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Part 10&11
Recap: RAGLAK proves Manik is innocent in court. The trio came to Maheshwari mansion. The family curses Manik as Murderer’s son. Manik is mentally beak down. Uttara refused to listen Manik. Due to laksh’s decision, family permits Manik in Maheshwari Mansion. Manik drinks Poison and Uttara find it and informs to family. Family is worried about Manik’s condition . They take him to the hospital. Ragini is anger towards Maheshwari’s and t them told them to leave the Hospital.
Ragini: get out from here.
Sujatha: rago
Sanskar: Bhabhi
Ragini: I said that get out from here(roars)
Laksh observes Ragini and understands her.
Aditya:sasu maa, please come with me.
Sujatha: legin beta(cries)
Swara signs sanskar not to speak.
Maheshwari’s Left the hospital. Aditya drives the car.
Uttara feel guilty for not trusting Manik. She curses herself. Aditya try to console her.
He scared for future because he knows the extent of Ragini’s anger. It may ruin this family happiness.
Gadodia’s and Kapoor’s are stayed in the hospital.
After 2 hours, Doctor come outside of ICU.
Laksh and Ragini rushes towards doctor.
Doctor: now, he is safe. But I want to speak with his parents.
Laksh: his parents are not here,doctor. I am his Bhaiya. You can tell me.
Doctor:kk. Come to my cabin.
RAGLAK follows doctor.

In doctor’s cabin
Doctor: I saved his life. If you late by 5 minutes, I would not able to save him. He did not take ordinary Rat poison.
Laksh feels something ackward.
Doctor: he concentrates the poison by boiling it in water. He changes the mixture with sugar and then he drank it. It affected his nervous system and he lost his vision.
By hearing this, Ragini is fully breakdown and laksh becomes numb.
Ragini: doctorrr!(exclaims and stand from seat)
Doctor:please calm down Mrs.Maheshwari. but we can get his vision back by doing the operation. But the chance is very less. And now his body can’t bear any operation. The poison made his body very weak. We can do operation after three months. But he needs to be mentally prepared for this. Now he is in very deep depression. I advise you to take him for different surrounding where he feels better, kk Mr.Maheshwari . he will wake up after two hours. You can discharge him after one day.
Laksh and Ragini comes out side of doctor’s cabin. She thinks about her friendship with Manik ,his smile ,his innocence and Maheshwari’s refusal to trust him and his current state. Ragini totally lost her mental steadiness.
At that time, Aditya enters the hospital.
Ragini goes towards him.
Ragini: give me the car keys
Aditya: Bhabhi
Ragini: give me the car keys now.
Aditya gives the car keys and observes that Ragini is out of control.
Aditya: bhaiya , Bhabhi get car key from me. She behaves different. Laksh worried and follows her in taxi.
Ragini drives the car fastly and Laksh follows her. Aditya also follows them in another taxi.
Ragini arrives the Maheshwari Mansion and enters the house.
Ragini: Harray yaar, I think that you are celebrating your’s victory, RamPrasad ji. But don’t you ? are you thinking that is not enough for Manik?
Sujatha: what are you speaking rago? We raised him. He is like my son.
Ragini remains silent and took deep breath.
Ragini: haan sujatha ji, what are you saying? You told that You raised him as your son. Sorry, you never treated him as your son naa. And you don’t like that Manik calls you maa. you forget it. You said it yesterday naa.
Sujatha: rago(cries)
Sanskar: bhabhi please
Ragini:why are you pleasing me sanskar? You can throw the party that your badepapa’s murderer son struggling with his dead. Ohh! You are waiting for his death naa. I mistaken you.sorry sanskar.
Ragini words stabs their heart. Laksh sees the condition of his family. Aditya try to speak and Laksh signs him not to speak.
Uttara: bhabhi, we already worried for his condition. Please don’t hurt us.
Ragini: don’t need to worry. Why are you worrying Uttara? Manik is not your friend naa. You said that he is a betrayer and also he is a murderer’s son. Are you forget it? Why are you keep worrying? Don’t worry about him. Take sweets and celebrate that cheap soul Manik lost his vision.
Uttara: Bhabhi(yells)
All the one are shocked by hearing Manik lost his vision.
Ragini turns to RamPrasad.
Ragini: you want to ruin Manik life to revenge his father deeds. Yes , you finally ruined his life, Ram Prasad ji. You ruined. He also knows that you trapped him in this case. But, He understands you and convinces us. But what you returned to him?
Haan Uttara, he considered you as his best friend. He worked against his father to save your family.
What you returned to him? A name-Murderer’s son –Betrayer(stresses these words)
No, he is not a betrayer. He is pure from his soul. You all are the betrayers. you all . He is innocent and considers this family as his world. He told us that you will understand him and trust him. But you never trusted him and you are not worthy to deserve his care and love. You are such a Betrayers. You broke him mentally and lead to suicide attempt. I will never forgive you. Never
Laksh understands Ragini’s condition and helplessly seeing his family breakdown.
Ragini takes a beautiful keychain and handover it to Sujatha.

