Meri Saasu Maa 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
At the dining table, all are tensed at the food. babita and chhaya reprimand the servants, and they get to ordering food from outside. pari rushes to make food, feeling guilty, while maasa asks her not to blame herself as it isnt her fault. they start talking about how they can strike a balance, after pari suggests that she shall resign, while maasa asks her not to.

The next morning, all are gathered together, when maasa asks arti if she got sweets, as its a big day for pari. she complies. the lawyer presents pari the papers, asking her to sign some papers, after which the company and the papers shall be transferred to her name. maasa and sattu assure her not to think much and simply sign. she complies, but is tensed whether she shall

be able to handle this immense responsibility or not. the brothers put up a pretentious brave and smiling face through it, even though their wives dont like it. all clap for pari, and congratulate her. everyone is fed sweets, starting with Pari. she then says that since pari is working so much, she shall be given proper remuneration too, and shal get 1.5 lakh as income every month. the bahus are aghast. pari is tensed whether its too big for her to handle. she says that she shall do every work with proper efficicnecy with their support and faith. she says that she would love to work today. the bahus start fuming and commenting. pari says that she wishes to change two things, one that she is salaried, but the chair shall belong to sattu and her only. but he asks how shall he get time. pari shows him the routine between his college and office. maasa smiles approvingly. pari pretends to be her boss, and hence he shall have to listen to her order, and secondly she doesnt want any injustice, and that there should be no difference between her and the bahus, as she is already getting 50000 from college, and hence she wishes to divide her income between the bahus. granny and maasa are tensed. pari begs them to comply. maasa gives hert an additional 50000 for extra work. all get busy in sweets feeding. maasa gets tensed and moves aside. granny asks if she doesnt like the decision that pari took. maasa asks if the bahus shall be able to understand the importance of hard eaerned money, getting it for free.

While pari is working with the bahus in the kitchen, Pari gets shona’s call, who asks her if she is coming to college. when she complies, shona asks her to be extra ready today for college. she says that today is rose day, and all have expectations, and what if she too gets a rose for this. she rubbishes it off, and then keeps eyeing sattu, who asks her to hurry up. shona asks her to do whatever she wishes to. while talking to the bhabhis, and the student, she mignles up one thing with the other. then she also asks sattu not to bother her. shona asks whats sattu doing in this house. pari makes an excuse and then cancels the call. she tells about shona’s call, and the reason. sattu is interested to listen to this. they then hurry up, after pari teases him about his knowledge of rose day. he vehemently says that he knows.

Scene 2:
Location: L. N. College
Shona and her gang are interested to know the response of the rose day in the campus, while the girls of their gang shove them off, everytime someone comes with a rose. they discuss aout the college celebrating this day and topic comes to sattu who must be such an idiot and an obnoxious man, that he wouldnt even know what it means. Meanwhile, contrary to their expectations, they are oblivious that sattu has expectantly bought a bouquet of roses for pari, to present them to her, romantically.

Later in the class, pari enters and the class arranges itself. then shona starts giving a lecture about the rose day, whitye for enemies, yellow for friends, pink for liking and red one for love. she initiates the rose day celebration. pari is amused to see as the college students start to confess their love. babli, the irritable teacher comes and takes pari aside, while she vehemently opposes that she is in class. Outside, babli tells pari that they need to let the students enjoy. then she introduces pari to her husband, who runs a matrimonial agency. she immediately starts pitching her husband as the perfect matchmaker for her. she forcibly makes her fill the form, while pari tries to get out of it. they start pitching in as to how they shall all help to find pari a suitable groom, being the good mannnered girl that she is. she is aghast. she hopes that this doesnt create a problem later. The screen freezes on her face.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I am not a Indian but after a friend told me about their series I started liking them and became hooked but after a while I didn’t like the way the shows on Zee were going. Today I have to say thanks to the creative team behind Meri Sassu Ma, I like this new twist of Sattu going back to school and the other daughters in law wanting to make a name for themselves. I don’t know much about your culture but I doubt relationships are so difficult in the way most of the writers put it for women. I understand the couple does 7 rounds at their wedding but in the shows only the woman fight to complete those vows except for Sid in Jamai Raja.

    1. No in Ekta Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Ranaji was done and tashan e ishq se kunj also.

  2. Goms

    I waited so long for this update…

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