Meri Saasu Maa 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
All are tensed for the next day to come, as they wait to find whose hand fits the glove, while maasa is deep asleep, when she is rattled by the sound of vases breaking. she comes out and finds them broken. she wonders what could have happened. Meanwhile someone is shown to stealthily lurk in and eye the gloves. when maasa returns, she takes the gloves. she then comments that pari was right that someone in the house is involved in all this. she is determined that she shall find tomorrow.

The next morning, everyone tries gloves as per maasa’s instructions, and the three bahus try it with their husbands but they dont fit. arti points that shona hasnt tried it yet. shona says that she can see that they blame her only, without even having

to try them on. pari asks her not to do so, if she so wishes, and there isnt any compulsion. the bahus smirk, as shona progresses towards the gloves.In front of everyone, shona tries the gloves, and it fits absolutely. chaaya starts hurling accusations at her along with the other bhabhis, and sattu’s brothers, while all stand miffed and distraught. shona is boggled and finally asks them to stop it, and vehemently asks them to believe her, turning to maasa, and turns to pari, to atleast side with her, as she cant even think about doing this. she tells sattu too, that she is being framed, as she came here only for pari. babita asks her to stop this drama, and if she came here for pari, then she should leave too for her. shona continues to protest, hile maasa says that she knows shona didnt do this, and declares it in front of everyone, as the gloves arent the same, and were changed last night. she says that she had made a red spot last night on the gloves that pari gave, which are missing from this one. everyone is baffled and boggled. maasa says that this means they have been changed, and she has already got the glove of the similar size, and if these fit anyone, then they would be the real culprit. the bahus are shocked. maasa starts with shona, who tries them on and they dont fit. the bahus look tensedly at their husbands. then chhaya and her husband, arti and babita’s husband try but they dont fit. babiat hesitatingly comes uptil there, looking visibly scared, and then blurts out that she wont wear them, as she is the culprit. all are shocked. pari is aghast, and asks why. she says that she did it for the benefit of the family. granny asks her to elaborate, how that could have saved their relationship. babita says that she did make a mistake, but she sensed things in trouble, with shona in the house, and she thought shona hadnt truly amended, and hence wanted her to leave forever, so that sattu can stay peacefully with pari. pari apologises to babita for driving her to this, and then to shona too, for having wrongly doubted her, but gives a suggestion, that if the family hates her so much, then she should go. shona complies, saying that its for the best. all stand tensedly. shona says that pari is loved by her family, and she doesnt want herself to come in between her and her family, and hence has decided to leave the house rightaway. she retreats to her room, while all are tensed. Maasa reprimands babita for the wrong way of her implementation. babita apologises vehemently but says that her family is everything to her, and she couldnt have seen it breaking, and hence she did it. Meanwhile, shona returns back with her suitcase and takes granny’s blessings and asks for maasa’s leave. maasa complies, blessing her. she then turns to sattu, and apoologises for the problems she caused, and begs for pari to forgive her, as she is to be blamed for all this. she hugs pari and wishes goodbye. after she leaves, maasa asks pari to cheer up, as its for the best, and now she should turn back her focus on sattu and the family, and give the reins of the business back to sattu, who is the best to handle them. The bahus fume.

In their room, the bahus fume as to how sattu shall get everything, and whatever pretense they have been putting up, shall be in vain. they decide to put their plans into action, without any issues now. the bahus and their husbands are frutsrated that their plan didnt succeeed, and instead it backfired. Arti tells that the truth is they wanted to separate sattu and pari. they discuss that their plan didnt materialise, and now ponder over what needs to be done. they think that pari is out of business, but sadly sattu is back.

In the room, pari comes and finds sattu writing something, and lots of paper rubbished and strewn around. she starts reading a couple of them, and finds that he is baring out his heartfelt emotions to her, through the letters. sattu meanwhile is totally engrossed in the letters, writing another one. she childishly reprimands him, for this. he romances with her, saying that right now his heart wants him to write love letters for her. they romantically banter, while she says that she cant see his love in his eyes, and doesnt need the write up. sattu tells pari that when she shys away, she looks very beautiful, and tells her that from this day forth, he shall write her a love letter, but he has a condition. she is baffled. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Maasa tries desperately to stop a fire burning away all the memorable pics. she considers it as a sign of bad omen. she rushes to the priest. The priest informs that shani has laid his hands on her house. she is tensed. he tells her that if its good, then it shall mean them well, but if its bad, then the house and her family is in grave danger of facing shani’s ire. she is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. i hate pearl v puri leaving… i hope jada is correct in 11th epi update.. i want pearl to continue.. i dont want any other persons…


    So sad…. i thought all family members are now united but no; they are still behind money…. i hope leap is not like sath nibhana sathiya where sattu is shown died but will come back with new face…

    Supper shocking news for all Sattu and Pari fans…………
    Makers of meri saasu maa has decided to replace sattu; they will show new sattu by replacing his face; right now they are planning to kill him with not to be found dead body and new sattu will enter…

    All can confirm news by this link…

  3. Hope they dont replace Sattu and hope for Pearl Puri to continue acting.


    Update 14 july episode fast


    14 july 2016 episode…

    I did not watch the episode but my frnd breifed me so i am providing what my frnd told me… So sorry for little update….

    Sattu agrees to write love letters to Pari but puts certain conditions that Pari agrees to. The two of them decide to go on a honeymoon and plan on taking Maa Saab’s permission for the same.

    Meanwhile, Maa Saab is horrified when a photograph of Sattu and Pari burns to ashes. She instantly speaks to a learned Pandit ji, who recommends a prayer to be conducted for the safety of her family.

    Later, Pari and Sattu try to speak to Maa Saab about their honeymoon plans but seem too shy. When they finally manage to inform Maa Saab about it, Maa Saab agrees but asks them to attend the prayer.

    Meanwhile, Babita and her husband decide to use this prayer to get Pari’s signatures on certain documents.

    Everyone attend paryer and some bad omens happens. Pandit ask maasa to talk sattu that what he offered in Shani temple. Masaa inqure it from but sattu change the topic by saying he will tell when he will return.

    I do not know about Precap

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