Meri Saasu Maa 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa prays to the lord to keep pari safe andf sound and not let anything happen to her now, as she has been through a lot. pari comes dishevelled and distraught, and takes maasa and starts beating on sattu’s door. finally, after the entire house gathers, shona opens the door, and everyone is shocked. pari is aghast. maasa asks whats she doing here. then sattu appears too, and asks what are they doing here. pari asks how can he be so calm and normal. shona asks if she knew. pari says that she would have understood, but finds it unable to believe, and lie and betray her like that. sattu lashes at shona, while pari continues to reprimand them, asking if they bothered to think, what would she feel when she gets to know. the bahus smirk. maasa

asks pari to elaborate. Pari starts crying. maasa asks sattu whats the matter. sattu talks about the surprise party, and gtes them in, while they are all shocked at the arrangements. pari is mortified and embarassed at what she was thinking. she overwhelmingly thanks sattu. grnny comments on her luck. then sattu apologises to pari, whil maasa compliments sattu, who gives the credit to shona. then they get the cake, and find that SS is inscribed on it. they are all boggled. after much thinking, the bahus smirk that it must be for sattu and shona. pari gets frustrated and leaves. maasa reprimands the bahus.

In her room, pari fumes, while shona comes and talks about how it merely a prank by the bahus. she lashes at shona, while she vehemently says that she is a better person and has changed due to her, and that she isnt the same girl she used to be. pari refuses to believe. Pari confronts shona, while she says that someone has been instigating her about herself and sattu. pari asks what if they are at fault. shona breaks down saying that she didnt do anything. just then, pari notices someone’s shadow observing them, and then sees the same mysterious person hiding behind the door. she is puzzled. by the time she reaches, its gone. she follows footsteps, leading to the store room, where she locates the glove.

While maasa is working in the room, she finds pari coming in. she asks her to sign some cheques, but seeing her tensed, she asks pari whats the matter. pari shows the glove and then explains her dilemma. she says that she has a solution to her problem, as they are determined to find out who is creating a misunderstanding between her and sattu, and doesnt want them both to be together. maasa is tensed as she explains everything. she says that she shall definitely find out. she rushes down with her, and holelrs for all of them as they come out tensedly. she then talks about the glove and decides to see whose hand it fits. they are all shocked to hear it. shona tries to defend herself. chhaya comes and says that noone from the family would try and do it, and points it towards shona. maasa says that her reluctance makes her more susceptible. chhaya vehemently goes agianst it. maasa asks them to think wether they want to be caught, or confess themsaelves. all eye her tensedly.

In her room, pari is distraught in front of sattu, for being so doubtin. he calms her down and hugs her, but thinks that there is someone trying to separate them, but wonders who could it be. the screen freezes on his determined face.

Precap: the next morning, in front of everyone, shona tries the gloves, and it fits absolutely. chaaya starts hurling accusations at her, while all stand miffed and distraught. shona is boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think it one of the bahu

  2. Yes I in the beginning have already suspected Babita. Very interesting episode.


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