Meri Saasu Maa 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Pari’s residence
maasa goes with her family, to pari’s house, while sattu and pari have still not returned. her father welcomes them and make them sit. hesitatingly, she brings forth the reason of her visit and then tells verything as to the mistake that she did. her father is berserk when he gets to know that bhavna devi played such a big conspiracy and risked the life of his daughter. he screams out that he wont let his daughter stay in her house, for another day even. all are aghast while pari is distraught too, as she comes in with sattu. he continues to repri mand her, while maasa says that she shall accept any punishment. he says that the punishment is that she never lands in his house ever again, and pari shall never go back to that house. finally,

pari intervenes, and asks him not to talk like that to maasa, and then talks about what a right thing she did. he is unconvinced still. maasa says that she wishes to get them remarried, by the same rituals, properly this time around. he smiles, and agrees when pari signals him to. the bahus who have been smirking so far, arer now shocked and fume. having gotten the permission, maasa says that she shall get to the prfepartions. pari is excited to help her, but she is sent off with sattu to spend some quality time. they leave.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
sattu and pari drive aimlessly, wherein she keeps resisting the urge to hold onto him, on bumpy roads. they are unable to decide on a proper place for their date. he suggests to have dessert and then go home, she smiles. then he asks her to put herhand on him, and dont hesitate, to be comfortable. she complies, nervously. he eyes her through the rear view mirror. then they go to the faluda shop, where they had accidentally met a couple of times, and when he asks her what flavour she would want to have, she says that she would have his choice. unable to decide, he gets back all the flavours, amusing pari, as they start eating together. some goons come and try and tease her. but he slaps one of them, after they get unruly. they rush off. she teases him if he got jealous. he says that he doesnt like anyone harming or disrespecting her. she is moved, and says that its good it happened, since she got to see this side. they smile.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
maasa and the bahus come back and knock on the door. Chote babu aka shivpal tells dadi that now its time for her to meet her husband. dadi begs and tries everything to stop him to open the door, but he pushes her away and throws her away and then proceeds towards the door. dadi watches in horror. outside they start getting tensed as to whats taking so long, and if granny is okay inside. just then, the door opens and dadi opens it, citing that she fell asleep. maasa is releived of her tensions. she narrates what happened at pari’s place, and then asks if anyone came here. Dadi gets nervous but replies that noone came. they retire off to their room, as granny sends them to rest. as they leave, she goes to one corner of the drawing room, and pulls over a sheet placed on the ground, to reveal shivpal lying unconscious underneath it.

Later when pari comes home, she excitedly narrates dadi, what happened, but finding her tensed asks whats the matter. dadi narrates everything to ppari. when pari sees him unconscious, she is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: dadi and pari pack shivpal in a gunny bag and then are about to throw him out, in the middle of the night, when maasa comes from behind them and asks pari whats in the bag. they are stunned and shocked. when she doesnt respond, maasa gets to seeing for herself. dadi and pari stand scared.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Nice episode…..
    But I hope this shivpal does not create new trouble in pari’s life ……

  2. Who is shivpal n nice to see pari n sattu happy

    1. shivpal is sattu’s papa

  3. Da ld actrs lks younger dan hr rol she lkd far better wth her previous show role n da ld hero.

  4. I used to like Pearl’s acting in bd…thought to watch this serial once…
    In this show, is the leads combo pattu???? Sounds so peculiar….
    Anyhow Pearl and hiba were part of youth shows earlier and now they r in this show in a saas bahu… ???
    Bd was so good….TSM was also cool….now they have become pattu!!!!!

  5. yes a new wed a new beginning for pari and sattu please don t spoil their sweet relation
    at least in it beginning

    shivpal is maa saa s husband


    I want sattu’s dressing style to be changed… uske bhaiya to acche khasse pant shirt pehnte hai… pant shirt na sahi, jeans t-shirt na sahi, kam se kam kurta jeans hi kr do… he does not look nice in kurta and dhoti with shoes….

  7. guyz … plz tdy update plz….

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