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Recap:Laksh marries Ragini in Temple. In Their engagement ,someone try to shoot Sanskar .Laksh takes bullet to rescue Sanskar. Aditya marries Uttara and Laksh is out of danger. Laksh real identity is revealed.
Let I Start the part 8.

One person unlocks the door and entered in that room.
Here, one men who aged around 23 sit in the bed.
Men: haan, you come alone. I thought that you come with my bride.(cold tone)
Person: all my plans are ruined .
Men: I expect this. Because truth only wins forever.

Person raised his hands to slap him but he lowered his hands.
Person: I can’t give up, my dear son. I will chose my second way.
Men: it’s not so much easy papa. Police are alerted. Haan papa, by this way what you can get? Money.
You already lost my mom and now my respect towards you. You are losing your family in this papa.
Please change yourself.(in pleasing tone)
Person slapped men
Person:(in anger tone)Manik stay in your limit and don’t dare to advise me.
Men(Manik): you are turning into a beast ,papa.BEAST
Person gives his food and went out of that room and locked that room.
Ragini stayed in the hospital at the night.

Ramprasad arrived the Maheshwari Mansion
Shekar &Ram Kapoor: is Laksh ok naa RamPrasad ji?
RamPrasad: he is ok now. Bullet is removed from his body. Ragini is taking care for him.
Sumi: whats happening here Ram Prasad ji? Please explain us. I can’t get it.
Ramprasad: even I can’t know Sharmishta ji. Only laksh and ragini can explain us. Please don’t go outside until the convict is caught. I tightened the security around the house. Where is Uttara?
Sujatha: she is in her room. She is so much shocked due to the incidents in the engagement. I will take care of her.

Uttara’s POV
I can’t able to realize to what happen today. I enjoyed so much in Ragini di’s engagement. I danced with my aditya. All the things were happen in good manner. I heard a gun shot and Suddenly some people tried to kidnap me and then again I heard a gun shot. I was so much scared. But I saw Ragini di with gun and I ran towards her and saw Laksh bhai is shot and he told aditya to marry me. Aditya married me.
While thinking this Uttara toches her mangalsutra unknowingly .
Sujatha chachi called Laksh bhai as Dev. I was frozen and I can’t expect Laksh bhai is my Dev bhai.

I don’t know the mysteries behind that .chachi said that he was ok now. But I want to see him.
Laksh is shifted to Maheshwari Mansion at midnight.
Aditya goes to Uttara’s room and sees her sleeping in her bed. Aditya goes near to Uttara and sees tear lines in her face.
Aditya(in mind): I never let you cry Uttara. and kisses her forehead.
The next day morning
Laksh is sleeping in his bed.
Sujatha and Ragini do the pooja.
Ragini takes tha aarti and the family members are come to the pooja room by hearing the sound.
Ragini turned with pooja plate and all the family members are shocked by seeing sindoor in Ragini’s Hairline
Sumi: Rago(sees Mangalsutra and touches it)

Ragini: I married Laksh yesterday in Kuldev Temple.
Shekar is tensed and observes there is something big secret they hides from us.
Shekar: what happening here Rago? Yesterday you shot three goons without any hesitation. And someone tried to kill Laksh.
Swara comes near to Ragini “ di please tell us what happening here”
Ragini: Papa, laksh and me are playing with death inorder to save our family. We expect such attacks in Encagement. It may extent to our death . so I decided, if I dead(sumi closes her mouth but Ragini removes her hand)I want to end my life as Mrs. Laksh Kapoor. So, I forced Laksh to marry me before Engagement.
Ram Prasad: atleast you should told me about this
Ragini start to speak but at that time Inspector enters the house.
Inspector: if they told about this to you, then the murderer would know about this.
Sanskar: we can’t get you, Inspector.
Inspector: first read this document. We get it from court.

Ram Prasad reads the document and shocked and give it to Sanskar.
Sanskar: Papaa.(hell shocked)you also signed in this.
Shekar: what’s in the document? why are you shocking?
Inspector: That document clearly states that all the properties including Maheshwari industries is belongs to Uttara and her husband and no one have rights in the properties.
All the one except Ragini are shocked.
Inspector: and this document also registered after 7 days of DurgaPrasad Maheshwari’s death. The important point is it’s also has Ramprasad Maheshwari’s Signature, So, the Murders of Mr.and Mrs. DurgaPrasad Maheshwari , Sanskar’s murder attempt and Uttara ‘s kidnap try are preplanned one and these are all done by the person who is VERY CLOSE to your family.

