear this. pari gets overwhelmed with emotions. he asks why didnt she tell this to them. the eldest one says that she didnt want them to know, and then the younger ones too tag in, saying that she avoided all possible talks of their father. pari begs them to think, as masa must have done this for their benefit. she then comes to shivpal, and says that she apologises for thinking wrong about him, and had she knows about him, she wouldnt have talked like that with him, and then changes her tone, saying that she would have been thrown out. she asks how dare he think that he would malign maasa and her sacrifices and still they would accept him, but it was his mistake. she reminds him that he left her stranded, and married someone else. she points out the contrast what he did, and how maasa had to step up and be their father too, and now its clear, that maasa didnt want his reality to come out, so that their minds are filled with hatred against him. he says that he hasnt exposed her, but himself. she asks him if he ever thought what she went through, when he left her, as she lived the life of a widow, though being married. she asks him to get lost. she then turns to maasa to see her eyes filled with tears. she and granny rush to her. Granny tells maasa that she had told her that when th truth comes out, her sons would side her, as is happening today, as she has brought them up so nicely. shivpal smirks thinking biggesr secrets remain unexposed. pari eyes him and asks whats he thinking now, and if his questions are answered, he should leave. the bahus think that they dont want another guy sharing their property, and they together rebuke the guy to throw him out. they are shocked to find shivpal, with folded hands, and apologising and begging to be forgiven, saying that he shall give everything to their name, and then he shall leave without a word to anyone. the bahus are startled to hear this. he apologises profusely. sattu, pari and others are shocked. the bahus think that its time to take a u-turn, and then they advocate for him, saying that all make mistakes, and since he regrets, he should be forgiven. pari is shocked. they vehemently advocate for him. pari asks what are they saying, and asks them to understand that he isnt worth their trust and love, and asks them not to trust him, as he just wants to trap them. maasa complies with pari. she says that if his intentions were genuine, he wouldnt have embarassed the family in front of everyone, and created a drama. sattu agrres. sattu says that if he really wanted to apologise then why didnt he do it in private, why create a drama in front of everyone. he says that he had tried to meet bhavna but they stooped him, pointing to granny and pari. they are all shocked. the screen freezes on pari’s distraught face.

Precap: Bhavna says that she cant don her forehead with vermillion for his name. he asks her to say the truth, and then says that this woman who they think is their maasa, isnt his wife, and is not even their mother as this isnt bhavna at all. they are all aghast and apalled. granny is shellshocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Huh??? Wat the flipflops man!!!!! Poor pari maasa n sattu…sob…..shivpiggy go die.

  2. Then who is she n who is sattu mother

    today’s episode as quite relaxing but what will happen after this secret came out stay tuned to know it that will a new bakvas start or all will ok

  4. Can wait for tmws episode omg ???? I think Maa Saab is sattu’s real mom’s, the original wife of his dad, twin sister. Maybe she had died in child birth and gave over all her rights and child custody to bavna in her will… Only thing I can think of!

    1. Also explains why maa Saab went to the grave of an anonymous person and Dadi must have hidden the will! I’m desperate to know the truth!!!

      1. i think that grave is of sattu’s original mother


    So sad….. abhi to pari or sattu ke sath sab kuch thik hona suru hua tha but iss shivpal ne sab kuch bigad kr rakh diya…..

  6. what about sattu and pari mariage !! it will be reported for months after or until the show end really disappointed

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