Meri Saasu Maa 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
PAri is on the roof, talking to her mother, that even though she is getting remarried tomorrow, there is a strange butterfly type feeling in her stomach, of mixed nervousness and excitement, and hopes that everything is okay. she prays eyeing the stars in the sky. sattu suddenly comes in, and startles her, as he asks what she wished for. she says that they arent told, till they come true. she begins to get up, and begins to go. Sattu holds pari by the hand, and she turns around, shocked. she asks him to leave her. he says that he wont leave her, till she doesnt say what she wished for. she says that she wont tell him. he asks her to wait here only till then. they eye each other awkwardly. he says that he wishes to say something. he says that

he was hurt when she agreed to marrying mastana. she says that she agreed to marrying him. they clear all the confusions that followed. she says that he is mad. he says that whatever he is, he belongs to her. she complies. he asks her to forget all thing of the past and start afresh. she says that in this new chapter there shall be no misunderstandings or fights. they both hug each other on the roof.

The next morning, the whole house is decorated, and maasa and granny take care of all the arrangements. maasa gets busy receiving the guests. inside, the bahus fume about making haldi as directed by granny. babita says that there was turmeric powder in the store and they could have used that. granny comes and asks if the work is done. they comply resigendly. she asks for the haldi and the middle one serves it to her. while taking it, granny drops it on the floor. granny thinks that this is a big omen, and maybe something wrong is about to happen. she begs the lord to save them. babita and others come out too, and are shocked. maasa comes, and babita narrates what happened. but she doesnt give it much importance, and asks them to go and prepare another batch. they are apalled and comply resignedly.

Meanwhile, shivpal comes and asks one of the guests the reason for such excitement, and when he gets to know, he finds it as a perfect oppurtunity to sneak in. he drapes a blanket on him, and then sneaks inside, and looks around stealthily.

In her room, pari is getting ready for the haldi ceremony, when sattu comes in, and she asks whats he doing here. he comes in, and then locks the door, while she is tensed, and asks why he did that. he comes to her with a bowl of haldi in his hand, and then comes close and intimate with her, while she reatreats, and keeps asking whats he doing. she is nervous and scared. he then corners her against the bedpost and holds her by the shoulder, leaving in close. he says that they are very lucky to be having their haldi ritual together, and hence to make it memorable, he shall put the haldi on her first, and she too on him. she says that she wont allow. he says that he wont listen to anyone, not even her. she challenges him that if he is that brave, then he shall put the haldi on her in front of everyone, and not this one, the one used for ritual, and if he does so, then she too shall do the same, and that too in front of everyone. he accepts the challenge and eyeing her mischievously, he leaves. she eyes him amused. outside, he wonders how he shall get the ritual haldi. he spots suman coming with his friend, and gets an idea. they eye babita and others preparing haldi. on his signal, suman comes and comments them on their work. she is about to take the bowl, but the elder one asks her to put it down, as she might drop it. babita takes it and says that she shall keep it. then he signals his friend, vishal to get to work. he drapes a blanket and gets to work. he follows babita, and her mobile phone drops. she bends down to pick it up, and he sneaks in. when she gets up, she finds him running away with the bowl, and rushes after her. Meanwhile, shivpal searches for the second evidence so that he can ruin them completely. he wonders where has granny kept the papers, and starts surfing through all the files hurriedly. Meanwhile babita spots that granny’s almirah is opened, and decides to close it. she screams as to who is there and then before she can understand anything, he gags her and throwing her away, he leaves hurriedly, and is gone by the time, she composes herself. shivpal sneaks out of the house, but drops the files he retrived from the office last night, obliviously. babita thinks that its the same thief, and decides to report it.

Maasa and dadi greet pari’s family, and they are made to sit down. her father apologises for the way he behaved, while maasa says that even she would have done the sme. he asks for pari. pari comes with the bahus. she happily meets her family, while they all comment how beautiful she is looking. sattu is unable to take his eyes off pari, and asks suman where is vishal. she says that she doesnt know. just then, babita comes wailing for a thief, and narrates everyone what happened. just then, ankit gets the blanket clad vishal as the thief. maasa removes the blanket, and is boggled to see sattu’s friend. sattu is embarassed too, as vishal blurts out that he told him to steal the haldi. pari’s father casually waives it off, saying that some amusement is needed in a marriage place. Dadi is meanwhile relieved and hopes that nothing wrong happens further too.

Later, ankit apologises and says that had he known he was sattu’s friend, he wouldnt have done this. suman asks him why he implicated sattu. he apologises. they wonder what to do now. vishal says that he took out one packet from the bowl. suman asks him to hurry, as the ritual is about to start. sattu leaves happily. he comes out and finds pari sitting, and thinks that he has to finish his task, before the haldi starts. pari eyes him as to whats he going to do now. he says that he shall. both are amused. maasa comes with other ladies. she asks him whats he doing here. he mumbles, and he is asked to leave, as the groom’s entry isnt allowed. the bhabhis also tease, while pari is amused. Maasa asks where is granny. the bahus say that they dont know. maasa says that the ritual cant start without her. the middle one asks if she should call. maasa decides to go and look for herself. pari eyes sattu, and thinks that she too wants that he puts it on first.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Shivpal thinks that its too risky, and that he shall do something very soon, to get to the bottom of this. The screen freezes on his frustrated face.

Precap: Sattu drapes himself in a saree, and makes his way amindst the crowd, and puts on the haldi on pari’s face, while she is feeling weird and awkward as to who it is, since the dupatta covers his face. he then raises his dupatta and when she looks at him, he winks at her. she is surprised and smiles back at him. Meanwhile, pari’s step mother notices the letter that shivpal had carelessly thrown, and wonders whats it. she then takes the letter to maasa, saying that it looks like a hospital report. as maasa reads it, with the other ladies surrounding her, granny is highly shocked, and distraught about the contents.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Nice episode…..
    Sattu and pari were looking so nice today… and so cute challange…. ???
    But shadi should be done without any trouble….

  2. How is back on track I stopped watching for a while but after Maa Saab become positive I started watching again and now Pari-Sattu will get married again hopefully 🙂

  3. today’s epi was very nice after so much badness but the next problem of shivpal is getting ready to enter in these happy moments

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I hate shivpals face…
    loving pari/ sattu..cuteness. ..
    hope they do get marriage again n tis tym love happiness n child! I c no other child from the other three stooges! Lolll

  5. awesome episode hope shivpals enter will be once the mariage is done

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