Meri Saasu Maa 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sattu’s residence
Sattu is extremely tensed as he wonders whats shivpal upto now. he asks shivpal uable to contain himself any longer. shivpal says that he wishes to scare pari for her life, and then show a box conatianing lie scorpions. sattu is tensed and asks if they are poisonous. shivpal says that pari refused to sign the papers, and until she doesnt, he cant get married, and hence these non oisonous scorpions shall scare her into signing them. sattu is tensed. he asks him to come along. sattu hangs back to call par and alert her, but she doesnt pick up. shivpal asks who is he calling. sattu gives some excuse, and then leaves.

In pari’s room, masa comes while she is fast asleep. she eyes her adoringly, and then pulls the drapes on her, and then

kisses her on the forehad, wondering how many troubles, she has to go through, due to her problems, and apologises for being extra strict on her ll the time, as time and situation demanded. she says that she shall rectify everything from hereon. she caresses her and levaes. seeing her coming out, shivpal and sattu duck under the sofa. after she is gone, they go inside, and are about to put scorpions, when sattu reminds about the safety gloves. shivpal
hurriedly goes to get them. sattu tries hard to wake pari up, but when she doesnt, he carries her and then makes her lie in another room, and covers the pillows, to make it look like she is still sleeping, on her own bed. shivpal comes back with gloves, and then they put the scorpions on her bed. after shivpal retires to the room, sattu comes and starts picking them up and putting them back one by one. maasa comes in and taunts him, as to how he fell so low, that he tried to kill his wife even. pulling the covers, makes her realise that pari isnt underneath. she is amazed anf taunts that pari got saved, and now she should go and put scorpions on pari, in the other room, as she wishes to see with her own eyes how he can torture his own wife. while he is tensed, she forcibly takes his hand and takes him to pari’s room, and then asks him to put the scorpions now. he is unable to. She asks if he knows why he cant do it, as he loves pari, and then blurts out how she knows everything. maasa says that she found them hiding, and then when she saw everything, she found him hiding pari, from shivpl’s ire, and asks her to tell whats going on, as she knows they are together. she asks him to wake pari up, so tht she can talk to them. he sprays water on her, and she wakes. she starts cribbing how she didnt even wish him good night. he is tensed. when she sees maasa, she changes her tone and starts getting angry at him, while obvlious that maasa knows everything. he keeps signalling her. Pari asks him whats he trying to signal. Maasa says that he is signalling that maasa knows everything now. she says that sattu can try but cant hide anything from him. PAri explains everything. Maasa tells them that they three are together now, and together when they are united, shivpal wont stand a chance against them. they beg to be forgiven, as they had no other option to expose him, and he went near him, just to be able to find the truth, and tells how they were planning on telling her 2 days from now. she says that she is amazed at how he was planning on killing his bahu, merely for divorce, and that she is sure that he has killed her sister too. he sks why she feels so. she gets tensed, and says that when she saw her sister for the last time, she felt something wrong, and there was some secret that she couldnt understand then, and demanded a postmortem, but she was burned, neglecting her wishes. she says that her sister was hale and hearty, and doesnt know why she died suddenly. Pari asks what relation could this have with their ancestral home, and lucknow. he says that shivpal shall have to tell how his mother died, and before that, he needs to be stopped.

The next morning, while shivpal is having tea, sattu comes and asks if he thinks, pari shall be scared. shivpal is sure. sattu smirks, thinking

that he has no clue of whats going on, as they are all together now. just then, maasa comes in, and cofronts shivpal and throws a lizard at him and

jumps up in scare. she then asks how he got scared of fake ones, when he himself threw live ones at pari. she shows them the scorpions, and says that she knew only he could do it. shivpal then asks pari tht he might have been saved now, but what about next time, as he wont spare her. pari come and asks what he wants, that he is willing to kill her even. he asks her to sign the papers, and maasa screams that she wont sign. but pari pretends to be scaerd and says that she shall sign, as she doesnt want to risk her life over a divorce. shivpal is amused, while pari and sattu are amused too that he fell for her drama. maasa tries to xplain that he is only scaring her, but she is scared and says that she oesnt want to die. sattu eyes her amused. then pari asks for the papers. sattu says that he shall get new ones. pari agrees to sign, and then says that there is a condition, that the line separating the house shall have to be erased, as she wants to rectify her mistake. sattu agrees. maasa is aghast that she agreed, and says that shivpal too shall have to fulfill one condition, that even after marriage, pari shall stay here. all are shocked. but shivpal casually agrees. maasa asks if pari agrees, and she enacts and says that she might have called it off with sattu, but has a relation with them. they both walk out, while maasa pretends to be shocked. Outside, he compliments her on her acting, and she too awards him the same appreciation.

Inside, shivpal taunts maasa, that she got defeated yet again. he asks her to still sign the property. but she asks him to never have the hopes that the property shall be his. she says that she shall never be defeated by him, and leaves. outside, she too meets them both and they have a good laugh, as they give her the thumbs up. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: the police comes and tells maasa and others, that they have unravelled new evidence, in the janaki devi murder case. she thinks that the aim went straight, as she finds shivpal pacing nervously, as the drained colour on his face shows. sattu and pari follow after shivpal, as he drives in the middle of the night, to an isolated house, where they find a man tied, blindfolded. they are determined that shivpal has some connection to the murder and then wonder who is this man.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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