Meri Saasu Maa 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Sattu thinks that since he cant go, he shall tell the middle bhabhi, to salvage the situation by getting the letter.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s residence
As granny comes in with a glass of milk, she is surprised to see pari having a nervous attack, right before the wedding, particularly marriage

jitters, that make her restless. Granny make sher calm down, and say that she is just nervous, as she is going to start a new phase of her life.

Granny is surprised to see the bhabhis coming in, and asks pari to chat with them, while she just comes. pari doesnt let go of her hand, when

granny says that she has to attend to the guests. babita and the other bhabhi are amused that pari has no clue of whats

going to happen. granny

leaves. pari asks where is maasa. babita blurts out that maasa is getting mastana, and then the middle wife composes, that maasa shall get

everyone. Pri is tensed. Just then, the middle wife gets sattu’s call, and babita hurriedly takes it. Babita flirts and asks sattu whats the

matter. he thinks that it shall merely worsen matters. pari expresses the desire to speak to sattu. The middle wife distracts pari that the

baraat has come, and says that they shall return with the baraat and leave. Pari stands tensed.

The baraat finally arrives, with the groom, his face hidden with the sehra. Granny welcomes them with the rest of the family, and then she says

that she wishes to see the face of the groom. She is about to set the sehra aside, when maasa gets tensed. all are surprised and boggled. Masi

comes and says to granny that she cant see the groom’s face, as maasa’s hpouse has the ritual that only the mother can see the face of the groom,

before the pheras. maasa complies. Masi sees mastana under the sehra, and then tells maasa that the groom is perfect, and then hugs her, and

takes this chance to whisper that she has the papers ready fpr ankit and suman’s wedding, and asks her to sign on them. Paru’s father welcomes

them all in, but pari’s sister says that they wont let them in so easily. Maasa says that they shall make this day utterly memorable. The bride’s

side starts their performance. All dance and enjoy, while pari watches happily from her window. Merriment and festivities are on in full swing.

Pari imagines her dance performance with sattu, seeing others. They try to get mastana to dance too, but maasa manages to distract them. Then al

dance, while mastana eyes his girlfriend, from the corner of his eye who has also come there.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Sattu thinks that he has to anyhow get the paper, and shall have to go himself and retrieve it, as he doesnt want any kind of disturbance in

pari’s wedding. When the maid comes, sattu asks about suman, and she replies that suman is sleeping. he cites an urgent work, and leaves, while

the maid says that she shall easily handle everything. He hurriedly leaves on his bike, but it breaks down and then he frustratedly takes an


Scene 4:
Location: Pari’s residence
Finally, sattu arries, and finds his letter on the heap of envelopes, kept on a plate, atop a table. He stealthily gets down, and tries to skirt

his way through the crowd. Someone gets hit, and he raises a hue and cry and pari’s father immediately rushes to salvage the situation. Sattu

comes under the table, and tries to stealthily take the envelope from the top. but just then, Maasa gives the plate to pari’s father, while sattu

stands shocked under the table. as he stealthily makes his way out,maasa sees him from behind, and as if identifying him, she follows after him.

maasa almost collides into granny. Granny asks why the haste and why does she seem so tensed. Maasa says that she intended to use the washroom.

granny complies. Maasa meanwhile is tensed as she walks out, but by then, she has lost track of sattu. She turns some other guy, around, but it

turns out to be a stranger. she apologises and leaves from there. she makes herself be assured that it must be her hallucination as sattu is at

home. She leaves. sattu meanwhile hiding behind the wall, thinks that he had a close shave, as had maasa seen, it would have created unnecessary

trouble, and decides to leave fast, having grabbed the envelope. Meanwhile, pari’s father places the plate in pari’s room. pari eyes her mother’s

pic, and then her father comes and asks if she is troubled, and if she is happy with this marriage. she says that she is very happy, but nervous

whether she would be able to adjust nicely, and whether she would be accepted as a daughter. he eases her saying that everything shall happen as

she wants, and that her new family shall be very happy to have her and cheers her up.

In the hall, mastana finds that his girlfriend is about to drink poison from a bottle that she has got, and is distraught. Babita is amsued. she

comes to him, and then says that she knows his problem, but he doesnt know that she is the solution, and says that this shall be between them

only, and then informs him of a way behind the bathroom tht opens to the highway. he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, but maasa comes and

asks him to come and sit, as there is something special planned for everyone. rakhi Swant comes on the stage for a rocking performance, while all

enjoy shocked and plesantly surprised. Meanwhile, sattu enters and is about to take the envelope, but ducks when he hears people approaching. he

hides behind the sofa. Granny comes with pari, and asks her to rest here till the pberas, and asks her to don the jewellery from the groom’s

side, and makes her realise its importance, that this is the fulfillment of her long cherished desire of a mother. Pari’s eyes fall on sattu’s

envelope, and she is takes it and is about to open it. Sattu sees her seeing it, and thinks that he cant let her happiness be spoiled due to this

letter. granny asks pari to keep the envelopes aside, and rest, and wear this jewellery, while she just comes. The performance continues in te

hall, while pari adorns the jewellery and eyes herself in the mirror, while ht hinks that he has to take this envelope somehow. Pari wonders why

does she feel like someone else too came apart from her in this room. She goes till the window balcony to check, but doesnt realise that he is

underneath it, having successfully gotten the envelope. she closes the window from inside, while outside, sattu breathes a sigh of relief.

In the hall, babita tries to distract maasa, to let mastana escape, by getting a media byte, but maasa refuses. Rakhi takes mastana on the stage

to join her, along with maasa. Finding a suitable chance, mastana makes his exit. Later, as sattu takes the back exit, along with the envelope,

he is shocked to find mastana coming out from another way. Mastana is flustered and embarassed at confronting sattu, who is himself boggled and

aghast. Inside, babita is amused. Meanwhile, maasa finds the seat beside her empty, and is boggled and tensed as to where mastana went. the

screen freezes on Sattu’s tensed face.

Precap: After the marriage, pari overwhelmingly takes maasa’s blessings, an maasa hugs her, and then whispers in her ear, that she actually

thought that she deserved this good luck, that maasa shall have her married to her own son, and that she did this to make her realise her

stature, and got her married to her servant. Pari hears this and is distraught and aghast. Maasa taunts her and says that she can very well see

the face of her husband, and with pride asks the groom to lift his sehra. Pari is shocked, and maasa is thoroughly amused, when he lifts his


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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