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Recap: Ram kapoor Knows that Laksh’s real identity is Dev Prasad Maheshwari and laksh refused to reunite with his family and he also not tell the reason.
The next day
It’s swaragini’s birthday
The kapoor and Gadodia’s houses are fully decorated with flowers.
Ragini is returning from Mumbai. Swara and laksh goes to station to receive Ragini.
Train is arrived.
Swara sees Ragini and hugs her and laksh was staring her.
A long black hair,cute deep blue eyes girl in Red anarkali salvar. Laksh is lost in Ragini’s eyes. Swara pushes laksh and they went to their home.
When Swaragini enters the house, they have rose petal shower and everyone greets them.
They cuts the cake and have fun .
Now it’s gift session.
Laksh (gifts Ragini and whispers in her ear ) : it’s my maa’s gangann(Bangle).
Laksh(gifts Swara):it ‘s for you laptop.
Aadi gifts ragini “a black overcoat” and to swara “ an hand made bracelet”
Swaragini is happy when seeing his gift.
Swara:the bracelet is very nice bhaiya thank you so much
Uttara gifts the painting-it is the painting of SWATTARAGINI .
Uttara gifts ragini an single bangle and hugs her:it’s my maa’s bangle rago. I never seen my mom and dad but I can feel their care and love from you and laksh bhai .thank you for everything and now I am the happiest person in the world.
Then Sanskar presents her mother bangles and said that his parents Sujatha and Ramprasad gave approval for their marriage.
Swara and Ragini wears the bangles immediately.
Swara(surprised): rago,you and my bangles are look alike same. The only difference is your bangle have emerald stones and my bangle have ruby stones and jiggles.
Ragini is shocked while seeing the both bangles which are presented by Laksh and Uttara are look alike.
And Ragini is realized that Uttara is Laksh’s behan and Sanskar is laksh’s brother and she realizes that Swasan loves each other.
At night
All the one are gathered in dining table.
Ragini: Papa, I need a pool meeting in the Hall. Everyone should present for the meeting.
Shekar: kk what is the problem?
Ragini: it will be revealed in hall.let me to eat papa.
All the one is gathered in hall.
Shekar:what is the matter, rago?
Ragini stares Laksh , took a deep breath and then starts to speak.
Ragini: I want to be an “BAHU”(daughter-in-law) of your house,uncle and papa can you accept Laksh as your Son-in –Law?
Laksh is shocked while hearing and move towards Ragini and Holds her hands to support her and both have an Eyelock.
Shekar is surprised with Ragini’s confidence.Ram Kapoor have a little smile in his face. Sumi is happy with Ragini’s decision.
Swara and Aditya is tensed for hearing Elder’s decision.
Laksh: we love each other for the past three years papa. Now the decision is yours papa and uncle.
Shekar: ohhh! finally you get confidence after 2 years naa. And hugs Ragini” we are very happy with your decision , rago. But you have to wait until your studies get completed”
Ragini agrees and now RAGLAK is free from feeling guilty that they not hidden their love from parents.
At night, someone enters the Swattaragini Room.
The person touches Ragini hand. Ragini waked up and tried to shout. But the person covers her mouth with his hand and sighed to not to shout.
Person: Ragini It’s me Laksh(whispers in her ear)
Ragini is relieved from tension.
Laksh took her in bridal style and come out of the room without making noise.
Swara and uttara acted as sleeping and smiled while seeing this.
Ragini(whispers): where are we going?
Laksh: Surprise.
Laksh took ragini in his car and then blindfolds her.
Laksh: don’t remove blindfold until I say to remove.
Ragini: kk.
After few minutes travelling,
They reached their destination.
Laksh removed her blindfold.
Ragini surprised to seeing that place. This was fully decorated with roses and jasmine.
Laksh:(bents) will you be my Better half?
Ragini: I love you laksh. Ragini holds Laksh hands and they went to nearby table.
Laksh made sit her in a chair. Ragini is so excited. The song played in background.
They starts to dance. Both, have an intense eyelock. Both searching one another feelings in their eyes.The dance continued for half an hour and then Laksh started to kiss Ragini. He kissed her in forehead and then neck and give passionate kiss.
At that time , Laksh phone rings. Both are realized the surrounding and break the kiss. The caller ID shows the number is Aditya’s.
Aditya: sorry for disturbing you , Bhai. but the time is over. You both want to return to house.
They returned to house and go to their respective rooms.
At Swattaragini Room,
Ragini sits her in Bed and thinks about Laksh surprise. She smiles unknowingly.
Swara: arre, what happened rago? What is jeju’s gift.?
Ragini blushes while thinking about their kiss and start to sleep without replying to Swara.
The next day Ragini messaged Laksh to come Temple.
Laksh was waiting for Ragini in temple.
Ragini comes inside the temple and Laksh was staring her.
Ragini comes near to Laksh.
Ragini(in offending tone): so, Uttara is your Behan and Sanskar is your younger brother naa.
Laksh:(surprised and worried) How did you know that?