And the criminal is Mr.Karan Mehra, your friend Mr.RamPrasad, whom you trusted blindly.
Ram Prasad(shocked ): no . He cares for me and my family so much . he never can do like that.(shouts and faints)
Sujatha,Sanskar and Uttara are hell shocked. They are not able to accept that Karan Mehra betrayed them.
Sanskar:papaa(holds him and takes him to Bed).
Aditya calls the Doctor.
Inspector: I will come after some time.
Doctor comes and checks, puts an injection.
Doctor: His Blood Pressure is raised abnormally, so, he faints. give these tablets, he will be okay. He will wake up after two hours.
Laksh is wake up and come towards Ramprasad’s room. He touches Aditya’s shoulder and aditya turns.
Aditya: bhai, aap yaha? You need to take rest bhai.
Laksh:what happened to Chacha?
Aditya told about Inspector’s arrival and murderer name.
Aditya: I think that the criminal is very closer to Maheshwari family.
Ragini holds Laksh hands and signs not to speak and lead him to his room.
After two hours, Ramprasad wakes up.
RamPrasad:I want to go Police Station ,now.

Sanskar: papa, your health is not well.
Ramprasad: I said that I want to go police station(ordering tone)
Sanskar and Ramprasad arrived police station and go to see Inspector.
Inspector: now are you feel ok Mr.Ramprasad?
Ram Prasad: how did you accuse Karan as a murderer?
Inspector: we caught gunman and by analyzing his phone contacts and call records, we suspect Karan Mehra as a murderer.
RamPrasad: I want to see karan mehra.
Inspector: but..
RamPrasad: please inspector.
Inspector: kk.
He directs Ramprasad to Karan Mehra cell.
Ram Prasad: why did you do this, Karan? I always trusted you. How can you do this to me?why?
Karan: money
Ram Prasad: money?

Karan: Haan Money. I loved Anna purna . but she married DurgaPrasad. Because, you brothers are wealthier. So, she loved DurgaPrasad. I need an revenge. So I decided to kill them and planned to get your properties. I would be succeed if that laksh doesn’t interfere this.
Ram Prasad ‘s anger raises beyond the limit because Karan scolds Annapurna.
Ram Prasad: shut up, karan. If you utter a single word against my Bhabhi, I will kill you. No no(smirks)
I will not kill you . but I will make your life as a hell. you should regret for killing my bhai and bhabhi. You love your son so much na. I will take revenge you by ruining your son’s life.
Karan(shocked): no he is innocent.
Ram Prasad:but he will pay for his father deeds.
Ram Prasad and Sanskar leaves the police station .
Ram Prasad calls someone and said them to arrest Manik Mehra and create evidence against him.
The next day, court takes Karan Mehra’s and Manik Mehra’s case.
All the media covers the case. Because it becames an sensitive issue- the dual murders and murder attempts for acquiring properties.
Ram Prasad refused to go court.

All the family members except laksh sees news channel to know about case.
Ram Prasad: where is Laksh,Sujatha?
Sujatha: Ragini and Laksh went to temple.
Karan mehra’s case is taken first and judge orders to take Karan Mehra in police custody for fifteen days to investigate him.
Then , Manik Mehra case is taken.
Judge:Mr.Manik Mehra, have you appointed a lawyer to defence?
A person entered into court hall.
Person: I am Ragini Dev Prasad Maheshwari. I am defence lawyer from Manik Mehra’s side,your honor.
All the members in court hall are shocked to see Ragini as a defense lawyer, because she is a Victim in this case.
In Maheshwari Mansion,
All the one are seeing TV.
Mrs.Ragini Dev Prasad Maheshwari attends the case as a Defense Lawyer for Manik Mehra and Mr.Dev Prasad Maheshwari aka Laksh Kapoor is a supporting witness for Manik Mehra.
Maheshwari , Gadodia and Kapoor’s are Hell Shocked to hearing this news.

Precap : Ragini struggles to prove Manik is innocent .Ramprasad, Sanskar and Aditya arrives the court.

Guys sorry for no RAGLAK and SWASAN scenes. I will include them in upcoming episode.

Credit to: BALAJI

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