Meri Saasu Maa 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Roop is about to deny maasa’s test in arrogance, when sattu stops her, and says that he has full faith that she shall pass every test thrown at her. she has no option but to resignedly comply. He traps roop into doing it, and she adds that she too has a condition, that if she passes, then she shall test him too, and then shalld eciode whether she wants to get engaged or not. she asks if they agree. maasa eyes her tensedly, and agrees. he wonders whats cooking in her mind. she fumes that she has to do it all, as a maid. she gets to working. pari oberves amused. then sattu comes and asks her to get to cooking first, as they cant keep people hungry. she rushes to the kitchen. he smirks at her, and then they go to observe what she is cooking.

pari enumerates and keeps pointing out where she is going wrong, and what all she has to make. she is barely done, when he ask her to get to the stitching of the purdah. she resignedly complies. she pulls them down, and then her feet slips, and he grabs hold of her. pari doesnt like their proximity. they proceed to the stitching machine. she wonders what to do, and how to get this thing working. he winks at pari and they watch amused, while she is in a dilemma. he asks her to get to the pulses in the kitchen, which must have boiled in the cooker. she rushedly leaves. pari then asks him why is he being so helpful, and taunts him. he is about to retort back, when maasa comes. he immediately gets to fighting with pari, while maasa assures pari that roop would never be able to replace her. he remains tensed.

In the kitchen, roop is distraught to see everything burnt, and collapses on the floor. he comes with pari, and to continue her charade, he applies meds, on her burnt hand, while pari fumes. he then tastes everything and comments that its perfect, and doesnt let her taste it, so that she doesnt find out, how horrible it is. she gets excited and hugs him. pari gets angry and fumes, while he stands tensedly. then, she remembers calling the grocery store, and he dials the number for her. she places an exorbitant order, and the grocery store fellow is shocked. he rectoifies the order, and then cancels. she thanks him profusely. she again hugs him, and pari continues fuming. he is tensed. he sends her off to clean up, and she excitedly leaves. pari then retorts and reprimands him for being so helpful to her. she vents out her anger, while he is amused. he says that he has to act, but she says that she would totally fume by then. he hugs her.

At the dining table, maasa asks pari to taste the food, and she says that its good. maasa is shocked, but when she tastes it herself, she is shocked too. maasa finds that she is winning all the tasks one by one, and roop is happy and excited. maasa asks her how does she know about the family’s ration so much. roop gives back a befitting answer. pari says that roop aced the test. he asks maasa if she is satisfied now, and asks if he can get ahead. shivpal too asks him not to waste anymore time. he then grabs pari’s hand, and tries to take the ring out. pari asks whats he doing. maasa asks him to get a new one. pari says that when the relation isnt hers anymore, then what good would the ring do. he takes it off pari’s hand, and progresses towards roop, while maasa is tensed. before he can don the ring on her hand, she stops him. he is boggled, along with others. she reminds them of her condition. Roop says that his maasa tested her, to find whether she deserves him. she says that she too needs to take a test to find whether he deserves her or not. all are shocked. she asks if they can start the test then, and starts clapping, and brings in some girls. in walk a hoard of modern girls dressed in skimpy clothes. the family members are shocked to see them and their attire, and are boggled. maasa asks who are they and why are they here. roop says that she neednt question her, as she never questioned maasa during the test. she asks sattu to give the test. he asks if she doesnt want to marry him. she says that she shall but after a small test. she says that a awayamvar is the perfect way to test him, and whether he gets chosen by them or not. she is excited to start the test. she calls on the girls, and after introduction, she asks if she liked him. the girl comments as to why is he dressed like a villager, and they all one by one start retorting and throwing insults at him, while taunting him. they all continue to neglect him. maasa asks what kind of a test is this. maasa asks what nonsense if this. roop says that it isnt, as its a swayamvar, and every girl has the right to choose her groom. they are aghast to hear this. [ari wonders whats she upto, as if she continues like this, they shall fail in their plan. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Sattu begs roop not to do so, and reject his proposal, and begs her to accept. roop says that she shall give him another chance, with a different test this time. she says that he shall have to dance western, with her, in a competition and if they win, then she shall say yes. they are all shocked, along with sattu.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Pari ki jealousy dekh kr mazza aa gya…..
    But come food cooked good????
    I think shivpal and roop are double crossing him…

  2. Thanks ji for the update. Hope everything will be alright soon… Sattu has to be careful about roop… Maasaab do something… You are my one and only hope then, now and forever…?

  3. Western dance woh bhi us roop k sath it shouldn’t happen if it has to be then with pri

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Not nice maasa help ..quick pls… paei n sattu

  5. Show just got confusing.. Did roll see Pari and Sattu cooking together? Weird.

  6. Rimjhim der r many mistakes in ir updat wen roop leaves from d kitchen dey hav cute fight but dey dont hug n also after roop went pari n sattu cooked together tasty food u dint include it

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