Meri Saasu Maa 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Pari’s residence
Sattu iks shocked to find mastana like this, who says that he cant do this, as he loves so meone else. sattu asks if he has gone mad as he is going to be married. He says that if he marries, then his girlfriend shall drink poison and end her life. Sattu asks him to think about pari and maasa’s respect. mastana asks him what should he do then, and breaks down, narrating his dilemma. sattu is set to thinking. Later, he gives a letter to one of the girls to give to pari, while he eyes mastana talking to his girlfriend, both looking at him with teary eyes. sattu thinks that he wont let maasa’s respect be tarnished at any cost.

meanwhile, at the pandal all start getting anxious and tensed, as they wait for the groom to take place.

The ladies are boggled, when they find the groom coming back. Babita is frustrated that their plan failed. granny asks pari’s sister to get pari. She complies.

In her room, Pari however thinks that she is just one step away from getting her mother, and promises that she shall keep everyone happy, and that she is very lucky to have got sattu as a life partner, and knows that everyone likes him. pari gets the letter that sattu sent, but before she can read it, her sister comes to take her to the pandal. Maasa comes and holds her hand tensedly, and she winces in pain, as her bangle breaks. maasa makes it look like it was a mistake, and then holds her hand gently and places her beside the groom, while she smiles viciously. the bhabhis are boggled. pari sits tensed and nervous, as she eyes her father. Maasa gives permission to start the marriage. the rituals begin, with the jaimala. Then her father is called for the kanyadaan and he complies, by giving her hand in the groom’s hands. after the gadhbandhan, the pious circles around the fire start, which she does overwhelmingly, remembering her dreams with this marriage, while maasa is happy at her vicious, evil plan against pari being finally fulfilled. then they both sit down after completion of the pheras. All are happy and clap. then its time to don the vermillion on her forehead and the groom complies to that too. Then he places the mangalsutar around her. the priest declares them man and wife, for eternity. Maasa smiles viciously, while pari is ecstatic. the priest talks about the holy auspiciousness of this day, being when lord Ram married Goddess Sita. Then they get up to take the elders’ blessings. They first go to granny, and then to her father, both of whom bless the couple, with teary eyes, and cheerful hearts. pari smiles through her tears too. Masi too complies with the formalities. Then she goes to Sattu’s brothers, and finally its time for her to take Maasa’s blessings, who hugs her instead, and she is overwhelmed with happiness. After the marriage, pari overwhelmingly takes maasa’s blessings, an maasa hugs her, and then whispers in her ear, that she actually thought that she deserved this good luck, that maasa shall have her married to her own son, and that she did this to make her realise her stature, and got her married to her servant. Pari hears this and is distraught and aghast. Maasa taunts her and says that she can very well see the face of her husband, and with pride asks the groom to lift his sehra. Pari is shocked, and maasa is thoroughly amused, when he lifts his sehra. Maasa is shocked to see sattu as the groom. The Bhabhi and brothers are aghast too, along with masi, while pari’s father and granny are curious as to why they are all surprised. pari is overwhelmed to see the man of her dreams as her groom in front of her. The reporters who were covering the whole wedding, ask for a pic with her blessings to the happy couple. Maasa is stunned and aghast with shock. pari wonders if what maasa said was true and she was actually taking revenge, and if it was so, then whats sattu doing here. She turns around to find Sattu’s family boggled, and wonders why is noone else happy. pari retreats tensedly and hurriedly leaves from there, murmuring that she needs to talk to her mother, while garnny and pari’s father are boggled. sattu stands guilty and tensed.

In the room, a dishevelled pari surfs through gifts and other bags, to find her mother’s audio casette, when her father comes in trying to calm her down, asking her whats she doing. She says that she wants to hear her mother’s voice just once. he says that her mother is everywhere and everytime with her. she asks when can she listen to her now. Ankit comes and says that now she would hear her mother’s voice in her new home, and asks her to leave as her mother is waiting for her in her new house. pari is distraught and apalled, at the position she is in. Her father assures her that her mother shall go with her wherever she is, and asks her not to be bothered whether she would receive that care and concern, that she gets here, as she has her mother like Maasa there who would take proper care for her. Pari breaks down into tears and hugs her father tight, while ankit watches emotionally. he blesses her to have a happy married life. Pari then makes her way to exiting her house now, wherein masi gives her a curt and dry farewell, that she is good riddance finally, and asks her to deal with her matters of the Sasural there only, and not bring them here. Pari is disappointed at her rude farewell. She bids an emotional farewell to her siblings. A teary eyed and emotional Granny hugs and reminds her that she shall get her mother, and today its materialising. Pari cries terribly. she sits in the car along with Sattu who eyes her tensedly, as she is shedding uncontrollable tears. He tries to assure and comfort her by placing a hand on her shoudlers, but just then, maasa sits tensedly in the front seat and asks the driver to start, and he retreats his hand back. The screen freezes on pari’s sad face.

Precap: maasa comes with the thali, for the griha pravesh, as words of other ladies resonate in her ears, that her favourite son, sattu has brought his wife in the house, and she shall ceremoniously welcomes the new bride. Maasa comes to the door to do the griha pravesh in a trance, as pari eyes her through teary eyes. maasa gets dizzy and drops the thali, and falls unconscious on the floor, as sattu and others brothers rush to grab her. They are all shocked and aghast. pari stands stunned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. very nice episode………loving sattu to core………

  2. Wow awesome episode nd tnq fr d updates

  3. What an episode wow finally Pattu got married love their chemistry a lot and Maa saab’s reaction was worthy to watch lol and thank god that Mastana ran away with his Mastani

  4. Wow it^s…gonnna be with right ways…….?♡?

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Haha true hey Fatarajo!!!! Man tis masaa is really mean hey.I like Sattu n Pari…

  6. Wow..nice episode…don’t know what is next going to happen to this poor pari..wish them happy married life. Haha.

  7. I love it when the bad guy’s plans backfire! lol

  8. Labiba tasnim kabir

    nice epi. but i miss him i wanna see him as the character of abber

  9. Awesoommmeeee!!! Good gng stry line…and as usual lead actors rock 🙂

  10. Maasa is pretending she look evil

  11. radha banuarilal

    Pls don’t bring any other women In between sattu and pari, bcoz most of the zee serial. Mean lead will marry more than one.
    All zee drama is not focus ing In single marriage.

  12. wow super peri and sattuuu………………..

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