Sujatha(shocked): Ragoo!
Ragini: we leave the house now.
Ragini goes upstairs to take her and Laksh clothes.
Laksh and Aditya comes to hall.
Sujatha: Dev beta
Laksh: sorry suji maa. You need to pay for your mistake in Manik. If you understand him, he would not take that decision.
Shekar Gadodia amd Ram Kapoor come inside the house.
Laksh: papa, who takes care for Manik?
Ram Kapoor: Sumi ji, takes care for him.
Ragini comes to hall.
Shekar: haan rago
Ragini: we stayed as a guest in this house for a long. Now, the security issues are over. So return to our house , now.
Shekar:kk rago
Ragini: uncle, we will return to our house with Manik tomorrow. Get Ready a room for Manik in ground floor and Laksh shift your room to Near Manik’s room.
Laksh:kk rago.
Ragini: I wait outside for you.
Ragini leaves the house.
Sujatha: dev beta,
Laksh: sorry suji maa. You committed a big mistake with Manik. You should have trusted him. Now we have to face the result. You are the reason for losing his vision. I am also anger on you.
So,please don’t disturb us until Manik is cured.
Ram Prasad feels guilty. Sujatha completely crashed by Ragini words. Sanskar and Uttara wants to see Manik and wants to ask forgiveness from him and they don’t have a courage to do this.
Laksh leaves Maheshwari Mansion.
Aditya try to console them . Aditya takes his belongings and come to hall.
Aditya:suji maa, I have to go.
Uttara stops him and go upstairs and take her clothes.
Uttara: suji maa, bless me. Today I am going to my sasural.
Sujiatha take a deep breath and blesses them. Adithra leaves Maheshwari Mansion.
Laksh get into the car and drives to hospital.
Ragini is closed her eyes and tears coming continuously from her eyes.
So,Laksh take her to nearby park.
Laksh hugs Ragini and Ragini bursts out in cry.
Ragini: it’s hurts me Laksh. I have used cunning words to sasural . The Pain I saw in their face gives pain in my heart Laksh. I am a worst daughter in law laksh. I hurted them. I hurted them. (cries badly) but , I can’t bear Manik in such state. When I was seeing him unconscious in the floor, I was completely break down. I can’t control my anger,Laksh. Ans my anger and hatred increasing. I can’t control it. What can I do? Laksh .
Laksh: you do the right things, rago. Don’t feel guilt. They have to face what they did with Manik.
Now, our priority is Manik. When he knows that he is blind, he will break down mentally. First we take care for Manik, rago. Come lets go to hospital.
Ragini:haan , he will wake up in a hour. But, I can’t see him in such a state. I am not that much brave laksh.
Laksh: you should be brave ,rago. Now, we are supporting system for him. We have to encourage him.
Then they comes to hospital.