Laksh(in mind): kali maa, please my rago should not hate Sansku.please
Ragini shows her hand. She wears both the bangles.
By seeing this, Laksh was surprised.
Laksh: when did you get the other bangle? And how?
Ragini:Uttara gifts me the another bangle.
Laksh is overwhelmed that uttara gifts her mother bangle and accepts Ragini in her life.
Laksh hugs Ragini suddenly and Ragini is shocked by Laksh’s behavior becase he never loose his control.
Laksh break the hug in a minute.
Ragini: why did you hide this from me?
Laksh: if you knows their real identity, then you will hate them. That brings pain in my I hide it.
Ragini: is there any other matters you hiding from me?
Laksh nods.
Ragini:what are they?(in anger tone)
Laksh reveals SWASAN love and convinces Ragini.
Ragini: till now, you should not hide any matters from me. Promise me.Laksh promise her.
Laksh: and you don’t take revenge against Maheshwari. Promise me .Ragini promises him.

Then days starts to roll After 3 years
Sanskar and Uttara returned to Maheshwari Mansion after six months.
Uttara cleared her school board exams and she was a topper in her state and she decided her profession as a Lawyer.
Laksh completed his CA and join in Maheshwari Industries as an Junior Auditor and he is so much talented in his profession.
Ragini is joined as a junior for famous advocate in KalKutta.
RAGLAK,SWASAN and ADITTRA meets in park,twice in a week.
Swara is completed his Bachelor’s Degree and starts to pursue MBA in Finance.
Aditya and Sanskar completed their MBA degrees and join in Maheshwari Industries .
Ramprasad Maheshwari knows about SWASAN love and uttara’s love for aditya. He decided to meet Shekar Gadodia and Ram Kapoor. Sanskar informed to Aditya about His Father’s decision.
Ram kapoor and Shekar Gadodia decided to start their works relates to RAGLAK marriage and decides the ENGAGAMENT date.
Laksh decides to reveal SWASAN love.
The Morning
Everyone gathered in Dining Table.
Laksh: uncle , what you think about Sanskar?
Shekar: a very well mannered boy. Now, is he working in Maheshwari Industries naa , Aadi?
Aadi starts to cough while listening this.
Swara is tensed that Shekar did not know fully about Sanskar.
Laksh: uncle, the full name of sanskar is Sanskar Maheshwari. And swara and sanskar loves each other.
Shekar: (shocked) All the one should be gathered in hall.
The meting starts
Swara stands in middle.
Shekar: do you love sanskar,Swara?
Swara nods her head and she is so much tensed.
Ragini holds her hand to reduce the tension.
Ragini: papa, sanskar and uttara is very good persons and their family is very good family (glares laksh while saying this).
Aadi : even though he stayed in our house, he did not disturb swara uncle. He always keep his promise.
Shekar: what is your opinion, Ram?
Ram: if sanskar parents agrees, then we proceed.
Shekar& sumi: swara call him and told that I need to meet his parents.
All the elders move from the hall.
Swara informed Sanskar that her father wants to met his parents.
The next day morning
Sanskar arrives Gadodia’s house along with his family.
Shekar ,sumi and Ram kapoor welcomes them.
Sanskar and Uttara takes blessings from Ram kapoor,Shekar and sumi.
Swara and Aadi takes blessings from
Ram Prasad Maheshwari & Sujatha: Namesthe
Shekar &sumi make sit them in a sofa.
Sujatha: First I want to thank you for taking care of sanskar and uttara.
Aadi: there is no need for thanks aunty. He is my friend.
Ram Prasad: kk, I ask directly. My son Sanskar loves your daughter Swara. For us, our son’s happiness is important. By that six months, you can also know about sanskar and Uttara. we are so happy if Swara is my bahu and Aadi is our son in law.
And we are so pride to have a relationship with you.
Aadi become numb because he loves Uttara but he never expressed it. And stares sanskar. Sanskar just blinks his eyes.
Uttara is surprised by hearing Aadi’s name.
Sumi,Shekar are shocked because they did not know about Adithra’s love.
Shekar sees Ram Kapoor and Ram Kapoor agrees.
Shekar: Sumi, Give sweets to them.
Sujatha takes jasmine flowers and pinned it in Swara’s hair.
Sumi takes flowers and pinned it in Uttara’s hair. Both SWASAN and ADITTRA are very happy.
Sumi prepares lunch for them and sujata comes to help her.
Sumi: array Behanji I will take care of it.
Sujatha: I just helping you sharmista ji.
Both prepared the lunch and swara takes sujatha to her room.
Sumi is very happy by seeing sujata’s character.
Swara: thanks Sasu maa.
Sujatha: you can also call me maa, beta,( caresses her hair)
Sujatha sees child hood photo’s of swara and aadi.
She is stunned to see particular photo.
Sujatha: beta who is this?(by pointing boy whose age is 12)
Swara: he is my jeju ,Laksh son of Ram kapoor uncle.
Sujatha: kk . Where is he?
