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Recap: Everyone knows about RAGLAK marriage. Inspector says that Karan Mehra, friend of Ram Prasad Maheshwari is a culprit. Ram Prasad sees Karan In jail and said that he will take revenge by ruining Manik Mehra’s life.he trapped Manik in this case ,though Manik is innocent. Sanskar don’t know about the revenge. The Family thought that Manik is also helped Karan and hate him. Ragini appears as a defence lawyer for Manik and family members are shocked. But, Maheshwari family is refused to accept the truth.
Let I start the part 9.
Media covers this case as LIVE because the victim argues as a defense lawyer for culprit.
IN Maheshwari Mansion
Swara: I expect this.
Sanskar: I can’t get you swara.
Swara: Manik is Di’s and Jeju’s friend .Ragini get his introduction in her college. They are best friends.
jeju considered him as beyond his friend .I see him with di and jeju in Restaurant , many times. They are very close to each other.
Aditya: but I trust Bhaiya, he never supports wrong person.
Uttara glares Aditya angrily.
Sumi: He also came to our home twice naa. What is his relation to you,Sujatha ji?
Sujatha: I raised him.
Gadodia’s and Kapoor’s are shocked.
Uttara: and he is my best friend, I never expect that he can betray us.
Sanskar:but. How can Bhabhi(Ragini) can support him even his father killed Badepapa and he helped his father in this?
Swara: I can’t know, but I assure Di(Ragini) should prove him innocent. She is so much talented.
Uttara:Bhabhi and Dev(Laksh) Bhaiya can prove him innocent. But I never forgive him.(anger tone)
In court
Judge: you can start your argument Public Prosecutor.
PP: Your honor, it is clearly proved that Karan Mehra killed Mr. and Mrs.Durga Prasad Maheshwari, and try to kill Sanskar Maheshwari and kidnap Uttara to marry her forcefully to acquire Maheshwari Properties. Mr.Manik Mehra also helped in this. He is also a second culprit in this case,Your honor.
Ragini: I object, your honor. Mr. Manik knows his father’s plan . but he never helped his father.
PP: Defense lawyer, forget one thing. He tried to marry Uttara forcefully. Without his approval, how can his father arranged the marriage? From this it is clear that he involved in this crime, your honor. It’s crystal clear.
Judge: you can start your argument,Mrs.Ragini.
Ragini:Thank you, Your honor. First I want to state that Manik know his father plans and he never helped his father. I want to call a witness , Mr.Dev Prasad Maheshwari(laksh) your honor.
Judge: you can proceed.
Davali(calls): DevPrasad Maheshwari(three times)
Laksh stands in witness side and he promises in BHAGAVAT GEETHA that he will say only truth.
Ragini: Mr. Dev Prasad Maheshwari (laksh) , can you say how can you know about the attack?
Laksh:I know that my parents accident is a preplanned one. So , I investigated about it. In this I know that my chacha did not do the crime. So, I tried to find culprit. But I am clueless. At that time,I meet Manik who is my wife Ragini’s friend and he is raised by Maheshwari family. So we decided to get help from him . we told him about my Parent’s murder and he accepted to help us.
One day, he called us and said that his father Karan Mehra was a culprit. We met in a park and Decided that we should tackle his father’s plan until we get appropriate evidence. He informed us about his father’s plan. On the Engagement day, But his father knows that Manik ruined his plans. So, Manik house arrested by his own father. He was not able to contact us. But he finally called me and tells about his father’s plan. Without his help, we can’t save our family.
Manik is filled with tears .
PP: Wow! What a friend ship?, your honor Mr. Dev created a wonderful story to prove his friend’s innocence. You should not take him as a witness.
Ragini: your honor, I have an evidence to prove this. This is Mr.Dev’s phone call history. By this it is proved that Manik called dev to inform about his Father’s plan.
PP: I object your honor, you can’t take it as an evidence.some one also can used Manik’s phone.
Ragini: Mr.PP, are you have any short time memory loss? In morrning you also show call history of gunman as an evidence to prove Karan Mehra as a culprit. Are you say your argument is wrong?
If I am wrong, then your argument is also wrong naa.Mr.PP.
All the one starts to laugh.
Judge: Objection Overrule.Mrs. Ragini you can continue.
