Meri Saasu Maa 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Bunty straightens them all up, saying that from this day, he shall stay with them only, as he wishes to seek forgiveness from pari. Frustrated by his persistent pleadings to forgive him, maasa asks pari to leave the house with her. pari says that they shall not go, as its their house, and he shall leave. she asks him to go from here. he says that legally he cant and shall not be thrown out. he takes his stuff and storms inside. he takes pari’s room, and the sons and bahus decide to appease him, as he managed to set pari and maasa uptight. but bunty sees through their plans, and shoves them out of his room, while asking them not to tell pari, that he has taken her room. they silently comply and leave. bunty smirks. then he walks out.


is busy when arpita comes happily, and tells her about her excitement and nervousnes at the sametime. pari gives her good advise, and asks her not to be tensed. she also talks about how he has rectified himself. pari listens tensedly. just then, he comes, and pari walks out tensedly, blessing her. the brother-sister dup get on bantering, wherein after congratulating her on this new phase, he starts saying that he likes pari, which alarms, arpita, and she teases him that he has fallen in love. bunty is shocked and taken aback. Meanwhile, on the roof, bunty listens to romantic songs, and starts hallucinating a romantic scene with pari, oblivious that he is dreaming. meanwhile, pari actually comes on the roof, and he, still in his dreamin haze, holds her hand. she asks what nonsense is this. he is jerked to reality. she starts reprimanding him that he is a gone case, but isnt bothered as soon he shall be out of the house. she storms out and down. he continues smirking though.

Meanwhile, Kamlesh calls up someone, and gets to know, that he shall get 40lakhs, if he produces the original documents. he is tensed, and complies. he decides to get the papers anyhow, but wonders how to do so, without pari and maasa knowing about it. In the kitchen, kamlesh talks about the proposal to chaaya, who is eager to get it done, so that they can get the money, or else they shall always be labourers here. she decides to go and search immediately to pari’s room, as its there. but they turn around, to find bunty confronting them, asking whats cooking. arti comes too. they are fumbling. he asks whats in cooking. arti reminds chhaya about the food. they readily get to serving him. he starts asting himself. the ladies start gosiping, that they can put him to their advantage. they hesitatingly try and pick up the topic, that he is like their younger brother, and can demand anything he wishes. they happily comply. chaaya thinks that she needs the file anyhow.

While climbing the stairs, maasa starts getting exhausted, and calls for pari but doesnt get a response. she collapses on the stairs, and starts coughing. bunty comes and asks why is she calling pari, and finds her in that state. he rushes to get water for her. she tensedly eyes him, and then turns away. he says that she is equally arrogant as her bahu. Maasa is tensed. he tells maasa that he never had a mother like him, and hence turned out like this. he says tht now that she is here, he would rectify himelf too.she asks him not to try and act family with her, continuously coughing. she takes the water however. he chides with her, and says that he know she is fighting a battle between the heart and mind, about bunty himself, and asks her to listen to the heart in such cases. he manages to get her to the room, while she continues to crib.

In the washroom, while pari is freshening up, bunty comes in oblivious that she too is there, but is amused at her horror and shock. The screen freezes on her angry face.

Precap: Pari asks him how dare bunty had the guts to use her stuff. he asks her a chance for explanation atleast, but she is in no mood to listen. she warns him not to use her stuff and there shall be dire consequences. they both eye each other tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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