Meri Saasu Maa 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
PAri is shocked to see shivapla unconscious. she asks dadi what to do now. dadi says that they should discard him outside the house, and leave him for dead. but pari says that they cant do that, and they pack him in a sack, and smuggle him out of the house, in the middle of the night, so that noone watches. when they open the main door, the sound of it, wakes maasa, and she comes out looking for whats going on. Dadi and pari pack shivpal in a gunny bag and then are about to throw him out, in the middle of the night, when maasa comes from behind them and asks pari whats in the bag. they are stunned and shocked. when she doesnt respond, maasa gets to seeing for herself. dadi and pari stand scared. but then pari stops her saying that its old and

redundant stuff from the storehouse. granny too complies. maasa reprimands them for doing such heavy work, and insists that sattu finishes it. they are shocked. but then they make her convinced that she neednt do that, as pari checked on him, and he was asleep, hence they decided to finish it. maasa reties off to sleep. and they get back to work, relieved at being unexposed. they take the gunny bag out of the house. on pari’s insistence they decide to open it. shivpal who has rgeained consciousness by then, furiously lashes at dadi for hitting her own son. dadi says that anyday, she would choose bhavna over him. he asks if the people also know about the secrets that she has buried in her heart. pari is boggled, while granny is terribly tensed. she distracts him, and asks him to stay away from bhavna. swearing for revenge, he leaves, vowing that he shall come back with all proof of whatever he just said. granny is distraught to hear this. inside when pari sets her mind to thinking about this, granny asks her not to meddle her mind over useless affairs, and focus on her marriage. she complies. she goes to her room, wherein sattu is murmuring to himself, oblivious of her presence, and finishes off the divider separating their section in the room. she smiles, while he is embarassed at having been caught. an awkward yet romantic eyegaze follows. then she takes her stuff and is about to move out, when sattu asks whats the matter. she reminds him that they have to stay separate. he comp0lies resigendly, and she leaves. he immediately starts missing her.

Meanwhile, pari settles in maasa’s room, and suggests that she shall sleep on the floor while maasa can sleep on the bed. but she asks her to come on the bed only. pari complies. maasa tells her that settling to a new bed is difficult initially, but she should try and get some sleep. she notices some shadow lurking outside the room and hollers who is it. maasa wakes up too with a startle. sattu identifies himself and comes in. maasa is boggled. he starts making all sorts of excuses for which he came here, to get a new blanket, to fill water for them and finally severe stomachache. they both are amused, as they see sattu’s plight, and then finally send him off, as he leaves the room, least interested. maasa and pari dose off.

The next morming, the priest gives a date after two months, but maasa asks him to find a date sooner than that. he gives a date after 3 days. maasa fixes all the dates of the rituals. pari and dadi are happy, while the bahus fume. Then she informs pari’s father and extends a welcome invitation to them. he happily complies. his wife cribs about no expenditure this time around, and he asks her to stop being so pessimistic and negative. she fumes.

Scene 2:
Location: on the road
Meanwhile, shivpal waits for someone, who turns out to be the peon of the office. shivpal asks him if he got bhavan’s file. he says that he couldnt. the peon says that he couldnt go to the record room, but got him an access key, and asks shivpal to sneak in the nighttime. he agrees. the peon leaves. shivpal thinks that tonight he shall unravel bhavna’s mystery.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
while maasa is fast asleep, both sattu and pari toss and turn around in their sleep. pari thinks that she cant believe such happiness is coming along her way, and she just wants that shivpal shouldny come in the way of the happiness of their family.

Scene 3:
Location: Office
Meanwhile, shivapal sneaks in the office. As he surfs through the files in the night, having gotten access through the access card, to the record room, he isnt able to find anything. then he finds bhavna devi labelled file in the pile strewn around. he picks it up gleefully. he thinks that now he shall control bhavna, and thinks that his mission is about to complete. he keeps looking for other evidences too and goes through the files. he thinks that bhavna’s ruin is due, and the countdown has started and that now he shall destroy bhavna completely. the screen freezes on maasa’s, shivpal and pari’s faces.

Precap: Sattu holds pari by the hand, and she turns around, shocked. he says that he wishes to say something. he asks her to forget all thing of the past and start afresh. she says that in this new chapter there shall be no misunderstandings or fights. they both hug each other on the roof.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Nice episode…..
    But mujge tension ho raha hai ki shadi hogi ya nhi??? Kyu ki I think shadi se phele yeh sach bahar aayega ki maasa is not actually maasa she is either maasa twin sister or someone else….
    I hope shadi se phele koi panga na ho vrna sattu pari se nafart krega ki usko sab pta tha or shadi bhi nhi ho paayegi….

  2. Thanq rhimjhim for the update ….:)

  3. Sattu was super cute in today’s episode with his crazy excuses. 🙂

  4. sattu is getting in love with pari……nice episode…..continue the love of theirs…and sattu’s crazy excuses..:)

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh God no Shraddha pls dnt say negatives
    I like tis series alot….u know zee writers irk us anyways so let’s hope for the best. Sattu / pari mqahs n maasa toooo.i wish for child . lol . other s three dnt hv?

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