Meri Saasu Maa 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

let pari and sattu be united at any cost. they promise on the same.

Outside, pari finds the maid carrying sattu’s clothes, and asks where is she going. The maid says that these are sattu’s clothes, which are washed and then sent to maasa’s room and she herself places them in sattu’s closet. She then asks the maid to give the clothes to her, as its her responsibility, and she shouldnt bother maasa with it now. The maid complies. pari then takes them and keeps them in the wardrobe, in neat stacks. Sattu comes and finds them neatly arranged, and thinks that maasa despite her ill health, didnt forget it. pari comes just then, and screams at seeing him semi naked from the torso. her screm shocks him, and he accidentally hurts himself against the almirah. she turns around

to see that the shoulder is bleeding. she rushes to get medicine, despite his insistence that its perfectly fine. she then gets the first aid box, and attends to his wounds, spraying blown air onto it, while he looks at her.

Later, Babita comes and asks pari to get dressed, as they have to get to the temple, for the puja of the kuldevta, and that she wants her family also to come. asking her to come soon, babita leaves. Pari is tensed wondering whats maasa upto, as she doesnt accept her, and then wants her to do the rituals as the bahu. she dials her house number, and then they are super excited at having received her call, wherein she lies that she is very happy, but misses them. they too reciprocate the same. Ankit is super excited to see her, when she tells them of maasa’s invitation for the puja. Ankit leaves to get dressed. then her father says that he needs to talk to her, and shall do so when he meets. the maid comes and then asks why isnt she dresed, and then is boggled looking at the saree that she says that maasa gave. she says that she shall be ready in a minute.

Scene 2:
Location: At the temple
Maasa and the bahus all wait anxiously, when pari’s family finally arrives. Greetings are exchanged. masi comes to maasa and tauntingly asks her how is she. Masa complies. Suman’s mother doesnt like the romance going between suman and ankit through their eyes. maasa asks her son, to find out why pari and sattu havent arrived yet. Just then, they come on the bike. Seeing her saree, the ladies start talking as to how the orange colour isnt liked by maasa at all, and that today she too shall get to know it. pari tensedly comes drssed in the saree with sattu, while the bhabhis wait for a drama to unfold. But to their surprise, maasa silently blesses both of them, while giving a long glance at the saree, and then comments that she doesnt like this colour, but it doesnt look that bad on her, as much as it looks on the other three. their jaws drop in horror. then she comes to the bhabhis and asks them sternly as to who gave the saree. While others say no clearly, babita fumbles, and maasa understands that she is the culprit, and says that she shall deal with her later. She is petrified. maasa eyes pari and sattu as they meet pari’s family. she gets emotional seeing them after a long time. before she can speak with her father, maasa asks for the puja to begin. All sit in the puja, while maasa eyes the couple tensedly, as the rituals are completed one by one. after the completion of the puja, the priest then asks them to bathe the lord in the holy milk. they start doing the ritual. sattu is about to pour the whole bucket on the lord Shiva when he is stopped by pari who says that one cup of milk would be enough for the lord, and that they should rather distribute the remaining milk to the hungry kids, at the stairs of the temple, who eye the milk hungrily, malnutritioned and undernourished. He eyes her tensedly. Maasa is however enraged at pari’s audacity. she then does the ritual with one cup of milk, along with sattu, who silently complies. the bhabhis are boggled. then to everyone’s surprise, pari goes and serves the milk to the remaining hungry children, struggling to be able to do so efficiently, as she is awkward and uncomfortable in her saree, but she doesnt let that daunt her. sattu stops her, and maasa is happy that now pari shall be insulted. but to her horror, he asks her to give it to her, while she gets the lota instead. Bhabhis and maasa are both shocked. the priest comes and comments to maasa that she could have given one bucket of milk, given her milk factory. She fumes silently. meanwhile, the lawyers again arrive at the temple, and masi smiles crookedly at having seen her, and then goes to her. the lawyer asks where shall she find pari, and she intentionally leads her to maasa, to find out. she complies and goes towards maasa. Then she goes to granny and reminds her of the shagun money merely to distract her. before the lawyer can meet maasa, babita comes and falsely identifies herself as pari, and then signs the legal contract, and then takes the court letter, while evilly amused. after the lawyer leaves, she scurries through the letter. babita says that now she shall use this against pari, and leaves from there. As pari and sattu happily feed the hungry children, maasa comes and watches shocked and tensedly, not liking whats happening. babita watches her amusedly from behind. masi is boggled as the lawyer leaves saying her work is done. the screen freezes on maasa’s shocked face.

Precap: The other ladies ask babita what was in the letter. babita comments that the letter is enough to fill hatred between pari and sattu, who are oblivious to their conspiracies, are inching in closer with every passing day. maasa finds a letter in sattu’s pocket, the same court letter and asks whats it. he says that its a letter for pari. she then takes it and begins to see it, while he watches tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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