Ragini: thanks your honor. Mr. Manik is innocent your honor. He never helped his father and he helped us to save our family , He loves Maheshwari Family because he is raised by Maheshwari family. He can’t harm them. In our constitution, the basic is even thousand culprits may escape but one innocent should not punished. I expect that you should give justice for him.
Judge: Mr.PP are you want say anything?
PP: NO YOUR honor.
Judge:kk. Now I read my judgement.Based on the witness and evidenced, it is clear that Manik Mehra is innocent and he helped Maheshwari’s to save their family. So, I ordered to release him from all charges and states He is Innocent.
Judge leaves from the court hall.
Ragini takes blessings from PP because she takes practice under him.
PP: your argument is super, Ragini. I can’t expect you as a defense lawyer.
Ragini: He is innocent sir and he can’t need to pay his father deeds.(in cold tone)
PP accepts and smiles and then he leaves.
Laksh hugs Manik.
Manik: thanks bhaiya, but you want face Ram Prasad uncle. He should get very anger on you.
Laksh: how dare to say thanks to your bhaiya(teasing tone)
Manik: (holds his ears and making pleasing face)
Ragini comes near to them.
Ragini: arre yaar, why are you teasing my friend?
Laksh:(in complaining tone) Rago, he said thanks to me.
Ragini: then he needs punishment.
After a long time, Manik laughs whole heartedly, Ragini eyes become moist.
Suddenly,Laksh and Ragini hugs him.
Manik: what happened yaar?
Ragini says nothing.
They came out of the court after completing the procedures.
The media peoples surrounds them
Anchor 1: Mr. Dev why did you save your Parent’s Murderer’s son?
Manik face starts to change while hearing”The Murderer’s Son”
Laksh is angry but steadied himself.
Laksh: He is innocent and he need not to pay his father’s deeds. Ans most important He is my brother. Maheshwari raised him and He always belongs to Maheshwari Family. That’s final.
Reporters starts to question him and they refused to answer and rushed towards his car.
Police helped them to get out of the place.
Maheshwari’s sees laksh statement in TV and their Anger increased.
RAGLAK and Manik come to Maheshwari Mansion at evening.
Ram Prasad: don’t dare to enter my house , Manik.
Manik is shocked and stunned.
Ram Prasad: Dev, what you have done ? you rescued Murderer’s son and he is a son of betrayer also.
One day, He will definitely betray you.
Laksh: chacha(pleases not to speak)
Sumi, shaker and Ram Kapoor remains silent because they knows that laksh have a reason.
Manik holds Laksh hands and starts to shivering.
Manik:Suji maa
Sujatha(closes her ears with her hands): Don’t call me like that, your father is a murderer . Because of your father, Uttara lost her parents. She cries
Uttara: I believed that you are my bestfriend and my soulmate(friends also can be soulmate). But you betrayed us. I don’t want to see you. Get out of my home now.
Manik collapsed mentally.
Laksh(shouts): Uttara ,stop it now.
Swara: why are you shouting at her jeju? Uttara tells truth na. He was not eligible deserve your care and place in this house. He is just a Murderer’s son.
Ragini : swara , stop this nonsense.
Ram Prasad drags Manik out of house. But, Laksh stops him.
Laksh : kk. If You not permit him , then we will leave this house.
Sujatha: dev beta(exclaims) kk. Manik can stay in this house.
Manik ,Ragini and Laksh entered into Manik’s room.
Manik sits in the couch. He is now mentally exhausted state.
Manik: sorry guys. Due to me, you fight against your own family.
Laksh: you are belongs to my family, clear. Don’t dare to speak lik this.
Manik hugs Laksh Tightly. Laksh caresses his hair.
Ragini: Let him sleep, laksh.
RAGLAK goes to their room.
Laksh goes to wash room to fresh up.
Ragini sits in table and start to unwear bangles.
Laksh comes out and sees Ragini in table. He is shirtless.
Laksh back hugs Ragini.
Laksh: your argument is superb Ragini.
Ragini breaks hug.
Ragini: hare yaar, I am wife of Laksh . I will win forever because my husband supports me.
Laksh is so happy by hearing this.
Laksh hugs Ragini tightly.
Laksh: what did you say?
Ragini blushes and places her head in Laksh’s bare chest and sees Laksh.
Ragini: I said that I am wife of laksh(in lower tone) and punches laksh in his bare chest.
Laksh kissed Ragini in forehead,cheeks and then places his head in neck. Ragini hugs him more tightly
They started to travel in their own world and Ragini kisses him in forehead.
