Meri Saasu Maa 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari vehemently protests that shona has a pic, but is shocked when she is unable to find it in the almirah. she tries to prove that it was there only, but he calms her down, and says that maybe she must have hallucinated due to the effect of the meds. she is boggled. he asks her not to worry and instead take rest, as she direly needs it. he then sends for shona to get the meds for pari then. as he turns to go, pari is boggled to see something, and then stops sattu. Pari finds a long hair on sattu’s t-shirt, and recognises that it isnt hers. she is tensed. he seems unfazed, and says that it must be hers. he leaves, but she is tensed, as she recognises that it isnt hers, and wonders if she is overthinking, and there is actually something going

on. Downstairs, sattu collides into shona, as they exchange an animated banter, while pari is tensed in her room.

Later, pari is still boggled about the hair incident, and then consoles herself that she is hallucinating. she remembers about the pic, and wonders whats going on. maasa comes and asks to know whats boggling her. she says that she has a headache. maasa asks her to speak up. pari hesitates and says that she is tenseed about something, and that she doesnt know whether this is the right time, and whether its too early for her to presume. maasa asks her not to think so much, and spill. pari then thinks that its due to her vehemence, shona was given entry back, and now what would maasa think, if she has doubts on shona. maasa asks her to speak up. she changes the topic and says that she wanted to apologise for her rude behaviour. maasa says that its okay, as sattu was explaining this too. pari says that she is sorry to them too. Maasa asks her to go and talk to shona and sattu, and clear her confusion and misunderstanding. she complies.

The next morning, pari finds sattu all dressed, and asks where is he going. he says that he is going to college. she asks that she isnt well, and he would leave her here all alone, and attend college. he smiles at her. just then, shona comes and asks him to hurry up, and she is shocked that they both are going together, while shona says that exams are nearing. Pari is visibly tensed, as they both leave for college together. sattu tries to get romantic with her, but shona snatches him away, saying that its late. she is sure that they are both hiding something from her.

Outside, sattu asks shona if they are doing right by keeping secrets from pari as he doesnt like it. shona too says that its right, but then adds that its only for a couple of days, till they prepare the surprise party together, for pari. then they hurriedly get on the bike and get to go, when she remembers that she doesnt have her lipstick on. she rushes in, while he fumes.

While pari is searching for something in the room, she gets confronted by her conscience, who asks her if she is doubting on her own husband and her sister. pari asks whats wrong, as its natural human behaviour and continues to search around. she finds a lipstick, and thinks that this is shona’s but whats it doing in sattu’s room. her conscience pricks her amusedly, as to what she shall do now. meanwhile, pari rushes out. Shona is in her own room, searching for something, when pari comes and asks why hasnt she gone yet. she says that it was for the lipstick. pari asks if its this one, and shows her. she is excited and asks how she found it. Pari thinks that she wont tell, as if she is playing a game with her, and sattu too is involved, then she shall catch them red handed. she distracts ehr, and asks her to go to college, as its getting late. she hurriedly applies and then leaves. pari eyes her tensedly. shona rushes out, and bosses around shona, citing that its getting late. they drive off.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
sattu and shona stand outside a bakery, while he asks ehr to get a heart shaped one. he asks if she told pari about her surprise homecoming party. she dnies. he waits while she goes inside the bakery. they both finish up their shopping and then rush back towards home.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence and college
Meanwhile, from home, pari calls up the college, and finds from the peon, that they both didnt come. the peon assures that they both didnt come, and asks for her name, to send the message. she cancels the call, and wonders why did they lie, as if they didnt go to college, then where did they go. she asks why did sattu have to lie to her, and wonders why is he doing this to her. she is desperately in tears.

As she paces around nervously, thinking that its late, and they both havent returned yet, she hears them giggling as they come in. she hides behind a pillar. they both express how much they enjoyed. sattu says that its late, and hope pari doesnt find out. Shona says that pari cant even imagine what affair they are having, and what they are planning to do. he asks if she shall come tonight. She asks him to go to the room, while she comes soon. he asks her to be careful. she says that she shall be. pari is aghast to hear this. shona and sattu go in their room. shona then stealthily goes into the kitchen, and wonders where to hide the cake, and then hides it in some drawer, so that noone finds it before the party. after she leaves, again a mysterious person comes and takes the cake away from there. Meanwhile, pari paces around tensedly in the room, thinking that its been so long, that sattu is home, but he didnt even come once to her room to talk to her. she hears footsteps and hides. she rushes out. pari finds sattu stealthily taking in shona, asking if anyone saw her. they then close the door. pari is distraught, as tears stream down her cheeks. she goes towards the door. Pari tries to go in, but finds it locked from inside, and wonders why. she remembers their conversation earlier. she thinks that sattu has crossed all limits, and that she cant bear this as his wife, and dcides that its time, that everyone got to know the truth. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Pari confronts shona, while she says that someone has been instigating her about herself and sattu. pari asks what if they are at fault. shona breaks down saying that she didnt do anything. just then, pari notices someone’s shadow observing them, and then sees the same mysterious person hiding behind the door. she is puzzled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. What rubbish… Is pearl v Puri exit from the show… And Shona too is exiting. The track of Shona is going to end this week and that mysterious person is caught, that is none other than babita. After Shona’s farewell there will be an accident of sattu in which he is going to die.. The show is going to take a leap of six months.. After which the daddo is also seen as died.. There will be a lot of turns and twists… I don’t want sattu to die actually…

    1. WHAT OMG NOOOOOOOO – yes get shone out of the way but why would they take Sattu out!????

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