Meri Saasu Maa 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhabis come to Pari, one of them says that Pari struggles so much then got scolded so much as well. No one consider a daughter in law as daughter, even if one gives its life here a person will only get scolded. Pari says she is Maa saa, their mother. She must have taken her permission before.
In the room, Pari enters tired. Sattu thinks it is Suman and asks her to dry his hair with the towel. Pari cross the line of partition, takes the towel and dry his hair. He hears bangle’s voice and asks when she started wearing so many bangles. Pari says after marriage. Sattu turns around at once and asks what she is doing here. She says why he forgets this is her room as well, he says it seems to be hers more. He asks why she is worried. She says no, she is alright. He tells her to take rest. Pari gets

on bed and says she thought she won’t be able to go for exam today, she tells him the whole story. He couldn’t listen a single word, sits up to look at her speaking and goes to sleep.
Daddo says to maa saa that Pari really did the pooja well. Maa saa watches the shawled man behind Pari in a photograph and gets worried at once. Daddo asks what happened. She shows her the photo, both were worried and shocked.
The maid knocks at the door, she calls Pari and asks her to open the door, there is photographer outside and she also has to take laundry clothes. Pari wakes up, she goes to wake Sattu up at well. She removes the partition and goes to wake him up. He puts his arm around Pari dragging her towards him. Pari pinches on his arm, Sattu gets up at once. They share an eye lock. Sattu asks if she will hit him. The maid calls them again, Sattu shouts if she can’t work peacefully. Pari shuts his mouth with her hand, comes near to his ear and whispers at him that before she gets in to get clothes, he must remove the partition and go to bed. They remove it, Pari hits Sattu, then goes to open the door. She tells Sattu she is going downstairs. Sattu says to himself he shouldn’t have got married, what he would have to see now.
Daddo says to Maa saa that she hates this man, whenever he is around he creats trouble. Maa saa tells her to forget the past. Pari was standing outside and hears this. Daddo says he is devil, will always give them pain. She throws the photo outside, Pari picks it up and watches it. She then knocks at the door and comes inside. She asks Maa saa if she saw how well she did the pooja. Maa saa says she must not forget she won’t get punishment, she must now get ready for it.
Pari comes to the table where Maa saa was sitting and serves her. Bhabi gets to serve her with vegetable. Maa saa calls Pari, Pari says she will get more roti. Maa saa asks if she asked for. She asks Pari if she feels discomfortable in Peti-coat and wears pants beneath saree. In pants, girls walk without any fear just like men, but women belonging to respectable families must walk modestly. She tells Manjhli, Marti to walk in front of her. They all walk, shivering with fear of Maa saa. Maa saa smiles, she tells Pari that a woman’s gait must have respect and modesty. She asks Babita to get a rope from kitchen. The ladies were worried, Babita gets the rope. Pari says she wore jeans because of liability, if she always wants her to wear saree she will learn walking in it. She asks for some time for it. She says whenever she goes to college, allow her to wear jeans then. Maa saa says alright, she must wear jeans but before that she must learn to walk properly. Pari says she will learn, and will never fell over in front of anyone. Maa saa says alright, if mother couldn’t teach her she would. She asks Babita to tie her feet. Babita ties her feet. Maa saa says that from today her training begin, from today she will walk with this rope. If she learns walking with it, she will learn walking in saree as well. She tells Pari to go and clean drawing room, guests are coming today. Pari says she will learn walking in saree. Maa saa watches her standing and tells her to go. Pari thinks there are other ways to learn in saree, but if this is her way she will learn in this. She leaves for drawing room. Maa saa thinks Pari wants to fly really high, she will cut her wings.

PRECAP: Sattu talked angrily about someone, Pari wonders whom is he talking about. She goes to serve tea for guests, Babita pushes her slightly and she fell off as she turns. Her roped feet were visible, Maa saa is worried what if the guest see her this way.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Tabassum Angel

    Awesome precape

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Maasa cant even sit like a women wana teach Pari how to walk…lol.
    notice how maasa sits n walks like dons bhais hahaaaaa

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