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Meri Saasu Maa 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari thinks if Sattu stays here he will get her lie. She must sent him out anyway. She cries in pain, the doctor asks where the pain is. Pari tells her to look a bit up, Sattu feels uncomfortable as the doctor holds her dress up her leg. Sattu asks if she has to eat something. Pari says yes, she wants to have raw mangoes. Sattu asks what? She says he asked, so she told him what she wanted to have. Pari calls Papa ji and calls him to hospital within the next 10 min. The doctor had cleared her bruise by then and says this is just ink. Pari says she knows about it and has some request for her. Papa comes to meet Pari in her room. He smiles looking at her, she smiles back and touches his feet. He say no, daughters don’t touch feet. She asks so many years, an old mother cried for her son for so many

years, the sons grew up, the wife fought for children’s brought up; and he was alive and didn’t come back. He says he is a fallen man, he could neither be a good father nor a son. He had left his wife in poverty. Maa saa only kept on stopping him. He had left for Dubai to work. Maa saa had promised him to work with her. He laughed at her if she will work as a maid at homes, she can’t do anything else but give birth to children. Maa saa was left calling him only and he had left. He tells Pari that she was in much pain, she had cried a lot but he didn’t look behind. Pari cries that she must have been in much pain. Papa says a lot, she bear pain for 48 hours to give birth to the child. He left for Dubai through illegal means, and his boat had drowned. Maa saa was thought to have got widow. He was saved and with the moving tides, he reached the shores. Pari asks why he didn’t tell maa saa. He says he thought about living a new life. Here Maa saa was struggling, Bhawna started to work out of poverty. Her life took turns that changed her life. She was working as crisps vendor and sold to his new wife a few packs. His new wife told him to pay her with some money. Maa saa was happy to see him alive, she bent to touch his feet and asked if he is alive. He said yes he is alive but not for her, for his new educated and beautiful wife; he had given her some money and left. That day Maa was changed to Maa saa. His new wife asked why he gave her so much money, he had said she brings up orphan children. Maa saa had come to him, she said to him that she doesn’t need a father for her children and a son for her mother in law from now on, she will take care of them as a father and as a son. She had returned him his money and left. That day, Bhawna lost her husband and her happiness as well. She did what she had promised, she proved to be a good father for his children, a good son for his mother. Pari says this means Maa saa knew he was alive, she lived as a widow. If he still dares to come back after all this, she now hates him. He says to Pari that he had told her he isn’t worth it. He says he never wants Bhawna for forgive him, or his children come to know about him. Pari asks why he came then. He says he came to give her the papers, he has bought the company of Om Prakash for Bhawna, now he won’t tease her. Pari asks why her? He says because she loves her Maa saa. He says it’s for repentance. He read the scandalous news about her company, found out its root cause the bought the shares of Om Prakash’s company. Pari asks if he bid this price for all the pains and hardships of Maa saa. If he wants to buy all the pains through these papers, she won’t let this happen.
Maa saa tells Jalabi that Pari has to stay in hospital for a few days may be, she must pack some clothes for her. Jalabi opens the closet where Pari had kept the paper. There Sattu head towards the room.
Pari says that Maa saa has earned more than men in life, and he calls her illiterate. He couldn’t understand her, else he would have been with her. He couldn’t understand Maa saa but he has undersoot her well, she only wants betterment of her Maa saa and these papers doesn’t have that betterment. She tears the papers on his face.
There, Sattu was curt that he can’t believe he came for Pari here.
Pari says she wanted to take him home, but now, till her last breathe he won’t get to her Maa saa or her home. Sattu watches Papa leaving the room, he comes inside and asks Pari where these torn papers came from, and who was this old man. Pari says she thought she will join the torn page leafs, but now he has left. She says they must also go back home. She walks properly now, Sattu asks if she wants to have raw mango?
As Jalabi packs the bag, Maa saa finds the paper fell on the floor. She says this her papers she had been looking at.

PRECAP: Pari hugs Maa saa at home. Maa saa says she knows the reason she is crying. Pari asks really? Maa saa says she got the secret that she had been hiding from everyone for many days.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    In precap is really maa saa and pari will be become friends?

  2. Thanq sona for fast update 🙂

  3. Tabassum Angel


  4. can someone tell me what going on here, i was out of town thats why ii missed many episode…could you plz tell me what had happened after maa sa get back to her home

    1. Tou pichli episodes ka update khud parh lo.

    2. Tou pichli episodes ka update khud parh lo. Kahan ki nawab zadi ho
      Ullu ki pathi

  5. i think there will be a misunderstanding again between pari and maa saab…. hope everything will be fine soon..

  6. MaA sAaB will slap PaRi for stealing papers.
    but Pari will convince her…………….

    1. How do u know?
      Or u r just making a guess?

  7. Sagar Panjwani

    Sriranjani you are in skr group also na

  8. I think pari will convince maa saa to go to meet her long lost husband

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