Meri Saasu Maa 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
All are surprised at her makeover. babita comments that she did takeoff her mangalsutra and vermillion. pari points out how tactfully maasa helped her to hide it, by elongating the thread and by donning the vermillion, by a change of hairstyle. they are all surprised at this. Pari shows this to them, and thay compliment maasa on her tactics. maasa asks them to allow pari and sattu to go now, or else they shall be late the first day itself. she then calls sharabi, and makes them have sweetened curd as a sign of good luck. pari feeds curd to sattu, wishing him the best of luck. they happily look at each other. maasa and the bahus smile amusedly, as sattu too feeds pari, referring to her as Madam. sharabi gets them their tiffins, and after taking

everyone’s blessings, they leave.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Pari anxiously waits alone for the auto, while sattu is on the bike, waiting for her to take an auto first. he finds one for her, and then tells the driver to go and pick her up, and also pays him. he complies, and she understands whats going on. she smiles at sattu and then gets in and drives off. he too goes after her.

Scene 3:
Location: L. N. College
Sattu and pari both join college. Pari walks in students dont realise that she is a teacher, and they also mistake sattu as a professor because of his age. then pari, considered to be a freshman is ragged by seniors, when they ask her to propose to sattu, a professor. she doesnt clear their confusion either to think where this goes. she happily complies. sattu stands boggled. he is overwhelmed with happiness and smirks, while taking the rose. meanwhile, the dean of the college notices it. all the students run away. the students who were trying to rag pari, point out how they tried to stop her, but she went on to propose a professor in front of everyone. the dean asks how dare she, being a professor proposes a student. pari listens tensedly. the children are shocked. Pari apologises while sattu asks who dares to irritate her. the dean asks if he belongs to the college authority, then by what right he plans to teach everyone a lesson. she reminds him his limits as a student, and asks if its clear. she also warns Pari that being the youngest teacher, she cant be behaving so irresponsibly. She asks why didnt she give her introduction to the children. pari says that she belives she should have a friendly interaction with the children. the dean says that the college runs on her thinking, and asks her to take care of it next time. she says that she doesnt want any more nuisance, and disperses them all. she then advises pari, that being the youngest and he being the seniormost student, she should refrain from getting too close and particularly to that student. she says that it doesnt look good, such pranks on being a teacher, and begs her to behave responsibly. pari hears tensedly.

Scene 4:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The bahus think that they too have to do something, as pari is enjoying life, and they are stuck in the house itself. they are set to thinking, and finally come up with a plan, after much deliberation, to open a boutique. they are all amused. maasa comes and notices that they are happy, and wish to know whats the matter. they propose to maasa, that inspired by pari’s dedication to work, they too wish to do soemthing, apart from their household duties. maasa asks what they wish to do. they say that they plan to open a boutique, and shall design as per the magazine, and that babita is creative in this field and asks her not to refuse, as they shall handle everything. maasa complies. they are overjoyed. maasa is tensed that if all go out to work, then who does the household chores. they hear tensedly. chhaya begs her not to worry, as they shall multitask. maasa complies to their wishes. after maasa leaves, they wonder how shall they do so. arti says that she wont do the household work, but sharabi would. babita wonders if she shall be able to manage alone, as that would require more servants. babita says that they need a minimum of five servants to run the house and also to take care of them. they are amused.

Scene 5:
Location: L. N. College
while the children who played a prank on pari earlier, are in the class, they discuss how nicely pari handled the situation, and actually like the teacher, but they are disgusted with the obnoxious student who tried to teach them a lesson. he comes in just then, and they decide to tease him. every seat he takes, he is asked to sit somewhere else. sattu finally gets frustrated and asks where should he sit then. shona, the girl thinks that today he shall get ragged like he shall remember for life. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Secretively, sattu and pari are feeding each other, trying to romance the other, when the dean of the college comes and reprimands pari and asks whats she doing here.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Nice episode…. but do not want to see love triangle…

  3. Oops… Pari caught again…

  4. Of course this is he reason they have introduced this college thing. There will be lots of misunderstanding and love twists, wait and watch, another psycho will show up.

  5. She could say she is giving him lesson

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