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Meri Saasu Maa 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sattu comes there and Maa saa at once leave her neck. She says that Pari is lying to her, she had told her that she is going to her parent’s house but she didn’t go there. Sattu asks Pari where she went? There, Pari thinks she can’t tell her the truth. Maa saa says Pari won’t get food until she tells them the truth, and she will clean the store room all night.
Daddo was there in the store room. Pari says Maa saa punished her to clean it. Daddo says this store room is dirty, and it is really late. She will talk to Bhawna, but Pari says no she will clean it right now. This way Daddo will find it clean next time. Daddo gets a cough. Pari thinks about the seven vows of the man in office, she asks Daddo if someone says he gave seven vows to someone, does it only means about marriage or something

else. Daddo says seven vows are only marriage. Pari asks Daddo where is he who gave seven vows to Maa saa. Daddo was silent, Sattu comes there and asks Pari why she asked such a rubbish question, he was Maa saa’ son and is no more in the world. He says that she lied to Maa saa and when she punished, she is trying ways to hurt Maa saa. Pari complains Sattu can even think about it. She says she asked only because no one ever talks about him here. Sattu says they don’t want to hurt Maa saa by recalling her the past, but they all miss him. Pari goes inside.
There, Bhabis were happy about Pari’s punishment. Babita says they will find out about the papers but looking at her bag. If they find the papers there it means she knows nothing, else she wouldn’t have let Maa saa checks her bag. And if the papers aren’t there, it means she has already worked her mind up. They watch Pari going towards the store room and thinks about heading towards Pari’s room.
Pari comes to store room and as she opens the door, she gets cough because of dust. Maa saa comes behind and says she is really delicate, what will happen when she will go inside. She tells her to clean the store room before dawn.
Bhabis say lights are off, Babita tells them to stay here and watch if someone comes here. She will go inside. Babita tells them to make a sound when someone comes, Barki says she will make a sound of crying dog. Pari cleans the store room. She thinks when Maa saa’s husband isn’t this world why she asked about that man, if he was really Maa saa’s husband why would he walk around hidden from everyone. She says thanks God she didn’t ask Maa saa, else she would have been hurt.
Babita enters Pari’s room, she spots her bag and looks inside. the paper was there, but Sattu comes out then from the washroom. Babita hides in the window and watches Sattu drying his hair. Manjhali says to Barki that she is tired now, she asks Barki to go and sleep in their rooms. If she thinks Maa saa would come here, she herself must be in her room. There, Maa saa came upstairs. Barki tells Manjali that they can’t trust Babita, what if she says she didn’t find the papers, she will hide the secret in herself. Maa saa comes behind and asks what secret.
There, Sattu finds the paper in the bag and was about to open it. Barki and Manjhali cries like dogs, Babita was alert. Sattu keeps the bag down and goes to see. Maa saa stops the ladies and asks why they are crying like dogs and cats. They says they were playing a game about what voices come at night. Maa saa asks if they think she is an idiot, they must tell truly about what they were doing.
Pari was dusting the books, she thinks that from now on she will never think and go behind that man, whoever he is she isn’t concerned. Some books fell off and she finds some keys. She unlocks the cupboard nearby with the keys. A few things fell off from the cupboard, one was the album of Maa saa’s wedding. She happily watches the album.
Sattu wears his shirt and opens the door. Maa saa had come in, she looks around calling Babita. Babita was hidden behind the chair, she thinks that they both can’t hide anything. Barki asks Maa saa when she told her Babita is here. Maa saa asks if she is crazy and can’t understand their cry in dog’s way. She says Babita is here, the both looked towards the room when crying. She tells Sattu to look at their faces, it will tell them Babita is somewhere here. she looks towards the chair behind which Babita was hiding. Babita shivers in panic. Maa saa holds the back of chair, but Babita wasn’t there. She thinks that it seems for the first time in life her suspect was wrong. She tells Sattu to get to sleep, she put him in useless trouble. Maa saa was leaving when she finds a cell phone on the table, she dials a number and the phone rings nearby behind the window. They were all shocked.
Pari thinks that Maa saa was so beautiful and young. She wouldn’t remember this album was here and must be happy to see it. A photo had fallen down on floor, she picks it up and was shocked to see the groom. She says this is the same man, it means he is Maa saa’s husband and her husband is alive.

PRECAP: Pari cheers that Maa saa’s husband is alive. Maa saa asks Babita if she needs to ask her. Why they are helping that girl against her. Pari comes there and says she has to give her a wonderful news.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thnx sona for the update and finally pari found maa saa husband and now onwards we can see real family drama in the show!!!!!

  2. Tabassum Angel

    pari….what r u doing…this maa saaa …never understand u….U don^t know but maa saa know that her husband is alive…..!

  3. Pari should leave the house n go back home

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    I saw this show after many days but I don’t think that ki koi bhi pari bhi bharosa krega… kyu ki maa shab apne alwva kisi ki suntti nhi or sattu ko maa shab ke alwva kisi or sach sunnai nhi deta…
    I feel bad for pari….

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