Meri Saasu Maa 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Pari’s residence
Pari’s family bids pari a tearful departure, as the cars drive away.

Scene 2:
location: On the road
The brothers and bhabhis in another car wonder what lies ahead, now that pari is married to sattu. While some are amused, others are petrified to

visualise maasa’s ire now.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Back home, granny asks suman where is sattu, and she says that she doesnt know. Their arrival is announced. suman rushes to open the door and is

left aghast. Maasa walks inside as if in a trance. granny stops her and asks them to do the griha pravesh and then the bride shall come in. pari

eyes them all boggled and distraught. She remembers granny’s words.

another rose falls in on her feet, and she takes it another one of god’s sign

and blessings. Suman is taken inside by her mother. granny asks how was the marriage, and comments that she shall see mastana’s bride, and is

shocked to see sattu standing as the groom. She asks how is this possible. Suman’s mother responds that maasa only knows, and she is still in

shock. pari and suman stand aghast. granny stops them all, as they try to get in. All are boggled at granny’s declaration. maasa comes with the

thali, for the griha pravesh, as words of granny resonate in her ears, that her favourite son, sattu has brought his wife in the house, and she

shall ceremoniously welcome the new bride. Maasa comes to the door to do the griha pravesh in a trance, as pari eyes her through teary eyes.

maasa gets dizzy and drops the thali, and falls unconscious on the floor, as sattu and others brothers rush to grab her. They are all shocked and

aghast. pari stands stunned. They all rush and cater to her. She is lifted up and taken inside, while pari stands shell shocked. The entire

family leaves, while she remains there in her own puddle of tears, as she picks up the rose that brought blessings for her.

Later, pari holds her casette and thinks that she never thought that maasa could do this, and after what happened to her, she cant trust maasa at

all, and decides that she needs the answers to all her questions, as to how she could do it. She places the casette in the holder, when the maid

comes in with water and asks her how is she. pari asks the maid how is maasa. she fumbles, and then says that she has been admitted, and she

herself would go there soon. She is about to leave, when pari asks where is the kitchen and insists. The maid complies and shows her.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
Maasa is rushed to the hospital, when the doctor immediately admits her in the ICu, finding her breathing shallow. Sattu asks whats the matter.

the doctor says that nothing can be told for saure, but symptoms indicate a nervous breakdown, due to a stressful trauma, and asks them to pray

that it be nothing serious. She is rushed in. sattu breaks down blaming herself. the family is tensed. Later, sattu comes and sits beside maasa,

who is breathing with the help of oxygen mask, and is sleeping. he clasps her hand and starts crying, when maasa opens her eyes, and finds him

like this, and apologises in her mind, that this is the result of her deeds, that she spoiled the life of her own son. she closes back her eyes.

he gets up and wipes her tears, apologising in his mind, that had he not married, this wouldnt have happeneed to her today. His brother comes and

consoles him, asking him not to blame himself, and let maasa rest. sattu complies, eyeing her distraught and apalled. They then leave the room.

Outside, the bhabhis are complaining about how they have had restless nights, devoid of sleep. the brothers say that they can go and sleep while

they take care of maasa here. the middle and the younger brother fight as to who shall go with the ladies. pari then finds the brothers fighting

over who shall go. sattu comes out and asks whats the matter. when he gets to know, he says that he shall stay here to take care of maasa, and

anyone else can leave. they are all tensed. the elder brother says that he is the one married today, and hence he should go, as p[ari must be

waiting for him at home. Pari comes and says that she is right here. they are shocked to find her there. pari and sattu start to walk towards

each other. She tells him that she brought food for maasa. he takes it and thanks, while the mothers are shocked. she says that thankyou isnt

needed, as its her responsibility. he says that he knows how caring she is. she says that she too knows who he is, and that she has many

questions regarding this marriage, and this might not be the right time to talk about it, but sooner or later she shall find the answers to all

her questions. he eyes her tensedly, while she is enraged. The brothers leave, asking sattu to inform if he needs anything or in case of an

emergency. he complies.

Pari then goes to the ward, wherein she adjusts maasa’s sheet, and then adds that she has loads of questions from her and her son, as to why she

wanted to ruin her life, but still she shall pray that maasa is well soon. maasa is asleep. pari begins to get up, but maasa holds back with her

hand. Pari is shocked as she turns around to find maasa confronting her. She takes off the oxygen mask, and then asks her not to think that she

became victorious, as sattu is her prized asset and she wont land it in some beggar’s hands. pari is aghast to hear this. maasa says that she

always wanted a loving wife for him, not someone like her. maasa says that even if the lord by destiny has landed her in sattu’s hand, she would

fight against destiny and the lord, to see that their marriage isnt successful, and his life be ruined like this, due to her. she says that she

might be the bahu of the house, but her heart and her soul shall never accept her as the bahu and sattu’s wife for the house. pari is apalled to

see such a behaviour of maasa. the screen freezes on pari’s shocked face.

Precap: Pari accidentally slips, while taking out the tiffin, and falls. Sattu sees this, and then he turns around and rushes to pick it up, and

their hands graze each other’s. amd then an awkward romantic eyegaze follows. Pari then says that she needs to know one thing thats been boggling

her badly. She asks if he knew that maasa wanted her to be married to mastana. he stands tensed at such a question.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Dat was damn cool…episode but pattu.. be careful……lolzz

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Maasa villianounous…pari u so sweet n sattu mwahs….pls ul liked one another bfor now mk happy marriage n fite maasa as couple….hahaaa look at masas face wen she saw dulahs face…lolllll.

  3. Aleast her son sattu marry pari alast she can’t do nothing now

  4. Thanks for the updates ?

  5. It^s Really careble that sattu didn^t want to leave pari…..!¤!

  6. Now typical drama will start now it’s Pari vs Maa Saab, oh poor Pari wanted a mother in her mother-in-law but got a mother-in-law like Maa Saab so sad 🙁 but I just loved PaTtu scenes today, and precap is so cute but I think Pari will misunderstand Sattu so sad 🙁

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