Manik wake up and he realizes that he not able to see.
Manik:doctor I am not able to see anything. Doctor(shouts)
RAGLAK rushed to Manik’s ward and Doctor comes here.
Doctor: calm down Manik. Please calm down.
Manik steadied himself.
Doctor: sorry Manik, you lost your vision.
Manik takes a deep breath.
Manik:I deserve this. And weak smile shows in his face.
By hearing this, Ragini hugs Laksh and sobs.
Laksh: don’t think like that stupid. You don’t deserve this. Take it in your mind you are my chotti bhai and you deserve only the right things .
Manik: laksh!!!
Ragini holds Manik right hand.
Ragini: you scared me Manik. Do you want your friend die with a guilty feeling in her heart?
Manik: rago and starts to search her hand by using his left hand.
By seeing this, Laksh cries without making noise.
Ragini’s hatred increases by seeing this.
Manik: why are you saying like this? Now I am alright naa. God gives me punishment for my father I lost my vision. In this what’s your mistake rago?
Manik feels dizzy and starts to sleep due to the effect of medicine.
Sumi observes Ragini’s feelings.
Sumi:(in mind)Kali maa, please return his vision back to him. He don’t deserve this. Ragini’s hatred can ruin Maheshwari family happiness and it also affects Swara-Sanskar life. I accept that Maheswari should trusted him because they raised him.What can I do,maa? How can I save my daughters life?
Hours start to roll.
Ragini sits in the same position and holds Manik’s hands and tears coming from her eyes continuously.
Swara: di, he will be alright. Please eat something.
Ragini: I don’t want to hear your words. You did not trust your di na. then why are you worrying about me?
Swara sobs and come outside and sees laksh.
Swara: jeju, I am sorry for not trusting you. Please don’t avoid me.
Laksh: I never avoid you,swara. But, I can’t say about Ragini. Now, she is like AGNI . she is not stable. Only one can make stable and get back her to normal state.
Swara: who is this?
The next day
Manik discharged from hospital. Gadodia’s and Kapoor’s returned to their houses.
RAGLAK and Manik enters Kapoor’s house.
Sumi: one minute Ragini
Sumi takes aarti for RAGLAK and Manik and put a dilak in their forehead.
Here, Ragini sees a kalash filled with rice
Ragini:maa, is it necessary now?
Sumi: Rago, you are entering this house after your marriage. So, do what I say.
Ragini pushes the kalash with her right leg and RAGLAK enters the house and places her leg in haldi plate and walks towards pooja room.
She lights the diya.
Shekar takes Manik to his room.
Ragini sees Uttara and ignores her.
Ragini go to Kitchen and make Alwa for Manik , goes to Manik room.
Ragini: it’s time to have breakfast manik. Wake up.
Manik sit in Bed and Ragini starts to feed food to Manok.
Manik: I am not a baby Ragini. I can eat myself.
Manik get bowl from Ragini and starts to eat with the help of spoon.
Laksh enters Manik’s room and helps him to wash his hands.
Ragini gives medicine to him and Manik takes rest.
Aditya waits outside Manik’s room for Ragini.
Ragini sees Aditya.
Ragini: are you need anything aadi?
Aditya:bhabhi, I know Uttara commited big mistake. But, please don’t ignore her for my sake. Please bhabhi.
Ragini: okay aadi. But confirm that she never come before Manik.
Ragini leaves.
Aditya signs Laksh to come park.

In Park
Aditya: bhaiya, I never expected Bhabhi like this. Suji maa and sanskar completely broke down.
Laksh: I know aditya. But we can’t do anything in this. Only Manik and chacha can finish this problem.
But chacha hates Kiran so, he also hates Manik. Until chacha leaves hatred, the problem is not over.
Aditya:but I can’t see Uttara in pain. You also avoids her.
Laksh: what can you think about Manik,aadi?
Aditya: he is innocent and pure from his heart. He never deserves this. When I am seeing in such state, it automatically brings anger to Maheshwari’s.(unknowingly says)
Adiya realises what he say now.
Laksh: how many days you know him?
Aditya: may be one week.
Laksh: for the past 5 years we know him, aadi. He is very closer to our heart. For me, he is my close friend. For Ragini, he is beyond a Brother. We can’t bear him in such state. But one thing, we should happy, Ragini don’t file a case against Maheshwari’s that they are forced him to commit suicide.
Kk aadi. I will resign my job today.
Aditya: sanskar can’t bear this, bhai. he already broke down. If you do like this, he again go to depression.
Laksh: but somebody needs to take care for Manik.
Aditya: I will take care for him.
Laksh: are you sure?
Aditya: he is also belongs to my family bhai. I should take care for him.
Laksh leaves from park.
Aditya calls to his manager.
No one knows about Aditya is son in law of Maheshwari and he take promise from sanskar that sanskar should not treat him as a friend in his office.
Aditya: sir, my chooti bhai is not well. I need a leave for one month to take care for him.
Manager: but you already take most of the leaves . I can’t grant you leave.better you resign your job.
Aditya:kk.sir.i will sent my Resignation letter in fifteen minutes and please accept my letter.

After two hours
In maheshwari industries
In sanskar cabin
Manager: May I come in sir.
Sanskar: yes come in(Bossy tone)
Manager: sir, we have to call for interview. The Assistant Manager in Finance department Resigned his job due to personal reason.
Sanskar: who is he?(he concentrated in his work in Laptop) I want his details.
Manager: His name is Aditya Kapoor sir.
Sanskar is shocked.
Manager: he wants to take care of his choti bhai. so he resigned his job. Useless.
Sanskar(tensed by hearing useless): how dare you speak him like this? He is one of the directors in Maheshwari industries. Mind it.
Manager is shocked and worried about his future.
Sanskar leaves the office and goes to Kapoor’s house to see Aditya.

Precap:Sanskar sees Manik’s sufferings and guilty feeling increases, Swara decided to marry Manik. Sanskar accepts Swara decision, Manik calls Sujatha and Ramprasad to decide the marry date.

Credit to: BALAJI

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