Meri Saasu Maa 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa is about to hear from granny, when they are distracted by sattu and pari’s side’s banter. pari too steps up, and gives befitting replies to sattu’s every retort. sattu taunts pari, that she hasnt done anything but give him pain. she gives back an apt reply. maasa likes it. sattu then challenges them to a competition and pari taunts him and his side too. pari’s step mother comes in, and says that noone could tell who is better, and that the best option, is to have a duel straight up, to decide the winner, and the loser shall apologise in front of the winner. both sides comply to it. sattu and pari eye each other amused. as sattu and pari sit, the ladies and men, first start their dancing duel, first dancing separately

and then together. Pari and sattu keep stealing glances at each other. they start fighting, as to who won, and again the step mom comes in and says that sattu and pari’s round shall be the final and deciding factor, to decide the winnder. their dance ensues. all are amused and clap. he suddenly falls down during dance, and she is shocked. they both eye each other, while he says that the floor was slippery, hence he fell. she understands that he did it deliberately to make her win. Maasa declares that due to sattu’s slip, the girls’ side wins. the boys are disheartened. sattu claps for pari. she now asks the boys’ side to apologise to the girls’ side, saying that girls are good in every aspect. sattu complies, while Pari eyes him overwhelmed. the other boys comply too. the bahus and suman are amused. he also adds that pari is better than sattu in every manner.

Outside shivpal pays off the waiter to mix a medicine in food, and then pays him to get the work done. Inside the celebrations and festivities continue, as the bahus dance, while pari gets the mehendi done. the boys get maasa to dance too. sattu and pari are amused. as they dance, they keep eyeing each other.

Later, suman asks sattu to search for his name, in pari’s mehendi. pari shows him her hands. all wait. the stepmom says that if he cant find within ten seconds, then the girls’ side would be awarded with 20000. they comply. The bahus says that money wont be a matter, as sattu is very sharp and would find. the countdown starts. Pari too badgers him to continue searching, but he isnt able to. they are disappointed, but then by pari’s hint, he finds it. the boys’ side are delighted. the stepmother says that he found after the countdown, and hence they won. maasa complies. sattu asks her why was she signalling him. she says that she likes it. he says that they are together for years now. The entrie family is oblivious that the waiter has mixed the medicine, and reported the same to shivpal too, who thinks that soon everyone shall dose off.

Later in the night, the food that they all eat has been laced with sedative, that puts everybody to sleep, with a heavy head. granny thinks that this is the right time to talk to maasa, and hence she should go right now.

In her room, pari shows her mehendi to maasa, who says that its beautiful, and says that she shall get immense love from her husband, seeing the colour. just then, sattu comes and then asks maasa not to come in the room, with new excuses to meet pari. she asks him to go and sleep, a its his marriage tomorrow. he says that he has come to talk to her. she gets tensed. he says that he seeks her blessing and apologise too for the rude way in which he behaved when she had come to apologise to him, regarding the mastana matter. she caresses his face, and says that his behaviour was justified as he was hurt, and if he doesnt express it in front of his mother, then where else. pari asks sattu not to be bothered about the past. he complies, and says that something is left to be heard and said, and hence he came here to say, that he doesnt have any grievances now. pari too says the same. maasa blesses them both, saying that she hopes the lord keeps them safe and happy toegther always. they both hug her, and she reciprocates.

By midnight, granny walks in the corridor, and comes to maasa’s room, to find pari and maasa asleep, along with sattu. she eyes them, and hopes that noone casts their eye on them, evilly. she thinks it isnt right to wake up bhavna now, and tomorrow she shall tell everything truthfully.

Meanwhile, shivpal sneaks in then, thinking that all must be sleep, but is careful, particularly of the sharp ladies of the house and eyes granny asleep. he sprays some mist on her, that puts her in deeper sleep. then he takes the keys and retrieves the file from the secret compartment, thinking that when they wake up tomorrow, it shall open for them, a new dawn of ruins and destruction. he smirks evilly. He places the keys back and leaves with the file.

The next morning, all are busy in festivities and arrangements. pari, dressed as a bride, is made to sit beside sattu, at the altar, who eyes her appreciatively. granny and maasa comment to each other that they are feeling heavy headed. granny again tries to talk, but the priest invites, groom’s parents to step on the altar. At the mandap, the priest asks for the groom’s father to take place. sattu says that his mother and father both are maasa. shivpal comes and stands beside maasa. maasa is aghast as she eyes him, while pari and granny are distraught. all others are shocked. sattu stands up. sattu retorts and asks who is he, and why is he here. he calmly says that he is their father, and that he very well knows that a father can only sit here to bless his son, at the wedding, and its another matter that the father is still alive, and the son doesnt know about it. sattu says that his father is dead. he vehemently says that he is his father, and is alive too. he says that there is a truth bigger than this, and asks if he would wish to know. they are all stunned into silence to hear this. He asks sattu that his whole life, he has assumed this lady to be his maasa, then ask her, if she is his true mother. they are all aghast. maasa is incredibly tensed and apalled. The screen freezes on maasa’s tensed face.

Precap: Sattu says that he doesnt know whats his problem, but he cant believe that he can be his father, and if he doesnt leave here right now, after having insulted his mother, he would have him thrown out. shivpal says that its dommed days, when a father has to prove to his children, that he is their father. he says that its worthless to live then in a world like this. he takes a knife, and then is about to slit down his wrist, while all watch him shocked and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. hoping some incredible truth to be revealed but wishing it doesn’t effect sattu and pri’s pair

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Me too hope the same ?????

  2. What the heck is happening…


    So cute…. jaan bhuj kr sattu dono round haar gya… and they were dancing so nice… ☺☺☺
    But I hope shadi hone tk koi shivpal ka bharosa na kre vrna sb kuch katam ho jaayega…????

  4. what a pity the mariage was so nice couldn t you let shipval enter once rituals ends

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Shivpal go die u miserable old man!!!!.
    I dnt care whos maasa I like her bhavna is very pretty witout all dat attire…sattu pari mwahsssss

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