Swara: He went to his office maa.can you know him?
Sujatha: one time he helped me. Please say him to call me.
Swara: ok maa.
Then Maheshwari family completed their lunch and sit in hall.
Sumi& Shekar: we invite you all for our daughter Ragini’s Engagement, day after tomorrow,. We expect you all.
Sanskar& Uttara: Bhaiya’s engagement.(giggles) Aadi , why can’t you inform us?
Ram Prasad surprised by seeing Sanskar calls laksh as bhai.
Aadi: you are too busy in your office works.(in complaint tone).you can’t take my calls naa.
Sanskar holds his ears and says “sorry aadi’.
Aadi laughs “I am just kidding you,sanky. Engagement date is finalized ,yesterday only. first invitation is for you”
Sanskar&Uttara: papa, I will stay here to help Bhai’s engagement.
RamPrasad sees Shekar and Ram kapoor and they agrees .
Ramprasad : kk sanskar.
Then they leaves.
Laksh entered kapoor’s house.
Sanskar: congrats bhai.
Laksh was surprised by seeing sanskar in his house.
Laksh: sanskar you here and hugs him.
Aadi: I am also here bhaiya
The trio hugs each other.
Sanskar: papa allowed me to stay here until your engagement.
Laksh: Ikk sanskar. Where is papa ,aadi?
Aadi: he is in uncle’s house.
Laksh went to shekar’s house.
Swara welcomes him . At that time, Ragini enters the house. Her heels slipped and she starts to fall.
Laksh hold her in waist and they have an intense eyelock. The starts to travel in their world.
Swara: jeju it’s hall.
Ragini and laksh feel little bit embarrasses and ragini blushes.
Aadhi:see yaar the great lawyer of Koltatta is blushing
Ragini ran to her room.
Every one smiles.
Swara: jeju, my sasu maa want to talk you.This is her no.she said that one time you helped her naa,
Laksh confused.
Laksh:swara say it clearly.
Swara describes her conversation with Sujatha.
Laksh is tensed and call Sujatha’s number.
Laksh: I am laksh kapoor.
Sujatha: I want to see you ,Dev. come to kali mandir.
Laksh come outside of the house and calls ragini and describes his situation and ask her to come with him.
At kali mandir,
RAGLAK sees sujata and laksh identifies sujata and rushes towards her.
Sujatha identifies laksh.
Sujatha touches laksh chin and call him”Dev beta”
Laksh:suji maa( emotionally)
Sujatha:please forgive me , beta. Because of my husband, you lost your parents and your rights.
RAGLAK is shocked.and says in unison ”how do you know that”
Sujatha: I know it from my husband’s diary-his accident drauma.but I promise you now he is accepted his sin. He can’t harm you. Please return to home Dev Beta.
Laksh: it’s the reason for your depression na ,suji maa. it’s not chacha’s fault, suji maa. I clearly investigated it.because the accident never happened. Someone is behind my parent’s murder.but, I don’t know the reason.
Laksh(dev) was travelling with his parents in a car. Suddenly, the car is stopped and someone pulled Durga Prasad Maheshwari (DP) and starts to beat him. They demanded to sign in a paper.but he refused it.
A goon puts a knife in dev’s tongue and threatened that if DP not signed the paper, then they would kill dev. DP signed the paper. Annapurna pleased goons to release dev. The goon released dev. Dev starts to run from there and hides in nearby Forest. The goons shot DP and AP ,put their in car and rolled down from the cliff. The goons searched Dev in the forest. At that time, Ram Prasad Maheshwari entered the forest and ordered the goons to search fast. So ,Dev considered Ram Prasad Maheshwari as a murderer.
But Ramprasad plans an accident drauma that DP should not sign the paper with his friend. Because , he thought that DP’s friend is not good person. In that agreement, something is hidden. But DP refused to trust RamPrasad words. He went to his friend’s house. To stop his Brother, Ramprasad arranged a motercycle man to hit DP’s car with motor cycle and create a scene..
so he can get enough time to prove DP’S friend intention.That motorcycle man sees DP&AP’S murder and DEV’s escape. He informed Ramprasad about his brother murder and dev’s escape. Ramprasad wants to protect Dev from murderers and he start to search him in forest.
Ram Prasad cannot able to find his brother’s murderer and thinks he was responsible for his brother’s death.
Sujatha thought that due to RamPrasad’s accident Drauma, DP car is met accident and they dead. She can’t know the full story.
Laksh tells the flashback and clears the misunderstandings between chacha and chachi.
Laksh: suji maa, Chacha is not so much cruel to kill his own brother. someone is behind that. I want to reveal the truth. But, chacha is innocent. He know that I am alive. He still searching for me . don’t tell him until my engagement is completed. But we want to protect Uttara and Ragini friends help us in this.
Sujatha hugs Laksh and Ragini and blesses them
They leaves to their respective houses.

PRECAP: Laksh murder attempt and Uttara kidnap in RAGLAK engagement
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Credit to: BALAJI


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