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Meri Saasu Maa 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maa saa comes to her room and cries silently. She was about to open a trunk with shivering hands. Daddo comes to tap her shoulder. Maa saa shuts the trunk at once. Daddo asks till when she won’t cry because of her children. Maa saa says until she has the courage to bear the pain alone, till then. Pari comes at the door but turns to leave. Maa saa was alert and calls who is there. Pari says she is here. Maa saa clutches her fist, then asks Pari to come inside. Pari says she wants to ask if she can open the rope on her legs, she has done all the work. Maa saa tells her to open it, she must learn to walk like women and not men; she must remember that God made her a woman. Maa says says Bari isn’t fine, Babita and Manjhli will take care of kitchen, Pari must wash the clothes. At 6 am the water runs

out, after that she will have to pull water out of the well. She tells Pari to go now.
In the room, Pari watches Sattu asleep. She thinks about putting on an alarm to get up early in the morning. The light goes off at once. She thinks it is hot inside and outside, there is wind. She takes her beddings outside with Sattu. She was just putting the alarm on when it buzz, Sattu wakes up and asks if this is a time to do joke. She says she isn’t doing any joke. He looks at her beddings and asks what this is. She says she is sleeping. He says she can’t sleep here. Pari says this is cheating, he uses his room at day time and she can’t sleep in terrace. There is no electricity inside. Sattu says she can’t sleep here, she stares in his eyes and says she will sleep here. She complains him scolding her on phone, she had to tell him something important. Sattu says he doesn’t want to hear anything. She lay down to sleep ignoring him. He asks why she is quiet now. Pari says when she was a child, she watched and counted stars all night long and wanted to get to them. She was really crazy. She turns to see him sleeping, corrects his quilt and lay down smiling at him.
The next morning, Pari wakes up at once with the day light. She sits up and looks at the clock. It was 7 o clock. She wonders if she is so late. She does the laundry. When she notices Maa saa coming she wraps herself in a saree about her night dress. Maa saa says the saree she is wrapped in is hers. Pari says she thought this will make washing clothes easier. Maa saa holds up a shirt and says this is still not clean. Pari was upset, the water had gone out when she opens the tap. She gets worried and upset, then pulls up buckets of water from the well. Sattu comes and watches her struggling with the water bucket. Maa saa says she never saw a well. Sattu talks to her about Om Prakash. Maa saa says they are cheap people and are jealous how a woman moved ahead of them. They leave. Pari calls Meera and asks her for a favor.
Meera comes home, Manjhli wonders how she came here today. Meera touches the feet of Maa saa, Maa saa says no one told her she is coming. Meera says her father sent something for Maa saa. Maa saa asks Suman to empty the lunch box and serve Meera with something to eat. Meera asks for a glass of water. Maa saa asks if she won’t eat something, Meera says she is already full. Maa saa asks her to go and meet her sister, Meera asks Maa saa if she can take Pari along her to home; everyone is missing her there. Maa saa allows her smiling. Meera thanks Maa saa. Manjhali says now the three of them will have to take Pari’s work load.
Meera appreciates Pari’s bed. Pari asks her to hurry up. Meera asks for her shopping money. Pari says she will have to take the money from ATM for that, right now she has to hurry up. Pari notices someone’s presence there and goes to see, but Majhali had hidden herself.
In the room, Babita and Manjli wonder what is there in the bag. Manjli tells Babita that Pari must be wandring around the city freely. Babita says right now she must take away the file bag first. Kamlesh is worried what if Maa saa has named all the property after Sattu.
Pari comes to Maa saa’s room, she watches a drawer open with a file half inserted in it. Only the, Babita enters Maa saa’s room. Pari was checking the file with some cuttings from papers and Om Prakash’s photo in it. Babita took a paper from Maa saa’s wardrobe. Both turn to confront each other. Maa saa comes to her room then, Babita watches her coming in and inserts the paper inside Pari’s bag. Maa saa asks them what it is about, what are they both doing in her room without her. Babita was worried.

PRECAP: Pari comes to Om Prakash. He asks why she came here. She asks if he is the one in this photo. Om Prakash says she must have a misunderstanding. There, Maa saa was angry that Pari lied to her, she won’t leave her. Babita says if the paper isn’t in its place Pari must have taken it. There, Pari tells Om Prakash that he will have to confront her first before harming Doodhsagar and her Maa saa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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