Laksh takes her to bed.
Laksh(whispers in her ears): today no one will stop us.
Ragini blushes again and places her head in his arms and start to speak.
Ragini: I think today, you should sleep in Manik room.
Laksh(hell shocked): ragoo(exclaims)
Ragini: he never seen his mom. For him, Uttara and Sujatha maa is his world. Due to today incidents, he is mentally collapsed. We should take care for him.
Laksh nods his head.
Laksh: but, I have stayed in Manik’sroom, there is a chance for misunderstanding. He can think that even we are also doubting him. So I check him in particular intervals.
Ragini: kk. Laksh ,now let me sleep . I am very tired.
Ragini closed her eyes.
Laksh:ragoo. It’s not fair na.
At the same time ,in swara room
The door is opened.
Swara: haan, come in sanskar.
Sanskar:why are you so much dull today?
Swara: I never fought with my sister. Due to that culprit, I fought with my rago. She cannot speak a word to me. She is so much angry towards me that I raised my voice against jeji and not trusted them.
Sanskar: Bhabhi’s angry lifetime is very small. She will speak to you,shona. How can bahbhi keep her anger to her beloved sister?
Swara: no sanskar. She don’t get anger easily. But if she get anger, that anger’s life time is long very long. One time she stopped to speak with dad for an year for not trusting her.
Swara hugs sanskar and cries. Sanskar consoles her.
Manik goes to see Uttara to explain because he don’t want to lost his best friend.
Uttara is annoyed
Aditya: Uthi , try to understand. Each and every action of bhai have a reason. Just trust him.
Uttara: do you want to trust that Murderer’s son? They just know to murder and betray others.
Manik heard this and goes to his room. Uttara‘s words stabs Manik heart.
Aditya: ohh! Uttara I accept that his father murdered your parents . but what is his mistake? Try to understand. If Bhaiya’s statement is true, then we are committing a big mistake.
Uttara thinks about Manik.
Aditya: uttara can you bring me a glass of milk?
Uttara:kk, aadi . I will be in five minutes.
Uttara goes to kitchen and sees Manik transferring a black liquid to cup.
Uttara: please Don’t show your face to me. It was irritating me.
Manik: uthi, you need not to tolerate my presence.and gives weak smile.
Uttara prepares milk for Aditya and goes to her room.
Uttara: aadi, your milk.
Aditya takes glass from Uttara . Uttara thinks about Manik’s words and his smile.
Uttara(in mind): something is hidden in Manik’s word. Haan he did not likes Black coffee. But why did he prepare that?
Uttara: one minute Aadi. I will be back.
Uttara goes to kitchen and takes the utensil which is used by Manik.
She saw RAT KILLER near that utensil.
She is shocked and Aditya’s word rolled in her minds.
Uttara rushed to Manik’s room and hits the door.
Uttara: Manik open the door. Please open the door. I trust you.
Inside Manik room, Manik feels happy finally his best friend trusted him and he falls down to the floor, unconsciously
Uttara: Dev Bhai, Sanskar Bhai, Aditya(shouts)Maa
All are worried by hearing her voice.
Ragini,Swara,Aditya and Sanskar come towards her.
Laksh: uttara why are you shouting ?
Uttara:bhai(cries and stammers) Manik drank poison. Please save him bhai.
All the one are shocked.
Laksh, Sanskar and Aditya brokes the door and saw Manik lying in the floor in unconscious state.
Sujatha: Manik (yells)
Ragini(shakes Manik): Manik wake up don’t try to scare me. Manik!
Laksh: Aditya get the car ready. Laksh takes Manik in his hand and place him in car.
Aditya drives the car and car rushes towards the hospital.
They admitted him in ICU .
All the family members are worried. Ragini angers crosses the limit.
Ragini(sees family members):Get out of here.
Ragini(roars): I said that get out of here,Now.
Everyone scared to see Ragini like this. Sanskar recalls swara words.
Laksh is helpless.
Laksh:(in mind) sorry, you have to face your consequences.

Precap: Doctor says that Manik ‘s nervous system is affected. He lost his vision, temporarily.
Ragini is completely broken by hearing doctor’s words and takes important decisions.

Friends please give me analyze about my ff from my first episode .Negative comments are also welcome. I just want to improve my writing skills. In my ff, I shown Laksh as a caring person. He cares so much his family and his friends.

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