Meri Saasu Maa 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Sattu is aghast as he believes that pari must have sent the pics, to the women’s movement groups, since she had already threatened sharabi to take down videos and pics so that she can show everyone. pari vehemently tries to clarify and state that she didnt have anything to do with it, and that this is a conspiracy, while the bahus stand amused. she asks him to believe her, but he continues taunting her, that from now on, he wouldnt bother her at all, after the way she publicly humiliated him. she is distraught and rushes inside. she enters the room where maasa is crying in granny’s arms, and talks about how she has been trapped and that sattu is misunderstanding her. but maasa remains stoical and tensed, when pari asks if they too believe

that she could actually do something like this. granny is apalled at pari’s plight, and after she leaves the room, she talks about the same with maasa too. maasa is herself tensed thinking that sattu cant do it at all, and even pari doesnt seem like she can or has done it.

Meanwhile, sattu is in his room, sits distraught remembering his humiliation, when shivpal comes and suggests him to take revnge from his wife who brought this kind of shame on him, on national television. he continues to instigate until sattu’s anger turns into rage and he storms out of the house, with shivpal, who smirks evilly.

In her room, sharabi vehemently apologises and comforts pari that everything would be okay, and she needtn be distraught. pari lashes at her and says that its her fault, that she sent them, without her permission to the media. she refuses to believe when sharabi says that she has no clue who sent them, and throws the phone away in disgust. roop comes and taunts her that it might have just been a simple misunderstanding where the pic went to an undesired location. pari is boggled, as roop gives a demo through her phone, to indirectly show pari that she got a prompt reply from sattu, who would be devastated right now, after what happened. she hurriedly leaves, while pari is still too shocked to react.

Scene 2:
Location: Family Court
Sattu comes with shivpal outside, the court, where he continues to get instigated by shivpal’s barbed words against pari and maasa, reminding of the humiliation he had to face earlier. he gets enraged, and calls up the police, saying that first they made fun out of his life, and now he shall commit a crime, and he is stating them beforehand, so that they can stop him, if they can. the inspector is boggled. he then also calls the media and the eunuchs present earlier in the day, and frustratedly tells them all that they can try and stop him all that he can, but he is going to remarry.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa is tensed when she hears of the bahus plotting against her, and taunts them that they shall learn their lesson soon. but she herself is shocked when she hears that sattu is remarrying, and thats an apt reply to what she did to them. she is tensed as she leaves.

Meanwhile, Pari is aghast to see roop set in her lehenega she wore at the mehendi. she asks why is she wearing it. roop says that he asked her out for a function and she wore this. pari gets a call, and roop says that it must be him. she hears sattu’s voice saying that he is marrying for the second time, and asks her to be prepared for the wedding night. she is aghast and rushes to tell maasa and gets a shock of her life, when she gets to know that maasa is already aware of that. she is herself tensed. she rushes out thinking that she shall be jailed if he doesnt mend ways. she leaves to serch for him. granny makes her aware that pari is the right girl for sattu, who shall get him back on the right path. maasa is set to thinking. she decides to do something, and calls the police, who informs her that he already got sattu’s call, and she reqeusts them to stop him. she is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
After having searched frantically on the road, pari is distraught when she isnt able to find sattu. she receives the eunuch’s call assuring her justice and thinks that tings are worsening at home, and rushes back.

Scene 5:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Sattu arrives with a palenuin carrying his bride, along with shivpal, while he is thronged, by media, actvists and eunuchs asking him not to do so. the police too warns him. all eye him tensedly. he asks them to atleast let him in with the bride, so that they can see who is it. maasa and others are apalled. the screen freezes on pari’s distraught face.

Precap: with much deliberation and hesitation, pari finally lifts the veils of the palenquin and is shocked to see the bride.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Can you please tell my why all the male lead is such idotes ,first sattue don’t trust his wife and beleive his father that was never around to take care of his kids,all he wants is the property and wealth his ex wife builth up with her sister. And kalia and yug is he going to do the same as ram did to siter make her sit on fire to prove her inocences ,and we have albiy can’t he see that phragy love him and tanue only want he wealth and property if all kill off phagye the show will die are you going to show in all these epoisdies that good trump evil please let the male characters have some back bone for once time the male rolls have some type of fight,all we are we seeing is very stronge famales

  2. This is the update from yesterday… Please post the update for today

    1. i wan’t to update the next but there is so much evil/making angry scenes in it that i can’t even see that and so waiting for the updates from rimjhim the scene i watch was from ending it was: sattu purposes roop in front of all family and says soon he and pri will be seperate then they will marry maa saab says i will not let this happen he says maa saab u are very ziddi no worry i am your son means more ziddi than you and says i will put sindoor in roop’s hairline now then i quit it was going to finish so i didn’t see the end and begining i didn’t see even a little bit

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