Meri Saasu Maa 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bunty bringing Pari and Maa Saab out of there. Maa Saab’s phone is ringing and she leaves from there. At that time Bunty pushes Pari to the wall and says “What are you doing here? I told you to not interfere in my personal life.” And he leaves form there and Maa Saab comes. She tells Pari that she got a plan how she can sotp the marriage.
All the guests and the groom arrived there. Arpita arrives there too but she cries. Bunty tells her to stop crying. And then police arrive there. They say “This marriage can not be done. She is not 18.” Everyone gets shocked. Even the groom. The dad of the groom asked Bunty’s dad how he could lie to them and told them that she is above 18. Bunty’s dad apologized. The groom leaves the place.

The police aswell.
Outside of the place. Maa Saab thanks to the police for the help. Bunty closes Pari’s mouth and takes her away. Bunty birngs her somewhere else. He binds her with rope to a pole / wall. Pari asks him to leave her and asks him what he is doiing. Bunty says “I am doing that what I already had to do before.” Bunty takes a knife from there. Pari gets shocked. He throws the knife to Pari. Pari gets scared. But then saw the knife near to her head. Bunty says “when the knife got a little bit down then..” he comes closer to her “then your beautiful face would be gone. My dad had never apologized to anyone… Just because of you… infront of everyone.. he apoloziged. My mind says to kill you right now..” Pari says “Then what are you waiting for? Kill me… You dont even care about your sister’s happiness.” Bunty gets angry and takes the knife.. pari screams. Maa Saab arrives there.. she slaps him. The guy of Bunty’s comes and says that Mr. Chauhan wants them to be alive. Bunty gets angry.. Pari and Maa Saab gets out of there.
Pari and Maa Saab are in the bus. Bunty’s guy comes there and stops the bus.. he asks everyone to get out of the bus. He comes in and Pari and Maa Saab gets shocked plus scared. They take him back to the Chauhans. Mr. Chauhan says take mother to the room. Maa Saab shouts to not touch Pari. Pari begs them to leave her. Pari is running and the guys are following her. Bunty comes and slaps the guy. He holds Pari and says “Woh sirf meri hai – she is only mine” Pari and all the others get shocked.

Update Credit to: Violetta

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