Meri Saasu Maa 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Bunty’s residence
Bunty’s father asks her what did she teach his son, that bunty is talking like this. bunty says that she needs to be taught a lesson for being such a menace, and hence it shall be only him, not anyone else. his father rejoices that he is following in his footsteps too. bunty stands tensed. his father asks him to remember whatever they and their family had to face due to this girl. bunty says that he remembers everything, and says that he shall punish her, noone else. pari stands aghast. his fathjer is amused, and instructs everyone else to back off, or cast evil eye on her. bunty is about to take pari away, when his father stops him, asking him to understand very clearly, that if he isnt able to make her understand very clearly, then he

himself shall take care of her. bunty stands tensed, while she cries distraught. he vows to make her understand, and leaves. his other son gives him the complete idea, of pari and her background.

In his room, bunty throws her on the bed. she frustratedly gets agitated. he asks if she thinks that its an easy to run away. she starts hitting him, while he fights off every advance of her. she spots and picks a saw, and threatens to use it, while he asks if she has gone mad, and asks her to keep it away. she asks him to try and touch her, as either she shall kill him, or be killed. he takes off the saw from her. they continue fighting, while he finally shoves her on the bed, with him atop her. he says that he wronged her, and should have left her with the beasts, but he got bent on saving him, and got this in return, not even a thank you. she says that they landed in this mess because of her, then why thanks. he says that its due to her and her ego, and says that he shall show what ego is. he tries to take her out, but she hits him on the hand with a saw. he gets enraged. he says that he isnt saying anything, and she shouldnt dance on her head and says that she isnt worth him, and should be left to the beasts only. he drags her out.

In the store room, maasa is tied to the chair, while she screams and begs them to leave Pari alone. then bunty’s father arrives with his son, and taunts her about how she and her daughter shouldnt have tried and been that oversmart. he asks her to understand what bunty is teaching her, or else if he gets to it, pari wouldnt like it. maasa begs him to spare pari. he reminds her of what and how she insulted him. she continues to plead. he reminds her that bunty is giving her a class, while maasa is aghast. he goes out, saying that they shall leave for lucknow tomorrow. she starts lashing and screaming, while they both leave. after that, she continues struggling, to come free, and finally unties her rope. she isnt able to open the door though. arpita walks in, and is aghast. maasa explains everything, and she takes her out.

In his elder brother’s room, bunty’s brother comes and asks his father, pradhan’s elder brother, to pack up, as they shall leave for lucknow tomorrow. he shows him the scribbling, of a son with his fat her, holding hands. his son asks him not to play with his emotions, as he wont accept his as a father, as he has never been like one, and that Pradhan shall always be his father. he storms out. then the old man scribbles, that its the beginning of end, and gets saddened.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s residence
PAri’s father is increasingly tensed as he files a missing report of pari and maasa. he is assured that everything would be okay. shashi hears this, and dials someone. she finds that bunty isnt picking up, and wonders if pari ran away with bunty, and took maasa, and if that happens, then meera shall be distraught. she pretends to be extremely concerned for pari, and begs the police for finding pari.

Scene 3:
Location: Bunty’s residence
Bunty drags her back to his father’s courtroom, wherein he has all the guards. they all eye her leeringly, while she stands tensed. bunty says that he couldnt control her, and before he had done something rash, he brought her here. his father says that his men shall set her straight. she is shocked. maasa rushes in just then, to plead and beg him not to do so, to her daughter. he holds her at the tip of his knife, and then lashes at her, while bunty watches tensedly. meanwhile, his men start chiding and teasing pari, as they circle around her, while she tries to shove them away. but bunty is unable to take it, and again snatches her, and says that only he shall take her, and then drags her inside with him. inside the room, pari again starts reprimanding him, while he silences her. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: bunty is furious saying that neither can he give her punishment, nor is he able to see others do it to her too, while she asks what it means. he says that he doesnt know. he asks her to stay put, so that he can think of some plan to tackle his father.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Jada

    I’m so confused I missed yesterday’s episode can you PLEASE do the update for the August 10th episode

  2. Bekwas show msm

  3. Year please stop this show

  4. If bunty is in love with pari what will happen when sattu comes back so confusing

  5. Most irritating show

  6. We only want sattu (pearl ) come back in show because most of people watch this only for pearl

  7. Siddharth (bunty) role is so irritating that the people stop watching this show and hope sattu come back to put his charm in show

  8. Pls sattu should not come bk, Bunty is so man enough and can fight for his woman, sattu looks weak to me. Love the show so much, Bunty and Pari looks good together.

