Meri Saasu Maa 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

In short:

Bheem informs Pradhan that Maa Saab’s property now belongs to them and Pradhan proudly announces that Maa Saab’s stupid sons have sold her property to him. They then decide to take Maa Saab to her place in Lucknow and bring an end to her. Meanwhile, Bunty assures his support to Pari but Pari does not completely trust Bunty.

Meanwhile, Maa Saab lays her hands on a weapon and tries to threaten Pradhan and his men but Bunty approaches from behind and takes the knife from her hands. He then reveals to his father that he has finished the task related to Pari and Maa Saab instantly gets worried.

Bunty then whispers to Maa Saab that Pari is completely fine and asks her to trust him. He informs Arpita about running of Pari and ask her to inform him if she call her and leaves. Pari tell Arpita about leaving.

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    Its a heart breaking news for all those who are waiting to return for Sattu aka Pearl, he is not going to return as according to SBS segment (viewed on tv) bunty will fill sindoor in pari maang that is will marry pari saving from her from his father and his men.
    So its hard of returning sattu.. as if this happens then they both will fall in love…

    1. Thanks shraddha ji but I feel very bad because my fav actor leave this show and I don’t like siddhart thanks once again

  2. Thank you for the update, Shraddha!

      1. Please do something pearl ko wapis la kar aao bunty ko nahi dekhna

      2. Shraddha mam please request karo saba mumtaz ko woh pearl ko wapis la kar aaye

  3. Why the update is so incomplete. Pls give the complete update. I have noticed that for MSM the update is always not updated in time or not updated for the whole week. There is surely missed out at least 2 episodes. For other serials updates are fully completed for the week.


      Omarsalmah i do not know about compelete episode as on video the short update was avilable..
      And i do not know why team do not update on tym and misses the episode, i saw that the episode was not their so i updated.

      1. Thanks Shraddha, one more questions can you explain what is TRP.


        I do not know about exact rating but its on 18 no. In top 20 shows.

    2. We want pearl back

  4. Bekwas kar diya hai show ko

  5. Kuch log is show ko abhi bhi dekhta hai bunty uncle ko lol such bore

  6. Please stop this show

  7. This show is not Gud . story line is so bad

    1. Hi Tina, why you said that this show is not good. This show was the best so far I watched in Zeetv. I think you never watch from beginning. Pls go back and watch from beginning.MSM is the best family serial.It has all qualities eg. the story, acting and etc………….. I think you like Kumkum Bhagya, Kaala Teeka, Jamai Raja which are bekwas show.

      1. Thanks mam

  8. Want pearl back

  9. Post interest in this show

  10. Sorry lost

  11. Why u people watch this show so bore

    1. isha just shut up this show is not boring if its ”bore” go somewhere else

      1. Tu cartoon hai isliya aise serial dekhta jai

      2. @caro grant: mmm…some people just don’t get it!

        Well…isha, we watch the show because we love it… and that’s why we’re here. And why are YOU still here? You find the show boring, right? Get a life, isha!

      3. Caro grant u gone mad

  12. Bunty uncle ko kick out karo

  13. Such disgusting show please improve it

  14. Friends please pearl ka liya request karo saba mumtaz ka facebook par it’s request to u who really want pearl come back

  15. I don’t know what’s going on where is a sattu

  16. I don’t know where is a sattu what’s going on what happen in current track


    All the fans of MSM, i know what you all feel about not seeing Pearl/sattu in show, but i feel same.. as i m registered member on tellyupdates not regular author as when i see sometime any update missing i try to update so that all viewers can have atleast idea of episode..

    1. Shraddha ji pearl kab aa raha siddharth na serial ka styanash kar diya hai


        I do not know Tanvi… as i m also a registere member here only some time update, unupdated episode…

  18. We cry for pearl do something

  19. We cry for pearl please do something friends

  20. Wrost to watch

  21. Pearl ji ab toh aa jao

  22. Bunty is so irritating I don’t like him because of his overacting

  23. Please tell me about sattu


      What u want to know???

  24. Rudra gillion

    Is it true msm will b off air on 26th August?

  25. Why every one are fighting like this for just a serial?


      No one is fighting..

  26. Rudra gillion

    Some of ur comments r so hurting.. I Really hope sid will not read these comments…some r just being rude n dun even care abt others feeling. Full of discouraging n disrespecting comments. ??

    1. Yes…i feel the same way too. Some of the comments are very hurtful. Why are they blaming siddharth? He is just doing his job!

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