Meri Saasu Maa 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Pari’s residence
Pari is extremely tensed and lost, regarding sattu’s anger at the temple, that she is unable to pay attention to what her father is packing for the family. he notices but she wards off his concerns. he then asks her to call sattu, to pick her up, while she says that she too was thinking about the same. she dials the number, but he cancels. she pretends to talk to him, as if he presents the case that he is busy and she says that she shall manage. her father asks and she clarifies that she shall go on her own. he says that he shall have ankit reach her home. she complies. he leaves. she gets tensed yet again.

After she is gone, her stepmother heaves a sigh of relief, as to how the house is good now n its also gud that noone came

from sattu’s family, or else they would have had to be catered again. she laments at the way pari left the room, and starts cleaning it up. therein she finds an envelope, and finds that uts an admission form, and as she sees its for sattu’s admission in commerce. she starts thinking evilly, that maasa wont be knowing about this, and now its her turn to tell them.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Meanwhile, maasa discusses with kamlesh, wherein he says that if one investor doesnt agree, then its the same scenario with others too. sattu comes and listens to them tensedly. sattu tells maasa that if the investors have such an issue regarding his education, then his other brothers can handle it. but maasa is unconvinced by this. he then says that pari can then handle it, as she is far more educated and mature and it would be good too. maasa hears tensedly. there are mixed opinions, while maasa doesnt have a problem, and says that its indeed good, but they shouldnt be hasty, but first she wishes sattu to talk it out with pari, and then they can decide. sattu agrees and says that pari shouldnt have a problem.

Scene 3:
Location: Gambling kitty
As the bahus frustratedly lose at tambola too, they are shocked with their losses, and even are oblivious of the continuous calls on their cell phones.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
As the bahus finally reach the lanes of the houses, they are tensed and scared, that if maasa gets to know, they shall land in hot soup. shashi comes and all the more scares them. shashi comments on how maasa’s lease seems to have loosened. she hands them the admission form, and they hurriedly take it, boggled as to what it is.

Scene 5:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Later, while sattu is roaming, when maasa asks why he hasnt gone to pick pari up. he fumbles while just then, the doorbell rings. pari greets them with a smile, while all are shocked. she is about to step in, when maasa stops her. all are shocked. she goes to her, along with granny and sattu, and asks why she came alone, as sattu had to go pick her up. she gives an excuse. he says that he was about to go. the other brothers join in too, saying that the almirah keys are with the bahus, and they arent here neither are they picking up phone. granny laments at their foolishness and irresponsibility. pari says that her welcome isnt needed. but granny again points out the need for this ritual. pari says that a mother does the best welcome for her daughter. granny complies, and then maasa does the honours. she welcomes pari inside the house, as she takes everyone’s blessings. then kamlesh comments that she is welcome in the company too. she is boggled. they inform her of their decision to make her the director, so that investors can agree. she is apprehensive, while sattu stands tensed. maasa says that she is the right choice. pari has eyes only on sattu, who seems tensed and lost. maasa says that they both can take the decision which they shall together comply with. sattu leaves, and pari follows. maasa asks granny to be calm.

In his room, sattu gives a curt reply, when pari comes and asks why he suggested her name for the post, by hinting at her degrees, which are the benchmark of talent nowadays. she says that even he can get a degree by a little hard work. he says that he doesnt know what she wants, and if she wants to be ridiculed. she tries to talk some sense into it. then she gets shashi’s call, who tells that she gave the form to the bhabhis. she is aghast. he senses her tension and asks if she is okay. she denies, and says that there is something urgent, that she needs to talk about and dials the phone, stepping aside.

Meanwhile, downstairs, maasa gives them the fake scare of scolding, as the bahus are shocked , but then says that they need to be more alert and points out at the missing keys. they are releived and say that they shall take care of it the next time onwards. babita’s phone rings in just then. she gets pari’s call, who asks her to keep it all hidden, from everyone about the form. as chaya brings out the keys from the purse, the rtambola tickets too fall out, while they are petrified, and others are aghast. maasa reprimands them for lying, to go to a party naming some other function. they stand guilty and embarassed. the brothers are tensed too. maasa points out their similarities and how different they are from pari, who hides nothing from her. babita has her chance, and then tells maasa that she shall know for herself whether pari hides anything or not. babita again asks pari what she wants to be hidden. PAri blurts out everything, oblivious that babita has put her on speaker, and asks them to keep the admission form related talk, a secret from everyone in the family, including maasa. All are shocked to hear this. Maasa is unable to believe it. the bahus are amused. then she turns to sattu and apologises severely for it. he holds her responsible for it being a worldwide joke now. she continues to apologise, saying that she shall; rectify anyhow. he begs her to stop as its enough, as she did what she had to, and then leaves from there. the screen freezes on sattu, pari’s and maasa’s shocked face.

Precap: As pari and maasa bring up the topic of college classes with sattu, they find that they arent having much options, due to his business involvement too, rather than in the college, where pari is appointed as a teacher. he is vehement that he wont go there. she innocently asks whats the problem in it. he asks her to even try and fathom a situation that he shall be a student wherein she is a teacher. all are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Narendran

    Ohhh ego problem!! All places ego.. In my house too

  2. It will be nice that pari as a teacher and sattu as a student only when sattu believes and loves pari throughout the college days. I hope there will be no misunderstandings between them.

  3. And I also think that it will not be good if sattu joins the college where pari works as a lecturer.

  4. But I think that it will not be good if sattu joins the college where pari works as a lecturer.

  5. Wow Amazing serial. Problems starts again…………

  6. Sattu is always overreacting geez

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