Meri Saasu Maa 11th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Babita, chaaya and arti have a good time, having gotten pari’s fault, and expose it in front of maasa. they say that they are always bad in front of her, but pari too is the same. kamlesh too points out how pari planned to hide this from her too. she asks them to shut up.

In the room, pari tries to get sattu to talk, or listen to her once. she hears maasa’s holers asking them to come down immediately. she is tensed. they both go down, and confront as maasa eyes them tensedly. she shows them the form and ask whats this. pari is aghast and tries to start explaining, fumbling in her choice of words when maasa cuts ehr short saying that whatever decision she has taken is absolutely fine and she is incredibly happy with it. the bahus

are displeased. the brothers ask how can this be, as sattu cant be studying at this age. maasa comes at them saying that she and pari are right, and what pari

kamlesh asks what shall they tell the investors, to wait. maasa asks who asked him to talk to investors. she says that a suitable person shall replace sattu in the time of his studies, and thats pari. all are shocked to hear this. Maasa tells pari that she trusts her completely, as she is educated and shall be able to handle, and if she needs any help, then sattu is there. she says that she shall make her the owner of the company, to meet the investors and that she wishes that they work together. pari says that she understands her emotions, but she doesnt want him to be dependant on anyone for himself, even if its her. he asks her to shut up, as she has done enough. maasa tries to make him understand, but pari asks her to let be, as his mind is made up. sattu asks what does she want now, after having made him the laughing stock of the town. Pari says that she only wants him to finish his studies, and then she can agree to what sattu suggests for her to join their company and asks if he agrees. he denies, shocking them all.the bahus are amused at this drama, as he glares at pari and then hastily leves, while she stand tensed.

In his room, sattu paces around nervously, when pari walks in. they both eye each other tensedly. then he brushes past her and walks out.

Meanwhile, downstairs, while all are discussing business, sattu and pari come. maasa welcomes them and then says that they can take whatever decision they wish to, but for now, sign the papers. he silently complies, while maasa eyes him tensedly. after he does the signatures, she asks if he wouldnt ask whats written in the papers. she then discloses herself, while all wait in anticipation. she says that she is planning to sell the company. all are aghsst to hear this. he comes to her and asks why is she saying so. she says that she isnt bluffing, as the person who stammers when asked to talk in english, and doesnt even bother to read anything before signing, he wouldnt be able to garner much investors. she then points out the stark contrast, that he has the talent but no degree, and the brothers have the degree, but no sense, and since he doesnt wish to study and earn a degree, she had to take this decision. then she storms off, while tension lingers on. the bahus start asking the husbands, what shall happen to them, if the company gets sold. as all disperse, pari and granny remain behind. after a while, pari remains alone, as she is tensed.

In their rooms, the bahus are increasingly worried, and tensed, as maasa trusts pari rather than their husbands. they talk amongst themselves, as to how this isnt an oppurtune moment, but the brothers assure the wives individually, that everything shall be okay.

Later, in the night, pari comes and gives him food, but sattu ignores. she asks him not to take the anger out on food, while he says that he isnt interested. he glares at her, and begins to walk past, but she holds him by the hand, and begs him to listen to her once. but he shifts her hand away from his, and then taking his pillow, he begins to move out. she is shocked to see this distance between them creeping in. she collapses on the bed, while he lies on the couch, turning away from him. they remember their romantic moments together. after he sleeps, she then drapes a blanket over him, and then walks out. she gets confronted by maasa, who are both tensed at the situation. pari says to maasa that she understands everything, as it must have been hard for her to take the decision in the favour of her daughter, rather than the son, hurting his feelings. she asks to be blessed so that she can mend things with her son, and her own husband. maasa says that she is proud of her, through every relation she shares with her. and asks her to remember that her mother shall always support her. she hugs pari, while she eyes her overwhelmingly. sattu watches this from the window of his room, standing tensed.

The next morning, maasa finds the bahus sitting with a jewellery designer, eyeing the latest trends. they say that they havent purchased jewellery for long, and hence want to. maasa asks them to come aside. they get tensed. maasa tells them that she has heard about anjali, the jewellery designer, that she adulterates with jewellery, and asks for exorbitant prices, and also leaks family affairs of her clients. she says that she can give them money and they can buy what they wish to. Chhaya denies, saying that she can buy, but they wont get these designs anywhere else. then she says that she is taking her part of the money as an advance to pay. they all assure her together, that they wouldnt create a mess with her. she resignedly complies. they go in, and asks for the bill to be made, and it comes to 12lakhs. they are shell shocked, and ask to put a proper price. maasa is shocked too. she tells anjali that she shall be called later, but for today, she can leave. then she leaves as kamlesh comes in saying that the lawyer has come. the bahus are tensed.

Downstairs, maasa meets the lawyer, who says that all formalities of selling are done, and only her approval is needed. all gather up tensedly. anjali meanwhile lashes at them, when she comes down, and hears it all. she asks if they dont have money, why they wasted her time. Pari asks how dare she talk like this. anjali bad mouths and lashes at them, and then leaves. the brothers ask the wives why they called such people in the house. chhaya asks whats their fault, if she heard everything. maasa says that this is what she was warning them about, as she would do exactly that too. they all apologise profusely. kamlesh says that they shouldnt sell the company like this. maasa says that she had talked it all. Maasa tells the lawyers that she has no option other than selling the company. all stand tensed. sattu comes in saying that there shall be no selling of the company. all eye him boggled. he takes the sale deed, and tears it to pieces, while all watch tensedly. he apologises to the lawyer for the inconvenience and then sends him off. maasa says that he might have torn the paper, but has he thought how he would save the company. he says that he accepts pari’s condition, as he declares that he is ready to attend college, and that pari hence becomes the director of the company. pari is overwhelmed with happines, and thanks him. granny too is proud of his decision and blesses him. he says that he has a condition that he wont study in the college where pari teaches. all are shocked. he asks if she agrees now. all eye her tensedly. she complies. he leaves. pari then comes to maasa, and shows her how sattu agreed. she asks pari to find out about college soon. they both hug each other yet again. The screen freezes on pari’s happy face.

Precap: Pari thanks him for his compliance to the request she posed. he says that he didnt do it for her, but for maasa. she asks if he knows whats better, its that, they shall together work for the betterment of the company, and asks him to notice that the company shall benefit vastly. he eyes her tensedly. Later, as pari and maasa bring up the topic of college classes with sattu, they find that they arent having much options, due to his business involvement too, rather than in the college, where pari is appointed as a teacher. he is vehement that he wont go there. she innocently asks whats the problem in it. he asks her to even try and fathom a situation that he shall be a student wherein she is a teacher. all are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Going to be interesting… Maybe

  2. So excited. Amazing family serial

  3. Sriranjani

    Hmmm…..atleast now the serial becomes interesting……………..


    This is not good…. though i agree that sattu only studied till 12th but it doesn’t mean that he behave like those persons from whom their wife superiority hurts their so called manly ego…. and this should also be understood by maa sa and pari that education is required for sattu but he can do private or corespondence, why he need to do only regular!!! And in today’s time getting higher education helps business this is not ques of ego….
    And i hope they do not show love triangle during clg study of sattu…
    And lastly i would like to add that maa sa looked good in colored saree not in this white old fashioned saree..

  5. I think Pari will give up her job in that collège so that Sattu can atttend classes there. Always the women sacrificing for illiterate stubborn husbands!

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