Meri Saasu Maa 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone was shocked to hear the phone bell ring in the cupboard. Maa saa goes to open the window and drag Babita out.
Pari was excited that Maa saa will really be happy to see this album.
Babita tells Maa saa upon asking that she was helping Pari. She couldn’t see Pari hungry cleaning the store room. Maa saa says she doesn’t want to believe her, but still Babita is going against her to help Pari. Pari comes there and says its good she found Maa saa, they are all here. Maa saa asks what Pari is doing here, if she has completed the cleaning. Pari says she has something important to tell her, she must call everyone. Pari says it is such an amazing news that she will begin to fly with happiness. Sattu asks Pari to stop this all and go finish what Maa saa asked her to do. Maa saa also

asks Pari if she couldn’t hear. She tells the other three not to help Pari, else it will cost them heavy. The ladies go to their rooms. Pari was upset that she will be able to tell about it to Maa saa only tomorrow, but it will bring sunshine to her life. She leaves.
There, the lawyer tells Bhawna’s husband that all his company’s shares are named to Bhawna Devi. The lawyer questions why he is doing so with the owner of his rival company. He says it isn’t his job to understand, he tells the lawyer that he will be dropped by his driver. He watches the file and takes out Pari’s cell phone number. Pari cleans the store room and thinks about going to Maa saa. She gets the call, he says he is the new owner of rival company of Doodhsagar. Pari cheers and says she knows well who he is, he has another relation with their family as well. The man is shocked, he asks Pari who else in the home knows about it that he is alive. Pari says no one, but she is just going to tell them. He tells her that it is better for everyone that this remains a secret. Pari asks why he called her then? He says this isn’t as simple, she must meet him. Pari says she doesn’t want to meet someone who doesn’t want to meet Maa saa. He says this is for Maa saa’s good. She agrees and hears Maa saa coming. Maa saa checks on the dust and says she did the work right. Pari was moving around, Maa saa asks why she is moving her hands, Pari says she is doing yoga. Maa saa tells her to go to her room now and take a shower, then come downstairs as she must be hungry. Pari is happy to hear about her concern. Maa saa forbids her to go out of the house again and asks what was it that she was going to tell her? Pari couldn’t make up an answer. Maa saa says alright, she must tell everyone on the breakfast table. Pari wonders if she should go to meet Papa ji without Maa saa’s permission, she says it is for her good.
Pari comes out of shower in the room and finds apple. She thinks it must be Sattu’s concern for her and eats it. Sattu comes and asks about she being in his portion. He asks about apple, and says he kept it for Pooja. Pari says she didn’t know about it. They argue. Jalabi brings aarti, Pari says how she may take the Prasad when Pooja didn’t take place. Jalabi says Sattu himself did the Pooja. Sattu tells Jalabi to leave. Pari stares at him, he asks what is she looking at. She says she was just trying to understand him. Sattu tells her to come down for breakfast. Pari says thanks to Sattu, he takes care of him like her Papa. She was worried how she will go out to meet Papa ji.
Maa saa and everyone was on breakfast table. They hear a music about ‘Kanta Laga’. She thinks about an idea and finds the blue marker. She finds the papers in the bag and wonders if these were what Maa saa was looking for. She reads the papers, and gets sentimental that her maa loves her so much. She promises Maa saa to be the best daughter of Maa saa someday. She hears Maa saa calling her, she wonders what to do. Downstairs, Maa saa tells Jalabi to silent her mobile on which the song was playing. Pari calls from upstairs, she comes down crying that some insect bit her outside the washroom. Jalabi watches her foot and says is going blue. Maa saa says it is an insect and can be poisonous, she tells Sattu to take her to hospital. She thinks about forgiving her, she is lying for everyone’s happiness.
Sattu stops the bike, he tells Pari not to put her foot on the ground. Pari asks how she will walk then. Sattu parks the bike and holds Pari into the hospital. She smiles while watching him. He brings Pari to a bed, the doctor comes to her. Sattu says he will stay out. The doctor asks if he is her husband, then he must stay here. Pari thinks that God may save her, if doctor tells in front of Sattu that this is ink she won’t be able to meet Papa ji.

PRECAP: Pari says to Papa ji that his children grew up without his love and affection, why he didn’t come to meet them. He says he is a fallen people, lost. He is neither worth calling a son nor a father.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Today sattu and pari fight was superb I loved it and last part sooo much??????????????????

  2. Tabassum Angel

    love u sariii

  3. I hope pari tell sattu about his father

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