Meri Saasu Maa 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari is shocked to find this side of sattu. he then clarifies how its all a charade just to trap shivpal, and more importantly find out who killed his mother, so that he can take off the stain of accusation on his maasa. sattu gets emotional and says that shivpal tried to accuse maasa of murder, and that he would also get to the bottom of the story, and know who actually killed his mother. she asks what about his second marriage then. he says thats a part of the plan too, as he never thought of anyone else but her. she asks why shoul they play with the innocent roop’s heart and feelings in all this. he then clarifies as to how shivpal and roop are together in this, and that he got a hold of their plan, when shivpal tried to take him out to

roop’s room, assuming he is totally drugged. she is shocked. he says that he shall have to play their game now so that they can outsmart him. she is plesantly relieved. she says that he shall see what a good actor she is, and they shall together teach shivpal a lesson. they eye each other romantically. having found their long lost love after such a long time.

Later, Pari blindfolds sattu, and then takes sattu, to an elaborate romantic setup that she has created for sattu, so that they can have a romantic evening ahead. he is surprised plesantly to see all this. they eye each other romantically. she teases him not to get too close to roop, while he teases her back, that he cant help it. both are amused. she says that they should tell maasa, but he asks her to wait, as first they need to expose shivpal, and then unravel who killed his mother. she says that she cant see maasa like this. he says that he too cant, but he cant risk it right now. she eyes shivpal coming towards them, and starts begging him not to leave her, while he lashes at her. they pretend to be surprised to see him. he taunts her that sattu wont be trapped now in her. he continues to praise roop, and put her down. sattu asks him to go and rest, while pari pretendfs to be distraught. he reminds pari of sattu’s engagement tomorrow, and the marriage after the divorce. after shivpal leaves, they have a good laugh over it. then she fumes that he pushed her away in acting too hard. she pretends to be angry, while he pulls her towards him. a romantic embrace follows.

While shivpal is getting ready, maasa comes and stands tensedly. he taunts her how can he be of service. she eyes him glaringly, bad mouthing him. he shows her the future of her ruin, while she lashes back at him. he however presents her the situation, as to how he used roop too, and right now, his biggest pawn is sattu himself, running after roop to marry her. she asks what he wants and why he wants to ruin them. he asks her to give the entire property to him. she is shocked. he asks what she values more, children or money. he informs about the engagement tomorrow, while she says that she wouldnt allow sattu’s engagement with roop. he says that he can revert everything back to where it was normal, but for that, she has to pay the price, by naming all of her property to him. he asks her to take a decision fast, as she starts thinking. he asks her not to waste time, befroe roop enters here as the new bahu. she is shocked. he asks her to think, before he wins completely, as then she shall lose her family, as well as her money. she says that this wont happen, as sattu shall never marry roop. he guffaws, and asks her not to be overconfident, as he is confident of his moves. she says that she shall see what he is upto.

Later, maasa confronts everyone, including sattu and roop, along with pati. roop says that she doesnt think maasa would comply. he says that he doesnt care what she thinks. maasa however comments that she was up all night, and thought about it, and thought that he can make his demands, and its her duty as a mother to fulfill them. maasa shocks everyone and pari, by declaring that she wants sattu to be engaged to roop. pari is shocked, while the bahus are amused. she says that she has a condition though. pari asks whats she doing as her decision shall ruin her life. maasa takes her hand, and apologises saying that she has to take this decision for the sake of her son. she presses pari’s hand, to assure her that she shall never let anything wrong happen to her, and asks her to trust her. pari silences, apologising to herself, that maasa is so concerned for her, and yet she cant, and thinks of the upcoming birthday. shivpal asks what bet, as this is marriage, and not some gambling bet. maasa clears the confusion and says that there is a small test for her. she informs everyone, that she shall test roop whether she qualifies to be the bahu, and then presents an elaborate and detailed list of daily chores, that roop needs to efficiently perform under the guidance of pari, who shall evaluate her. roop is shocked and glares, while all others stand tensedly. shivpal resignedly complies, as he has no other option. roop fumes. the screen freezes on pari’s face.

Precap: Roop agrees to the test, while sattu is releived but adds and comments that if she qualifies, then she shall test him too. she asks if maasa complies to it. pari is boggled. maasa complies, while sattu is tensed as to whats she upto now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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