Meri Saasu Maa 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: L. N. College
all stand up and wish her, as pari enters the class, along with sattu. she smiles at him and asks everyone to be seated. she introduces herself as the new economics teacher. she does the roll call, and when the roll call for 21 comes, sattu is too immersed eyeing the teacher, to attend to his roll call. all students are amused and boggled. pari asks him to pay attention, referring to him as Sattu ji. the students are boggled at the weird addressal. sattu too gets tensed. he asks how can she refer to him like this in front of the rest of the class. they are furthermore shocked. pari makes an excuse, and then distracts the class. he amusedly complies.

When she comes in the staff room, she faces the embarassment and amusement of the teachers, who come

to know how she was ragged considered a student. they ask her about her marital status. she gets tensed saying that she is bhavna’s daughter. they say that she has only 4 sons. she says that this is false what she has heard. she distracts them yet again on more probing questions, when they express their desire to be invited to her house. she gets maasa’s call, and narrates everything. maasa hears amusedly. Maasa then talks about how sharabi interchanged the tiffins, and he has a curry which he doesnt like at all. maasa asks her to take the tiffin to sattu and exchange. she complies.

In the mess, they are hell bent on ragging sattu again, and they take his lunch while he sits tensedly. pari notices this from a distance, and stealthily drags him to one corner, and asks about his food. he lies that he has eaten. she tells what she saw.

Secretively, sattu and pari are feeding each other, trying to romance the other, when the dean of the college comes and reprimands pari and asks whats she doing here. to save herself, pari makes an excuse that he was eating under the stairs. he is reprimanded and asked why. he fumbles, while she glares at him angrily. He says that he is embarassed to eat in front of everyone. pari stands tensed. then the dean notices food in pari’s hand, and asks why she has the food, if he was eating, and asks if she too is ashamed. pari gets stunned and says that he only shall respond to this question. he is in a pitiable condition. he makes up an excuse that he wanted the teacher to taste the lovely food. the dean asks her to go to the staff room. she silently complies. the dean then asks him to maintain his distance from the teacher. pari meanwhile, gets sattu’s call, who asks her to turn around. she complies, and a romantic eyelock follows, as they smile at each other. he says that he found a perfect eating place. she says that if they are found together, then he shall be rusticated and she shall be fired. the bell rings, and she says that now she doesnt have the time. he says that he shall give her fast food. he then waives her a kiss, and blows it at her. then he too asks her to reciprocate but she doesnt kiss and teases him to have the lunch box and eat. he says that she can do what she wants as a teacher, but back home, as his wife, she shall have to pay the full penalty. she leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa and granny watch boggled, as the bahus take in audition for servants, and finalise on 3 male and 2 female servants. they manage to successfully convince maasa and granny for the same. they are then sent to the kitchen for their trial.

Later at night, granny and others are amused to know, that both pari and sattu were hungry, as the other didnt eat. he tells maasa that pari had fast food but he did not. pari stands flustered. then they ask if the food is ready. babita hollers at the servants to set the table. as they sit, pari is boggled to see that many servants, while maasa is amused. then they find the the food is horrible and inedible. they are aghast and dont realise what to do now. pari thinks that she cant neglect her family due to her job, as the family is paramount. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: the next morning, the lawyer presents pari the papers, asking her to sign some papers, after which the company and the papers shall be transferred to her name. she complies, but is tensed whether she shall be able to handle this immense responsibility or not.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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