Meri Saasu Maa 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa shows to everyone their new grand car, while the bahus try to butter her up, saying that noone can have a mother like her. maasa smiles at them, and then asks pari and sattu to hurry up, and return back soon. they get in and smilingly wave at others, as they drive off. maasa gets emotional. Later, the bahus watch the promo of SaReGaMaPa grand finale, and are excited to see it.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sattu and pari discuss as to how maasa showed her love by this caring gesture, of sending them off in their car. Juts then, in her room, maasa wakes up from a horrific nightmare, and starts searching around for the phone, to want to talk to them. when arti finally gives her, she hurriedly calls them up, and pari is

tensed to receive such a disturbing call. pari assures her that everyone is fine, and then asks whats the matter. Maasa explains her tensions, and asks her to take care of herself, and sattu. pari complies. they almost inadvertently survive by inches, as a truck comes ahead. sattu and pari animatedly banter, while he blames her for scaring him. he intentionally takes a turn, that unnerves her. he is amused at her plight, while she fumes that he is chiding with her. she gets angry, and gets out of the car, when he continues teasing her. he tries hard to revive her back, but she fumes. then he gets on his knees and apologises with ears caught. she tries to act pricey, but then forgives him, on one condition, that he never does this teasing again. he complies. then he shows her the setting sun, and the view of the entire city. she hugs him overwhelmingly. They drive off amused. as they check in the hotel, pari and sattu, remember their first meeting, and then their romantic journey from thereon.

While taking a stroll one day, sattu asks her to take the risk and divert to the jungle, wherein she resignedly complies. suddenly it starts raning, and she enjoys it completely, while he eyes her overwhelmingly. her foot slips, and she lands in his arms, as a romantic embrace follows. she sees a branch engraved with pari and sattu’s name, and realises that he just fulfilled her second wish. she hugs him overwhelmingly.

Later, back in their room, pari suffers from cold and cough, wherein he lovingly takes her care, and feeds her medicines, as they need to get well, so that she doesnt fall sick the next day, when they are on the road. he then puts her to bed, and drapes the covers on her, and caresses her face, while she peacefully sleeps. he kisses her on the forehead. he too doses off eyeing her.

Scene 3:
Location: Dudh Sagar Office and maasa’s residence
Kamlesh is surprised to find maasa in the office, as she says that it had been long, and she merely came in to check sattu’s cabin. he is tensed but still complies. when she isnt looking, he stealthily removes the name plate, bearing his name, in sattu’s cabin. she takes a look around, and then gets to leave. he is tensed. she says that she needs to leave for the bank, and is about to go, when she stops and says that they should fully support pari and sattu. he extends his support, and she leaves, while he is relieved. he then calls up babita, and asks her to do something fast, or else their gi shall be up, as maasa is going to the bank, where she shall enquire about pari’s locker. but babita assures him, asking him not to worry, when she is around. he is tensed still.

When maasa returns home, babita comes and asks her about hr day at the office, and then is about to go get her tea, when Maasa stops her, and asks how did she know. babita says that her husband called up and he was very happy to see her there. she is about to leave, when again maasa stops and points out that she lied to her about keeping pari’s jewellery in the locker as its all empty. babita is tensed. maasa asks where is the jewellery, angrily. babita says that its a misunderstanding. maasa says that she herself saw, and asks how can she conspire against her own family, lured by greed of money and jewellery. she asks babita where has she hidden them. maasa doesnt believe, but babita fumes, as she goes to check. babita goes after her. as they open the locker, maasa is tensed and surprised too to find the jewellery inside the locker only. babita smiles and then pretends to be hurt, as to why she thought she could steal, and its just that she was angry yesterday, hence she got the jewellery and kept it here. she leaves, smirking. maasa is tensed.

The next morning, kamlesh and babita’s husband come to maasa’s room, and ask for her siganture on some papers. she asks whats it, and they inform of a deal for purchasing more cows and for the formality of the deal, they need her aproval. maasa asks whats written. they get tensed kamlesh asks him to read it out. the younegr one complies, and tells maasa. she asks them if sattu knows about this deal. kamlesh says that he knows and has given his consent too, and just asks for her thumbpprint. they ask her to call and find out. she is about to call, when they think that their plan shall be ruined, and he himself gets to calling, but she stops him, and complies, by placing her thumb impression, oblivious of what she has done. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As sattu stands beside the car, an oncoming vehicle hits him, and he is thrown in the air, as his mobile falls on the ground. he hangs barely by a branch, and feels his hand slipping away, while pari watches from inside the car, aghast and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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