Meri Saasu Maa 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa goes to gte granny for the haldi ceremony. all the laides anticipatedly wait. Sattu drapes himself in a saree, and makes his way amindst the crowd, and puts on the haldi on pari’s face, while she is feeling weird and awkward as to who it is, since the dupatta covers his face. he then raises his dupatta and when she looks at him, he winks at her. she is surprised and smiles back at him. he signals to her, that he did fulfill his part of the challenge. she smirks back, and signals that she too shall fulfill her part of the deal, and complies. the other ladies then start the haldi ritual with pari, who excitedly takes part in it.

Meanwhile, pari’s step mother notices the letter that shivpal had carelessly thrown, and wonders

whats it. she then takes the letter to maasa, saying that it looks like a hospital report. as maasa reads it, with the other ladies surrounding her, granny is highly shocked, and distraught about the contents. she manages to somehow distract bhavna and then takes the file, and leaves. pari is tensed to see granny’s reaction.

Later, its time, for sattu too, and the ceremony starts for him too, as all tease him and don haldi on his face. Pari continuously eyes him lovingly from the balcony. they all are happy. granny thinks that haldi is done, and god knows where the mehendi wali is. the eldest says that she is about to come. Meanwhile, outside, the mehendi waali arrives in the auto. before she can step in, she meets someone, and asks who is he. Later, granny takes the mehendi wali’s book, and starts surfing through the designs. she finds a black page, and when she turns it around, it is a note, that says, that I KNOW YOUR SECRET AND THAT YOU SHOULD BE READY, AS I SALL COME SOON TO REVEAL IT. she is stunned. pari comes in after freshening up, and asks whats the matter and takes the book. she too is shocked to see it, and eyes dadiji. Just then, maasa comes and asks whats the matter. she takes the book herself, and starts going through the design. before she can reach on the page containing the note, Pari asks her to turn around as she liked a design. maasa eyes it, and asks her to put as per her wish. she says that people say if thinking becomes deep, then motives weaken, and asks her to just get on with it. dadaji asks maasa to finish the mehendi arrangements or else she shall crib later. maasa complies, and then she asks pari to get ready for the mehendi. they both leave. the mehendi wali is about to get to work, when she stops the lady, and closes the door. then she starightaway asks her, whats the matter and who gave this note. when she doesnt comply, she thhreatens her for the police. she apologises profusely for the same, and says tyhat a man who called himself as pari’s father in la, gave her this note, and wanted her to deliver it to pari, and paid money too for the same. pari asks if she is an idiot, that she cant see bhavna is a widow, and still believed that person. the lady apologises vehemently. pari reprimands her, and says that this time, she is letting go, but she would not discuss it with anyone, or else the polcie isnt far away. she complies. pari sends her off, and then eyes the threatening note, and wonders what mystery is father continuously talking about.

Later, granny goes in her room, and opens a secret compartment, in her almirah, containing a file, and then seeing it says, that he might try all that he wants, but till the time she has this file, he wont be able to hurt bhavna, or prove anything. she says that the mystery shall remain buried in these papers. she is oblivious that shivp[al is eyeing her from outside the door. she keeps it back safely, and leaves, locking the door. shivpal smirks that now he would use these papers to ruin bhavna’s life.

Pari gets dressed for mehendi, and looks for granny. she asks suman about granny, while she is ecstatic about the beautiful mehendi designs. she asks her to come along. pari finds dadiji coming, and sends suman off. and then directly asks her whats she hiding. granny is tensed, and denies. pari says that shivpal mustnt be lying like this. granny asks why would she lie, and that there is no secret. pari says that she knows that the truth can be tensed, but not defeated. she asks her to narrate it to her, so that she can help her preserve it as a secret. granny says that this isnt the time for all this, and asks her o focus on her rituals. pari is tensed however. she says that they feel maasa should know everything now, as then things would be clearer. granny thinks that maybe she is right, and asks her not to worry, as she shall talk to bhavna today. pari hopes everything is okay after mehendi.

As pari is brought down by the ladies, a light hearted banter ensues between the groom side, and the bride side. pari amusingly takes sattu’ side and is reprimanded by the ladies for the same. Meanwhile, granny asks maasa to come along, as there is something important to talk. maasa asks whats it. she is about to speak up, when pari eyes her tensedly. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: sattu taunts pari, that she hasnt done anything but give him pain. she gives back an apt reply. the food that they all eat has been laced with sedative, that puts everybody to sleep, with a heavy head. shivpal sneaks in then and retrieves the file from the secret compartment, thinking that when they wake up tomorrow, it shall open for them, a new dawn of ruins and destruction. he smirks evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Today sattu and pari scene are superb especially haldi applying scene superb I just loved today epi


    Nice episode… pari was looking soo preety and sattu handsome….

  3. I think pari or sattu will see him

  4. very nice i loved pari wearing saree for the first time the green one

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