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Meri Saasu Maa 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa reprimands roop for having come to the house, with this ulterior motive, so that she could come between sattu and pari, and take them apart.

she begs and says that she isnt to be blamed, and had no clue sattu would say and do this. maasa asks her to get lost right now, as she doesnt want

to hear anything. all are shocked. roop turns around to go. as she leaves, maasa asks her to remember that she wouldnt let relations be taken

casually, and asks her not to come here again ever. before she can leave, shivpal taunts and applauds maasa, for being such a good host to the

guest as sattu was who liked her, and he shall stand behind sattu in every decision of his. maasa eyes him, and thn turns to pari, that if she


her daughter, then she should go and tell sattu to get the vermillion right now. pari is shocked and others are tensed. pari is boggled, but

silently complies, wiping her tears. she rushes into her room, while sattu eyes shivpal tensedly.

In the room, pari comes and sattu asks for the vermillion. she says that she shall not give it away to anyone else. he says that the day it has to

separate it shall. he leaves. she eyes the vermillion and wonders why didnt he take it yet. she is boggled.

Downstairs, sattu comes and finds roop gone, and asks sattu. shivpal presents the whole situation with exaggeration as to what maasa did. he gets

enraged. granny and others watch tensedly. he asks maasa what right she had to throw her out. she says that this is her house, and she shall decide

who stays and who doesnt, and if any stranger girl insults pari, she shall behave like this only. she asks how did he think that he would get a

girl who he gives more respect that pari. he asks her not to forget that its his life, and he shall decide who comes and goes, not her. he says

that she shall have to change the decision, as roop shall come back, and thats his decision. they both confront each other.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and Maasa’s residence
while roop sits uncomfortably, by the side of the road, in the heat, a car pulls up in front of her, driven by a saree clad person. she is

surprised to see as it collides into her. she gets up enraged, and out walks shivpal, who is dressed in the attire of maasa. they both guffaw

loudly, at the way their plan has succeeded. he says that he credits her for this success. she too says that he pulled a master prank, on sattu,

that the hero left the heroine and is rushing after her. he says that he has managed to poison sattu and pari’s relation, and that pari is

devastated. she says that he doesnt even know that she herself sent the pic. he says that pari’s insult was needed, and also got sattu burning in

the fires of revenge. they both compliment each other. she asks what now, as she has been thrown out. he says that she needs to broaden her mental

horizon, and the game has just begun.

In his room, sattu tries a number, but wonders why is roop’s ph off. he turns to find pari standing there. he asks her to go, as if she thinks he

shall change his decision, she misunderstands. she says that she didnt come for that, as she is grived too, for what he had to bear, but he wont

understand, and right now, she has come to give him something. Pari comes out and presents the bottle of vermillion to him, saying that he was

searching for it, but didnt find it. she says that he wanted her to divorce him, then so be it, and agrees to divorce him, saying that he is free

to do whatever he wishes. she urges him to go ahead and marry roop. he stands stunned. he takes it and steps away, while she is distraught. he asks

whats the hurry, as with time, that shall happen too, and thanks her for giving this, as he was impatient to find it. she says that he is lying, as

it was kept right in front of him, but he deliberately ignored, as she cant believe that he didnt find it, and asks whats he hiding, as he could

have married roop in an instant, but asks why he didnt do it. she makes him swear, to tell the truth, as she feels he is hiding the truth, and

deserves to know this much atleast from the relationship that they shared earlier. he begins to go in. but she continues vehemently to insist on

asking the truth, and begs him to tell whats he hiding. just then, he gets roop’s call, and talks to her, pretending to be tensed and concerned for

her. pari listens apalled. roop tells him about her plight, and he starts getting romantic with her, but accidentally mentions her as pari, that

alarms her. he imm ediately rectifies himself. roop then says that she called him, as she isnt getting a transport for the station, and asks if he

can help her out. pari says that she feels he is hiding something, while he eagerly attends to roop.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Sattu finally arrives on the bike, and looks around, while shivpal in his car, watches him from a distance, smirking that its time for him to die

now. roop smiles at him. he dons the pallu of the saree yet again, and starts driving, as sattu walks ahead. just as he is about to graze, roop

warns sattu and he steps aside, while eyeing the car, that reverses back to hit him again, to make it look like an attempted murder. then he drives

off. Roop meanwhile takes a pic. she rushes to sattu asking if he is okay. he says that he is. she shows the pic, in which a pallu donned lady is

shown driving the car, and plants the indirect idea of a woman being after her. as he is set to thinking, she thinks that their plan succeeded.

Scene 4:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari finds the bahus burning her saree, and rush to her asking why are they doing this, as she douses the fire. the bahus are amused. babita asks

what should she do, as she has nomore right to stay here, since the husband deserted her, and asks her to leave. maasa comes and says that she

shall stay here as her daughter. she comes to them, and warns them to stop insinuating such things, as sattu was, is and shall always remain her

husband. just then, sattu and rop walk in to hear maasa saying that whatever sattu wishes to do, she wouldnt allow that to happen. roop comments

loudly, that even at the cost of sattu’s life. all aree shocked and aghast. they both walk in, as sattu confronts maasa. he asks her why is she

shocked to see hima live. maasa is boggled, as he casts allegations at her. pari asks if he knows what he means to say. he says that just because

she refused to be obeyed, by him, she tried to kill him. she is shocked that he can even think that. pari is overwhelmed. she tries to talk of how

much she wants his benefit, and asks if he truly believes it. he says that he is merely pretending, as he saw the truth today. pari asks what proof

he has for this, as it can be a misunderstanding. he then presents the camera, saying that electronics never misunderstand. all are shocked. he

says that the saree is hers. pari says that she just came from outside, and is wearing another saree, and asks if he is sure that he saw her wearing the pic’s saree. sattu says tha the truth doesnt change, when asked over and over again. maasa angrily asks him to think whatever he wishes to, but roop cant stay in the house at all. they are all tensed. he says that she shall. pari asks her to let be, as she doesnt want a family drama, and let rop stay in the house. sattu and roop walk inside, while pari is apalled.

Later, in the night, sattu enters maasa’s room, and looks around and finds her sleeping. he coems by the side of her bed, and then gets at her feet, tears streaming down his cheeks, as he breaks down emotionally. Just then, pari comes and finds him in such a state, and takes him out, by which time he wipes his tears.

As he stands stoically, on the roof, she asks him why was he crying, for the woman, who killed his mother so barbarously. he says that the heart grives at times. he remembers how maasa had talekd about the saree tht shivpal was wearing today, as the one she wishes to be draped in, when she died, as its mebroidered by her own mother. pari asks him to respond, but he says that he doesnt find it worthy to answer her back, as to why she tried to kill him. Pari tellls him that then the person who tried to kill her husband, his maasa doesnt deserve to stay alive. she picks up and says that today she shall prove to be a good wife, and kill her altogether. he gets agitated and asks if she has gone mad. she says that she shall kill the lowlife maasa. he gets enraged and says that he shall kill, if anybody as much as casts a word against maasa. she is shocked, as he proclaims, that he did, he does and he shall always fervently love maasa. he says that he went against maasa only for that lowlife shivpal. She is stunned to hear this. the screen freezes on her overwhelmed face.

Precap: sattu gets emotional and says that shivpal tried to accuse maasa of murder, and that he would also get to the bottom of the story, and know who actually killed his mother. she is plesantly relieved. she says that he shall see what a good actor she is, and they shall together teach shivpal a lesson.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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