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Meri Saasu Maa 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari was cleaning the drawing room. She calls Reetu and asks her a help.
The ladies were in the room, Manjli asks Babita to come and see if Pari has hurt herself or not. They were shocked to see the drawing room cleaned with a vaccum. Maa saa comes there, Pari says there was much dust here. it seems it hadn’t been cleaned for years. Pari says she also found glass pieces from under the rug. Daddo comes there and says the other three ladies are really useless. The ladies were curt at Daddo. Maa saa says very well, now she must clean temple house better than this. The guests arrive. Maa saa asks Babita to take the vaccum cleaner. Maa saa tells Pari to go to bring tea, and forbids her to create a drama in front of guests. She welcomes the guests, Pari goes to the kitchen and makes tea for the

guests. She wonders if she must open the rope for a while as it doesn’t allow her to walk even.
In the hall, everyone wanted to calm Sattu. Sattu said that he has being talking about Maa saa all over Lucknow. Sattu says the one who mixed water in milk is the root of all the problem, if he gets him he will shoot him else send him to jail for lifetime. The brothers ask what he wants from Doodh Sagar. Sattu says he is trying to competing them. Pari wonders whom Sattu is talking about. The ladies try to calm Sattu, what they will think. They go to the guests, and tells their husbands to go and take rest. Sattu watches Pari bringing tea. She talks about the limits in their room, Sattu says inside the room they will be like this. She asks whom he was talking about, who is the enemy of Doodh Sagar. He says he will take care of whoever it is. She says as he say and turns around. Sattu watch her move with the rope and wonders what happened to her now, he thinks she is completely crazy. Pari brings the tea to guests, bhabi says she will just fell off. Babita tells them to see.
The guest tell Maa saa that the man is going to take a big action against Doodh Sagar. Maa saa says he couldn’t do anything when she was alone, and now she has the support of four sons. The guest appreciates Pari for making a tasty tea. Maa saa dislikes it, she asks Pari to go out. Babita throws her sandals behind Pari, Pari fell down on the floors. The guests watch the ropes and ask Maa saa why a rope instead of anklet. Pari says she tied it, she feels really difficult to walk in saree. She had no mother so she couldn’t learn to walk in saree. She thought about training herself to walk in saree so she tied ropes, she has become a daughter in law of Maa saa wearing saree. Now to walk well in saree she wants to be her daughter. The guests say to Maa saa that her daughter in law will for sure become her daughter. Maa saa smiles curtly. Pari walks out of the room.
Pari comes to the temple house to clean it.she takes a newpaper piece. There was a news about Prakash attempting murder attack on Maa saa. She wonders if this is the man asking for Maa saa in the temple. She prays for Maa saa’s well-being. She only had a dream of a mother since childhood. She thinks about discussing it with Sattu, then wonders what if this is only her overthinking.
A man watched the meeting going between Sattu and Om Prakash. Sattu says the milk of Doodh Sagar is pure, it is its identity. Om Prakash says if it is a lie that their milk had mixing. Sattu says the case was withdrawn because it was a lie. They accuse Sattu that his wife took the case back, when she had filed the case she wasn’t his wife. They say there is something wrong. The man watched the meeting from behind a one sided glass wall. Sattu gets Pari’s call, she says she has to tell him something important. Sattu says he doesn’t want to listen anything else from her anymore.
Suman comes to Pari and asks why is she upset. Pari says her uncle is angry at her and cut her call. She says Sattu has gone to Lucknow Milk trader’s meeting. Pari tells her about the matter. Suman says Sattu is already worried about that mixing issue. She must first confirm, then tell Sattu that the man asked about Maa saa in temple. Pari says there isn’t one problem in her life, tomorrow her B.ed result will be announced. She took the exam in a single hour, she wonders if she will pass? Suman says she will pass. She watches Pari move in rope and asks if it pains a lot. Pari says no, mothers are a treasure.

PRECAP: Pari and Sattu argue at night. Sattu says she can’t sleep here, she says she will sleep here only. Pari comes to Maa saa’s room to find out about the case. Babita also checked the wardrobe there. Maa saa opens the door and finds them both inside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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