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All are happy in the Gadodia and Kapoor’s family.
After a long time , they are going to celebrate.
The morning of Engagement day
Sujatha entered the house.
Sumi is surprised by seeing Sujatha here
Sumi:Namasthe ,Sujatha ji.
Sujatha: Namesthe,Behenji.

Laksh and Ragini takes blessings from her.
Swara and Aditya were going outside to arrange Mandap.
Uttara manages the decoration of both the Kapoor and Gadodia’s house.
Sanskar:maa, aap yaha.? In early morning.
Sujatha: I am coming here for my beta’s engagement. What’s your problem yaar?(in teasing tone)
Sanskar:haann, ok .Laksh bhai , why don’t you tell me before that you know my mom?
Laksh(lied): I don’t know suji maa is your mom.
Sujatha: sharmishta ji, can I take Laksh and Ragini to my kuldev temple? I arranged a special pooja for them.
Sumi: kk sujatha ji. Please come before noon.

They went to temple.
As soon as they entered the temple, Laksh recalls his moments with his real parents in this temple and remembers his parents painful death and starts to hold Ragini’s Hands tightly,unknowingly.
Ragini feels something different with laksh and her wrist starts to pain.
Ragini: Laksh!it’s paining.
Laksh realizes his surroundings and suddenly releases Ragini’s hand.
Laksh(feels guilt for ragini’s hand): sorry rago(in lower tone)

Sujatha gives beautiful jore, dhoti and topor to Laksh and red with green saree to Ragini.
Sujatha: wear it and come soon,beta. We have only less time. And Ragini, come with me.
Sujatha starts to make-up and give jewels. Ragini wears the Annapurna’s bangles and other jewels.
After few minutes,Laksh come to sujatha.
Laksh sit in temple mandaap.
The priest starts chanting mandra’s.
Priest: call the bride.
Ragini sit to the left of Laksh.
Their marriage rituals are started.
Priest chants the mantra’s and make them put holy things in AGNI.
Sujatha made a knot in their dresses.
Then laksh fills Ragini’s forehead with sindoor and put MANGALSUTRA and both have eyelock.
Ragini’s eyes filled with tears due to so much of happiness.
Priest asks them to stand and take their vows by encircling the AGNI.
After completing vows They exchange their Garlands .
Priest: shaadi sampurna hogaya.(marriage is completed)

RAGLAK takes blessings from sujatha.
Laksh and Ragini goes to near Ganesh idol and starts “ABISHEK” with seven different items i.e Turmeric,KumKum,Milk,Curd,coconut water, chandan and atlast ordinary water. And prays.
Laksh(in mind):I promise that I will keep Ragini’s happiness.
Ragini(in mind):I promise that I will find my laksh parent’s murderer.
They change to the normal dress.
Ragini hides Sindoor with her hair and hides MANGALSUTRA in her dress.
They returned to home. During travelling, anyone not speak a word. Laksh just hold Ragini’s hands and he is thinking about his family’s safety.

They entered Gadodia’s house at noon.
Sujatha: sharmishta ji, we are arrived at correct time.
Sumi:haan ji(smiles)
Swara and Uttara dragged Ragini and made her sit in a chair in SWATTARAGINI’s room.
Swara :How was the trip? It’s super naa.
Ragini: (yawns)I am so tired .please don’t disturb me for an hour. I want to sleep.(she wants to hide her she acted like this)
Swara touches the forehead of Ragini to check if she have fever.
Ragini is happy by seeing swara’s care for her.
Ragini: nothing to worry,Shona. I am just tired.
Uttara drags swara and come out of the room.

Ragini locks the door.
Swara(in mind): why I feel that rago is hiding something from me?
After few hours, Ragini is wake up and ready for her engagement. She do make up herself and carefully hides mangalsutra and sindoor and then she open the door.
Sumi comes here.
Sumi: how did you feel now, rago?
Ragini: I feel now better maa.
Sumi caresses her hair and Ragini is tensed.
Sujatha: sharmishta ji, someone calls you in hall.
Sumi:kk,sujathi ji. Thanks.
Ragini holds sujatha’s hand.
Sujatha: don’s worry beta. I am with you. I don’t know why Dev taken such a big decision. Haaan Laksh give this parcel to you and said that Keep it with you.
Ragini opens parcel and Hides that thing in her saree and thinks about Laksh.

The engagement starts
Ramprasad Maheshwari entered the venue and greets Shekar and Ram Kapoor.
The priest announces the Marriage date and time . the marriage date is fixed after a month.
Uttara open Ringbox and laksh take the ring and put it in Rangini’s finger, While ragini lost her in Laksh eyes.
Laksh lost him in Ragini’s eyes. And Ragini put ring in laksh finger.
Everyone claps.
Aditya and Swara made RAGLAK sit in a chair.

