Meri Saasu Maa 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari is overwhelmed and says that she has never wanted anything, except for a mother, and today she got one. maasa gets emotional at her outbreak. however sattu is unable to digest and bear the betrayal of his own mother, whom he places higher than a goddes’ pedestal, and leaves from there. maasa notices it tensedly. pari is too overwhelmed. she comes back inside, and finds her tape recorder, which contains her mother’s audio recordings. she happily plays it on, and then narrates that she is very happy today, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks. she narrates the reason of her happiness to the tape. she says that she knows that the lord had planned this for her.

On the terrace, maasa apologises to sattu, while he is heartbroken.

she asks if he wouldnt even look at her, as she knows, she has hurt him terribly. she says that she can never apologise enough for hving ruined his marriage, but all she can do is ask for forgiveness. she says that she knows he is very angry and hurt, as she has not only broken his trust but his heart too. she reaches out to him. she raises her arms to hug him. but he doesnt react. she begs for forgiveness if possible. but he is distraught, says that he has work pending at the office and goes inside. she stops him, and adds that he is her own son, and that gave her the guts to speak out the truth in front of everyone, as she cant see him happy in his marital life. she says that she wont allow him to repeat the same mistake, that she did, and asks him to be an ideal husband to pari now, and its on them now to give her all the joyes of marriage. she says that pari is a good girl, and she can make this relation much more beautiful, and that itself shall be the penance for her mistake. Maasa is distraught.

Later, sattu enters the room guiltily, while pari faces him awkwardly. he comes inside and confronts himself in the mirror, and draws out a stick from behind him. he places his hand on the dressing table, as he remembers all sorts of insults and reprimands that he put pari through. Pari finds sattu going berserk, and continuously harassing himself and hitting himself with a stick on his hand. she tries to intervene but he jerks her away. she again comes and asks him not to hurt himself. he steps away frustrated and distraught. she says that she is his wife, and that its her right to know whats happened now, and asks why is he quiet now, as earlier there were misunderstandings, which tpre them apart, but what now. she asks him to cry it out if he wants to, but not suffocate his feelings and emotions like this. but he doesnt budge from his stance. she says that if he so feels that this is right, then maybe their relation wasnt destined to be. she says that maybe their love and trust didnt develop as much, and hence it must be good that she leaves him forever, as half and incomplete relations dont materialise. she says that she cant be in this house, without a relation with him. she breaks into tears, while he barely controls his emotions. she turns away to go, but finally he stops her, just as she is about to step out. he then turns and their eyes meet. he says that if she goes, everything else would go too, as he doesnt know what he is, and if she goes, then his life would be haywire. she gets emotional. he bares out his heart, and talks about how he felt that she is a companion who understands his emotions, without having to say anything. he apologises for having hurt her so terribly, and apologises. they both cry bitterly. he folds his hands and apologises on his and his maasa’s behalf. he begs her ot to go, as he and the house need her. she is overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, maasa apologises to dadi too for having disappointed her, and for having done such a heinous act, that she would never expect from her daughter in law. dadi says that she was furious at first, but what she did after that by confessing, she wont her heart. maasa asks if she didnt take too long to accept her mistake. they comment whether the rift created is so wide, that it never copes up.

In their room, the bahus are all frustrated that pari became the apple of maasa’s eye. babita and the eldest too fume. they think that now they shall have to resort to pari too now. but babita has more crooked ideas.

Later pari comes to dadi, and she comments that she is happy from within. pari says that she is, but she wants to apologise for having kept secrets. dadi lectures her about how an ideal wife wouldnt let others know of their strifes. dadi too apologises that she never wanted to throw her out, but had to do it. pari says that this truth needed to be revealed, by her fate story. pari asks why isnt she going to the temple. she says that she is tired, and wants to rest. pari asks where has shivpal disappeared all of a sudden. Maasa comes and asks who has disappeared. pari and dadi are stunned and speechless. sattu and the bahus gather. dadi talks about chote babu. sattu too is tensed. maasa sys that she might have gone home. she asks sattu to go to his place and check once. maasa asks dadi if she isnt going. dadi says that she wishes to rest. maasa then takes the rest of the family and they leave.

Later, someone rings the doorbell, and chote babu is at the door, seeing whom granny gets upset.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
All pray together. maasa prays to the lord, to give a happy marital life to pari and sattu, full of love and respect for each other. sattu and pari do the arti then. the priest gives sattu the vermillion. pari tells sattu that the basis of their relation was a lie, but now its time for a new beginning. she says that now they shall start the relation with trust and belief and love, so that nothing can come in their way. in front of maasa and others, he donds the vermillion on pari’s forehead. the bahus fume. pari is overwhelmed. the screen freezes on maasa’s face.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
maasa gets in the car and asks sattu to get pari to her maternal house, on the bike. she is tensed and asks why to her house, suddenly. the bahus smirk, while pari and sattu are both tensed and boggled. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Chote babu aka shivpal tells dadi that now its time for her to meet her husband. dadi begs and tries everything to stop him to open the door, but he pushes her away and throws her away and then proceeds towards the door. dadi watches in horror. Meanwhile, at pari’s house, her father is berserk when he gets to know thatbhavna devi played such a big conspiracy and risked the life of his daughter. he screams out that he wont let his daughter stay in her house, for another day even. all are aghast while pari is distraught too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Exactly what now???

  2. pearl v puri aka sattu aka abheer is more handsome than most other heros of bollywood of his generation such as pulkit,ayushman,sid,varun,sooraj.His ackting skills are also fab.I sometimes wonders why he is not hero although he has averything to be hero.

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode…. but love confession rehe gya!!!
    And pari ka college ka kya hua will she go or not???

  4. pri will surely agree her father to go with sattu and the person at door is not maa sa i hope so

  5. I think pari father is rite don’t send her back until sattu n maasaa accept her

  6. wre s tdy update frndz… plz can any1 update…. plz

    1. Rimjhim

      hey, did it…..enjoy reading…!!!!
      there are severe seasonal disturbances here, hence its taking time to upload…..sorry for the delay….!!!!

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