Meri Saasu Maa 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
sattu says that he had written everything down in a letter, as to how mastana ran with the love of his life, and how he married her to salvage her respect. he thinks that she must have read the letter, while she says that she got no such letter. he is thoroughly shocked. she asks where is it. he says that he has no clue, and that he did this without maasa’s knowledge, and hurt her for the first time. she eyes maasa’s pic on the wall, and comments that this means that maasa did all this knowingly. he says that he did this to save her respect, but not so that he could hear her casting allegations on his mother, who he worships. he asks why should he trust her. she says that since he doesnt, then they should go to maasa only. she

points out the many times, when she gave him a hint. he says that he cant question his maasa. she says that she knows and doesnt want to put him in that situation, but she too has been his partner, and she wants to get to the bottom of it, and only maasa has all the answers. he stands tensedly. she says that maasa doesnt accept her as his wife or the bahu. he gets unnerved and then finally agrees, when she folds her hands and begs him, for this one last favour on her. Pari asks sattu to come along then to maasa so that they can get the answers to the questions. He complies. She then takes his hand and they both reach maasa’s room. he comes to maasa and hesitatingly says that he wishes to speak with her. pari hopes that the lord shows sattu the truth, as its paramount, since only he can help her in this house. she asks him to speak up what is it. pari stands outside the door, and listens intently. he says that he knows she is hurt terribly by his action, of sitting in the aisle instead of mastana. she ignores him and talks to the priest seated inside, and asks him to check sattu and pari’s kundali so that no other troubles loom overhead. She says that she doesnt want any other problem on sattu. the priest agrees and then leaves. sattu and pari are surprised to see the priest. he then asks her whats going on. pari sees intently. maasa gets up and goes dizzy, and he helps her sit on the bed. she holds his hand, and then looks at him. Emotionally, she points out how many years back, when he was seven, and severely sick, and had seen maasa crying because of that, he managed to muster indomitable spirit, just so he could get better and the mother could stop crying. he is moved hearing this story. she says that things happened so suddenly, that she couldnt match his and pari’s kundali, so that they can know whats wrong. he apologises for having broken her trust. she says that she wont question him, as she trusts him, as whatever he did was right, as he is the only one, who can take the responsibilities of the house on hismelf, but she is hurt, that she couldnt do anything for him. he asks her not to speak so. she says that whats done is done, but now she wont refrain away from her duties, and that she shall take care of every happiness of his, and that noone can separate a son from his mother. he is thoroughly convinced and emotional, while pari is frustrated and irritated at the turn things took.

Later, in their room, pari tries to convince him, that she isnt wrong, and begs him to take the questions. he says that she is behaving a little immature now, as she is stuck on one stupid reason. She says that this one thing is the reason her life is at stake, and its not nonsense. he says that its nonsense, as a small misunderstanding is being blown out of proportions, when everything around her is right. she says that nothing is right, and verbal scuffle ensues, when pari says that a relation foudned on lies, cant be reliable. he says that if he needs answers, then she shall have to know and understand and get close to maasa and if she still feels that their relation is a lie, then till the time, she doesnt trust their relationship, he wont take it forward too. she is stunned. he takes his pilows and cushions and prepares a bed for himself out in the verandah. they both eye each other curtly and tensedly. she sits on the bed, while a tear escapes down his eyes.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s residence
The next morning, pari’s father finds some lawyers coming in to meet pari, regarding her case against dudh sagar. he asks them to have snacks. masi screams from inside that there isnt any milk. she comes out to find the lawyers, and is boggled. he is tensed. he hesitatingly points out that pari isnt at home, and is very busy, and asks them to give a card or number, so that he can forward it to pari. They comply, after commenting that indeed pari is very brave to take on a busines tycoon. they leave. she takes the visiting card, and then taunts him to go get milk. he resignedly agrees, frustrated with the problems he is engulfed in.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The next morning, while granny cribs that noone gave her tea, and pari comes with tea, commenting that she knows granny has sugar. Granny comments that she also must have given her sugarless tea, but is plesantly surprised when she finds that its sweet. Pari says that she added gudh, as her granny too suffers from sugar, and this serves well. she then asks if she should take tea for maasa. granny denies and asks where is sattu. she hesitates and fumbles while granny says that she knows where must he be. he is pressing maasa’s feet, while taking her blessings, while she says that she always wakes up seeing his face. he says that he wants her to rest more, hence came late today. she says that he got punished for her deeds. he is boggled and asks why she says so. She distracts him, and asks him to get on with his work. He goes out and almost collides into granny, who comments that she got such a wonderful tea after a long time, but he spilled that too. he apologises and gets on.granny sits happily with maasa, who comments if she got tea on time. Granny commens that she got it on time and with gudh too, as its good for health as pari says. maasa gets enraged, and says that pari doesnt know anything, and that she shall immediately change the tea. granny says that she might change the tea, but how would she change her destiny, and asks if she would be able to change whats happened, and can she go back in time, to change the wedding. she asks what all she plans to change. maasa says that she cant change whats been done, but can amend things. Granny says that if she wants the lord’s blessings, then she shall have to say what she wants, as destiny played its game. Granny tells maasa that she tried everything possible to get pari in the house, as mastana’s wife, but she did enter as her sattu’s wife. Maasa gets tensed and says that she brought coal into her son’s life, who is like a diamond, and that she ruiend his life. granny comments how she thought the other bahus were supposedly diamonds, but turned out to be a dud. she says that her responsibility now is to turn this coal into diamond through her efforts. maasa is shocked and tensed. she asks her to do this not to herself, but for sattu. babita fumes as she eavesdrop from outside. Maasa clutches at the bedtsnad angrily. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Babita comes and asks pari to get dressed, as they have to get to the temple, for the puja of the kuldevta. All sit in the puja, while maasa eyes the couple tensedly. the priest then asks them to bathe the lord in the holy milk. they start doing the ritual. sattu is about to pour the whole bucket on the lord Shiva when he is stopped by pari who says that one cup of milk would be enough for the lord, and that they should rather distribute the remaining milk to the hungry kids, at the stairs of the temple, who eye the milk hungrily, malnutritioned and undernourished. He eyes her tensedly. Maasa is however enraged at pari’s audacity.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Yip n soo it has.mahabharat saas aur bahu! Lol.
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