    1. Bunty look like uncle he is almost 35 years old he is not attractive but make serial bore and want sattu come back and over game bunty and want finish track of bunty

      1. are your eyes bored? you arse!looks like you have to get glasses.And your opinion does not count

      2. Hello priya is rite firstly read his profile each and every thing phir bol

  9. Don’t u watch it on tv

  10. Rudra gillion

    Msm is getting interesting…and most important thing to me is tat im totally in love with sid’s bad ass character… His expression is amazing… He looks dashing… Glad he’s back

    1. Bunty make serial bore and want sattu come back to put his charm in this show bunty is so bekwas

      1. like i said no one gives a fak what u think biatch and this series is awesome if its boring why the fak are u still here?go somewhere else arsehole

      2. Oh siddharth is 35 yrs old we wrote wrong age in this profile I him better than u aur firstly mind your language

      3. Bekwas show and some people gone mad like u

      4. who r u to tell me what to do plus my only question is why are you still here if series is bore why dont u go and find somewhere else to be a hater alright and go hate somewhere else because some of us like this series

      5. priya if u cant talk english please do all of us a favour and take english classes

    2. @Rudra gillion: Agreed. The series is getting very intense and at the same time very interesting. And the acting also wonderful.

  11. Amazing show. Although the man are irritating but the show is getting interesting and Maasaab and Pari awesome.

  12. Disgusting show

    1. oh shut up pooja

  13. Siddharth (bunty ) carton ko kuch log pasand karte hai lol we can’t help people who this type cartoon jo aapne age bhi apne fans sa jooth bolta hai he is actually 35 yrs not 28 siddharth is big liear

  14. Siddharth (bunty ) carton ko kuch log pasand karte hai lol we can’t help people who like this type cartoon jo aapne age bhi apne fans sa jooth bolta hai he is actually 35 yrs not 28 siddharth is big liear

    1. isha go and take spelling classes because “liear” is spelt liar and u made this mistake more than once lol

  15. Bekwas show

  16. We watch this show only for pearl but pearl leave this so why watch this show kaun stupid siddharth ko dekha

    1. Hello Nazuk, why you watch only for pearl, go for the entire show, story, acting etc, now without pearl the story is getting more interesting, exciting and good family story.
      Maasaab and Pari wonderful acting. Bunty and the father also amazing acting. Pls keep watching. MSM is totally different from other Bekwas serials in Zeetv.

      1. @omarsalmmah: you’re right! We’re watching the show because we love the show. All the characters have been interpreted amazingly by all the actors and actresses. We don’t care for ONE single character only! If anybody doesn’t like this show or find the show boring, then he or she should not be here. Move on!!!

      2. I don’t like siddharth kyunki woh jootha hai uske age 35 hai priya is right firstly read his profile each and every thing I like only pearl and watch this only for pearl but pearl is not there why we watch this show

    2. pearl left like couple weeks back if u only watch this show for him why the fridge bottom are u still here

  17. Alisha

    I feel so dumb right now. When Pearl was asked about his character being replaced he said that Sattu’s dead body won’t be shown, clearly implying that he would return back.. You can find his statement in many of the articles that are all over Google. Moving on, Pearl’s and Hiba’s off screen chemistry ??, plus they still hang out together but none of them is ready to answer that whether Pearl is returning or not..
    So.. What I had imagined it to be after Sid’s entry was that someday, somehow Pari would be taken to Bunty’s house and there it would be revealed that Bunty has a brother (that would be none other than our Sattu). Pari would be shocked of course, plus another shocking thing for her would be that Sattu had a memory loss… They story would then continue as Pari and Satty would fall in love all over again..
    Recently when Bheema’s character was introduced, I thought it to be Pearl (look how dumb I am..) When I got to know that it’s not him.. ??? CVS AAP KAMAL HO! STORY KA SATAYNAAS!
    Sid is cool, I like his character likin Pearl ko koi replace naheen ker sakta, ye baat hai…
    So, after watching the promo, ek baat to paki hai! He is in love with Pari but Pari loves Sattu..
    Ab meri new theory.. Bunty would fall in love with Pari. She would be forced to marry him even though she loves Sattu. Suddenly after a few months (this makes me cry ??), our Pearl would return and would be heartbroken..
    Kisi na kisi tarhan to Pearl ko wapis le ao.. PLEASE! ??

    1. If u r true fan of pearl leave this show for some time because we all saba mumtaz everyday but she give no reply of pearl returns so we all fans decide to leave this show for sometime when pearl return then start

    2. We also want pearl come back soon and current track is so irritating

    3. Rudra gillion

      I think ur theory abt “bunty’s bro is none other than sattu” is really nice… ?

      1. Alisha

        Thank you Rudra..? Friends?
        And yeah, Pooja and Heena Khan ji, the logos are same.. Implying you both are 1 person. ?

    4. We all miss hotty and cutie pearl baby

  18. Please finish siddharth track now

    1. why

  19. Yes his track so irritating and want pearl baby come back and not interseted to watch this any more

  20. Rudra gillion

    sid is not 35 yrs old… Its just a rumour… wouldn’t it be akward,if a show is running with a 35yr old guy acting with 20yr old girl…really!
    Besides, sid is much experienced actor. He is doing really great .. Both pearl n sid r doing awesome job….