Sanskar takes the mike.
Sanskar :Lets starts the dance.
First ,ADITHRA starts to dance in the floor. Aditya holds Uttara’s waist and Uttara hods her hand in Aditya’s shoulder. They starts to dance. All the one are mesmerized by seeing ADITTRA’s Dance.
Then SWASAN starts to dance. The rocked the dance floor.
While they dancing, Laksh’s phone starts to ring. He move from venue and attends the call.
The caller:Laksh,Be Careful. Today, they decided to kill Sanskar and kidnap Uttara.keep them safe laksh.

Caller: I am not able to continue laksh. someone is coming here.
Laksh rushed to enter the venue and sees RedLaser points at Sanskar shoulder and sees Gunman in the opposite.
He get into the floor and pushes Sanskar.
At that time, all the one hear gunshot.
A bullet get into Laksh shoulder and the blood is pierced in Sanskar’s face.
Everyone starts to run.

Ragini:Laksh and rushes towards him.
Sanskar holds Laksh head in her lap.
Laksh points a direction and says”Uttaraaa”
Here three goons try to kidnap uttara .
Ragini stands and take that thing from her saree and points that goons and shoot them in their leg.
All the one are dazed by seeing Ragini holds a gun in her hand.
Uttara ran towards the dance floor.
Sujatha & Sumi ran to the dance floor.
Ramprasad calls the police and Ambulance.
Aditya tried to take laksh to the hospital.but he refused it.
Laksh:sumi maa, Get that red box from pooja room.

Sumi:laksh betaa
Laksh:sumi maa(winces in pain)
Sumi takes that red box and give it to laksh.
Laksh opened the box and takes Mangalsutra(which is bought by sumi for Ragini’s Marriage).
Laksh: Aadi ,marry Uttara now.(struggles to speak)
Laksh:do what I say
Aaditya ,filled his eyes with tears , put Mangalsutra in Uttara’s neck and fills her Hairline.
Laksh:suji maa(in lower tone) I tried my better to save sansku and Uthi(uttara). He starts to close his eyes.

Sujatha: dev nothing happened to you.see me dev. Dev(yells)
Sanskar , Ramprasad Maheshwari and everyone is shocked while hearing this.
Sanskar:dev bhaiya
Police arrived the venue.
Aaditya took Laksh in his hands and goes to car.
Sanskar drives the car
Ragini: (to ramprasad)uncle, keep all to be safe in your mansion.
Ragini and a police get into the car and car rushed to reach hospital.
They reached hospital and Police helps them to admit laksh in the hospital.
Laksh admitted in ICU and doctor’s starts the operation.
Ragini, Aadi and Sanskar stands outside the operation theater.
Police comes near Ragini.

Police: mam, we know that you are worried. But we need some details from you.
Ragini wipes her tears “yes Inspector”.
At that time ,Ram Prasad Maheshwari enters the Hospital and come near to Ragini.
Inspector: do you expect this attack? Because you had this gun with you in your engagement.
Ragini: yes sir. Laksh is Ram kapoor’s uncles adopted son. And his real name is Dev Prasad Maheshwari and his Parent’s dead is not an accident. It’s a pure murder. someone trapped them. but dev escaped.
Ragini describes the situation to the inspector.
Ragini:once we know that Ramprasad uncle is not a murderer then we investigated about Maheshwari’family enemies . but, we can’t get a clue. So we tried to protect our family. But I don’t know how laksh got information about this attack?
Inspector:kk. . Then Inspector leaves.

Ram Prasad eyes filled with tears and touches Ragini’s shoulder.
Ragini: uncleee
RamPrasad: please forgive me ,beta. Because of my careless, you worried a lot.
Ragini: uncle,don’t worry. Nothing will happen to my laksh.
Doctor came out of operation theatre.

Sanskar,Aadi and Ragini,Ramprasad rushes to doctor.
Doctor: now,he is safe and bullet is removed from his body. He will wake up after two hours.then only one person can see him.
RamPrasad:doctor, I want to shift my son to home. Please help me.
Doctor: okay I will arrange a nurse for him.
RamPrasad: thanks doctor.
Ramprasad calls sujatha and informed that Dev is safe now.
After three hours, laksh wake up.
Ragini entered in to laksh’s ward.

Ragini:you scared me so much(she starts to cry)
Laksh holds her hands and give a weak smile.
The next day , Ramprasad shifts Laksh aka Dev to Maheshwari mansion.
Gadodia and Kapoor family is shifted to Maheshwari mansion due to safety issues.

PreCap: Inspector arrived to Maheshwari Mansion and says the murderer name.

Credit to: BALAJI

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