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Meri Saasu Maa 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari was in the temple, she calls Pappu ji and asks for Om Prakash’s number. She says she is Maa Saa’s mother in law, he agrees to give the number then. She gets the number, calls Om Prakash and introduces herself as Bhawna’s daughter in law and wants to meet him. Om Prakash consults with an associate and tells her to come at 4 o clock.
Maa saa shouts the daughter in law’s names to come upstairs. She asks who touched her locker. Babita says she came to her room, but she had seen herself that she was empty handed. Maa saa asks Suman to call Pari. Manjli suggests Maa Saa to call Pari’s home, she asks for Pari on call and says oh. She tells Maa Saa that her Dadi says Pari didn’t come home. Maa saa says this means they were right, she has gone somewhere else. She asks Suman to call

Pari right now. Suman says Pari isn’t picking up the call.
Pari comes to meet Om Prakash. He calls her inside. Pari stares at him and says she didn’t come here to sit. He asks why she came here then? She shows him the photo and asks if he is in this photo. She wants to know why he has been stalking her Maa saa. Om Prakash denies being in the photo. She asks why he is wearing the same bracelet as this man in photo.
Maa saa was enraged that Pari lied to Maa saa. Bhabis were happy. Babita says Pari must have taken the paper along as well. Majhali seconds Babita. Maa saa tells the three of them to stop thinking. Maa saa says she didn’t go to her home doesn’t mean she has stolen the paper. Maa saa calls Jalabi and asks her to find the paper, she must first search Barki’s room, then Manjli’s, then Babita’s and then Pari’s. Bhabi’s suggest to go with Jalabi. Maa saa tells Jalabi to leave, she asks the three of them to stand on a single foot without uttering a single word.
Om Prakash looks at his associate who tells him to shut up. Pari warns him to stop his acts, else he will have to counter her first else she will complaint in police about him the next time, it will be better for him to stay away from Doodhsagar and Maa saa. She leaves. Outside the office room, she stops at once. Om Prakash asks his associate what is this all, why he is playing this game. When he knew Bhawna’s daughter in law is coming he put his bracelet in my hand? What is this all? Jalabi tells Maa saa she has looked in their rooms, she couldn’t find anything. Bhabi’s ask if they can keep their feet down. Maa saa says not until the whole house has been looked in and she finds the paper.
Pari goes to get back the photo, Om’s brother confesses he is in the photo and he was stalking Bhawna Devi. He asks for his bracelet back. Pari watches this all. Om asks why he was doing this. Bhai says this is an old story, he doesn’t need to know about it. Om Prakash says he also has an old enemity with Bhawna Devi, now that he is a partner in their company they must destroy Bhawna together. Pari thinks this is it, she wonders what his connection to Maa saa is. She watches them, the older one slaps Om Prakash. He says he didn’t buy this company to destroy Bhawna but to save her from people like him. He had given seven vows to save Bhawna. Pari thinks she must leave and tell Maa saa about it.
Pari comes home, she watches Bhabis standing on one foot. She wonders what is happening here. She comes inside, Jalabi comes to maa saa and says she has looked in all the rooms, papers were not there. Only Pari’s room is left. Barki and Manjali cries in front of Maa saa, Babita poses to fell on the floor. Manjali and Barki sits to hold her up. The ladies tell Pari that someone has stolen Maa saa’s papers. Maa saa sends Jalabi to search Pari’s papers, she says now the thief will be caught. She asks Babita if she fell off taking them together. Maa saa asks Pari to join them too. Pari stands on one foot balancing herself silently. Jalabi tells Maa saa there is no paper over there as well. Babita whispers to Manjali that papers are in Pari’s purse. Pari suggest Maa saa to look in her bag for once, may be they are here by mistake. Maa saa was about to discovers the papers from Pari’s bag. Babita says this will be fun now. The ladies wonder now how they will find out what is in the papers, Babita says she didn’t think about it. She calls Maa saa and says if Pari had taken the papers with her she wouldn’t have brought them back. Pari says no, but Maa saa stops her.
Maa saa keeps the bag aside and asks Pari how her parents are. Pari thinks if this is the right time, no it isn’t. Maa saa asks her to reply what she asked her for. Pari says everyone is fine. Maa saa asks how was her welcome, and didn’t her brother come to drop her. Pari says he had to go to college and dropped her half way. Maa saa comes to grap Pari’s neck, Pari was shocked.

PRECAP: Babita says she doesn’t know if pari has seen the papers or not, but she will find it out by looking in her purse. Pari looks in some files in store room, she finds in a file a wedding photo of Maa saa and says he is Maa Saa’s husband and is alive.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Omg maa saa has a husband that devil lady n i hope sattu knows his father is alive

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Paris acting is so so cute…mwahsss for u…sattu cum on guy! Maasa to bullyish n manly…lol.

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