    1. This is not rumour siddharth is 35 years old in real life because his sister is my Facebook friend and we know sidharth family very well so this not rimour

  21. I don’t know why he wrote wrong age

  22. Don’t worry sometime actor wrote wrong age so that he can get role easily his cousin sis live in Kanpur where he goes every year but I like pearl aur uske sister mare relative hai cousin bhabhi

  23. Pearl come back

  24. Really priya siddharth is 35 yrs old oh my god

    1. so what if he is 35 yrs old gosh you people dont watch a show because the actor is young you watch it because they can actually act and that he can do

  25. Some people so stupid write wrong in his profile

  26. Only for get a role in serial lol

    1. kunal go and get some actual informations so what if he is 35yrs hes still handsome and he can act so shut up and watch the show or go find somewhere else to hate

  27. Where is the 12th update?

  28. Please finish the track of bunty and his family and want sattu come back

  29. Sach ma show bekwas kar diya hai

  30. Serial list his charm without pearl and decide leave this show and siddharth is not so attractive

    1. no one gives a damn bye kritika

  31. Decide leave this show

    1. same to u payal byebye

  32. Please stop this show its request to the zee tv

    1. Hi Rupita, if you dont like the show pls stop watching it dont ever request to stop. I think you dont know how to appreciate it. MSM is such a beautiful family serial. It has all qualities. There are people love this show.

  33. What a nonsense track they show in msm

  34. Not interested in msm

  35. Ignore this type of show aise show ko band karo

  36. Alisha

    Guys! Please… Calm down everyone! Fine, we all want our Pearl to renter the show but blaming Sid over and over again is insane. So please… Everybody! Just relax, okay? We know that the show isn’t going good now a days, it isn’t getting that much of the TRP’s and stuff but atleast stop bashing the actors na?
    Even I don’t like Bunty’s and Pari’s closeness but still.. Look, the show clearly states “Meri Sasu Maa (My Mother-in-law)” that implies that this show is based on the point that Pari is a girl, who was always mistreated by her Massi Maa cuz her mother died and she was never able to get that motherly love, but then she met Maa Saab and atlast she got what she deserved!
    So, it would be better if we stop blaming Sid for low TRP and ruining the show.
    Please… Har actor ka kaam kerne ka apna andaaz hota hai. Pearl naheen batana chahta ke wo kab wapis ae ga, okay hai.. Mager kam se kam wo ye keh ker to gaya hai na ke “SATTU’S DEAD BODY WON’T BE SHOWN?” Bas… Ab humain wait kerna hai, just be patient.?✨
    Hope you all understand..
    Aur han.. Helly, Sofia and Poja
    Rupita, Neeru and Kritika, Kunal, Gauri and Nazuk.. The logo clearly implies that you all are the 1 person so please stop changing the names.. ?

    1. We want trp kam ho aur pearl ko wapis la kar aaye sid ke age 35 hai woh jootha hai woh jooth bolta even he wrote wrong age in his profile 28 please sid ko show sa out karo please read his profile each and every uska first serial ma age 25 -24 thi jo 10-9 yrs ho gaye hai band hue toh phir woh 28 ka kaise hua he do this only to get a role in serial

  37. Bore serial


    12 August 2016 update

    Bheem informs Pradhan that Maa Saab’s property now belongs to them and Pradhan proudly announces that Maa Saab’s stupid sons have sold her property to him. They then decide to take Maa Saab to her place in Lucknow and bring an end to her. Meanwhile, Bunty assures his support to Pari but Pari does not completely trust Bunty. Meanwhile, Maa Saab lays her hands on a weapon and tries to threaten Pradhan and his men but Bunty approaches from behind and takes the knife from her hands. He then reveals to his father that he has finished the task related to Pari and Maa Saab instantly gets worried. Bunty then whispers to Maa Saab that Pari is completely fine and asks her to trust him. He informs Arpita about running of Pari and ask her to inform him if she call her and leaves. Pari tell Arpita about leaving.

    No precap on online video

    1. Alisha

      Thank you Shraddha for this update.
      So finally.. Jis ka dar tha wohi howa, Bunty is actually falling in love with Pari, otherwise why would he ever dare to go against his father and help an unknown?
      Anyways.. Hope the storyline doesn’t make Pari fall for Bunty, cuz I still want Pearl to return. It won’t be wrong if they create a love triangle. ??


        Welcome Alisha

      2. Pearl kab aana hai please reply then I watch

  39. Want sattu come back in pari life and gain pari

    1. no one cares realy no likes u anyway only your name thats all bye


    Its a heart breaking news for all those who are waiting to return for Sattu aka Pearl, he is not going to return as according to SBS segment (viewed on tv) bunty will fill sindoor in pari maang that is will marry pari saving from her from his father and his men.
    So its hard of returning sattu.. as if this happens then they both will fall in love…

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