Meri Saasu Maa 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: L. N. College
shona and her friends are animatedly bantering, when she gets aggressive and throws the bottle at her guy friend. he ducks and it lands on sattu, who evades it anyhow. she is frustrated to see him, and says that firstly he is late and secondly, there arent any classes today. he says that he knows there arent any classes today, and that there is something he has got too. he presents out a bouquet of roses, that boggle the children, as to what got into this obnoxious guy. je says that he doesnt know everyone by their name, and then calls them by the roll no, and presents each of them a red rose, irrespective of it being a guy or a girl. all are amused. then he turns tensedly to shona, but has no more roses left. she teases that if he cant, she shall give

him a rose, and presents him a white one. he heartily accepts it, and says that he doesnt keep debt for anyone, and presents her the stem with thorns on it. she fumes angrily, but composes herself, and says that they undermined her. she says that now that they know he is upto the mark, there must be loads of love stories, that he must be knowing. they constantly cheer him on, as he stands flustered and embarassed. pari comes in and silences the commotion in the class. she then turns to sattu and asks him to give an eternal love story, in front of the students, which is indian. he starts with a historic account of the love stories, that are away from the discriminations of caste creed, name, fame and money. he starts his narration, of Soni and Mahiwal’s, while all listen on intently. he talks about the tragic end of soni, and how when mahiwal got to know, he too killed himself, and fulfilled their promise to live eternally, and that this is the true love story, and hence people remember it till date, a only lucky people get true love these days, which arent influenced by such special days. he says that the difficulties still lie in the path of love, but love, despite not being easy, gives the power to live life. all applaud his narration, while pari eyes him overwhelmingly. he then leaves. she goes out after him. shona’s friend turns to her, and points out how he stole the limelight, but shona is enraged at his orthodox approach.

Scene 2:
Location: Market
Pari and sattu come to the market. he is tensed, while she tries to talk to him to compose his mood, and asks him to alter his dressing sense. he asks whats going on in her mind, while she asks for a plain answer, and when he complies, she asks him to watch on.

Scene 3:
Location: Cloth Studio
Sattu gets a makeover done by pari, to make him look trendy and hip and fresh, to mingle well with the crowd. she is amazed to see his new avatar. he comes to her, disbelieving that he can actually look like this. she makes him believe in this new look. girls start commenting on him and he enjoys the attention, much to the jealousy of pari, who taunts him as to what he was upto. they have a light hearted banter over it. he gets a call, while pari gets busy sorting stuff. he cups her from behind, and then says that his life changed when he saw her in the life, and that he should surprise her too. she asks how. he again gets a call, which he rejects, not to spoil the romantic moment. pari too gets a call, and its from the bahus. they ask about sattu. she says that he is right beside her. the bhabhis complain that he isnt picking up. she says that he mustnt have seen it. they ask her to come home straightaway and abruptly cancel the call. she is boggled, and tells it to him. he is tensed too.

Scene 4:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The bhabhis are busy setting up the sarees for their boutique entrepreneurial venture, trying hard to contain their temptation to keep some of the sarees for them. the home is in absolute mayhem, while granny gets slightly frustrated. maasa wonders where is sattu and pari, and why havent they returned yet. they come in just then. chhaya says that they have been waiting for a long time. kamlesh asks him for a cheque of 18 lakhs. sattu is shocked and asks why. the bahus ask for a payment of one year advance. he says that it wont be possible. babita asks if she would go back on her word too. pari then complies, and signs the cheque, saying that she is with them. sattu and maasa eye her tensedly. she signs the amount, while assuring maasa that its all okay. pari supports them that she is very happy that they are working so hard towards success. she says that those people are lucky who have a happy family. maasa takes pari by the hand, and abruptly takes her inside. the bahus are amused.

Inside, maasa locks the door, and then eyes her. pari fumbles and asks whats the matter. maasa says that she needs to talk about something. pari waits tensedly. maasa asks whats she doing, as they wont realise the importance, if they get everything so easily, as they havent laboured at all, and just got everything readymade. seeing her tensed, pari holds her, and says that she is right, but she took this decision to make them responsible, and mature. she gives sattu’s admission into college for the same, and that they have an obligation towards the bhabhis too. maasa says that he has the talent and hence he merely needs the degree, but these ladies arent talented or hardworking even. pari asks her to let them have decision making abilities, so that they can hone in their talents, and they need to encourage them too. maasa says that they cant trust the bhabhis blindly, for encouragement. pari says that this is right, but asks her one thing, if she wouldnt have given money to her own sons, instead of the bahus, even if the business involved a risk. she says that she merely wants them a chance to learn from their mistakes, and her father told her to always be independant. maasa says that they need to be experienced atleast and then asks where does she get this maturity from, and she too wants them to be capable and responsible. she says that she might not be able to trust them for their business, but she has belief on her thinking, and strategies and shall hope that her thinking is right. they both hug each other.

Downstairs, sattu’s photo session is on in full swing, with the bhabhis, while he happily complies. kamlesh too comes and amusedly complies. he reminds them of their household chores. chhaya asks kamlesh to follow suit too. when pari comes back, kamlesh complains how sattu has been neglecting their phone calls. Pari suggests to the bahus and the sons, that they can create a whatsapp group, wherein they post anything that they want particularly, from any particular person and like that, they shall all what all work needs to be done. all eye her appreciatively. kamlesh likes the idea and asks what name to the group. they are all intrigued, and come with weird names. pari finally suggests that it should be OUR LOVELY SHARMA FAMILY. They all love the idea, and ask who shall be the admin. maasa comes and says that she shall be, who else. they are all shocked. The screen freezes on Pari’s happy face.

Precap: sattu gets romantic with pari, in the college campus, trying to get cosy with her, asking her to declare her love for him. she says that a wife doesnt have the problem, to say those magical words to her husband, but a teacher cant do that to a student. he says that he challenges that he shall get her to say I LOVE YOU, in front of everyone. she says that they shall see.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Nice epi….sattu looks good in trendy dresses…precap was good..waiting for tomorrow epi…

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