Part 4
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Precap:sanskar proposed swara, Uttara wants to see swara.
Let I start the episode 4
1 month leap
In between this time period, Sanskar did not disturbs swara’s studies. He just make an sms for Good morning and good night.
Swara did not share her feelings with Ragini.Ragini is so deep in her studies and she did not realize the difference in swara.
In college,

Sanskar and Aditya in their classroom and the professor gives notes to the students.
Office room helper interrupted the class and murmurs something to the Professor.
Professor: Sanskar, someone is waiting for you in office room.
Sanskar leaves class and go to the office room . he sees the manager of his father’s company.
Manager: sir sujatha mam is admitted in hospital . come with us sir.
Sanskar is shocked . They reached hospital.
Ramprasad is worried about her wife’s condition.
Uttara is standing near ICU and continuously sobbing.
Sanskar: papa, what happened to maa?
Ramprasad: I don’t know sanskar( he collapsed and the great business tycoon Ramprasad Maheshwari just sat on the hospital floor and Tears coming from his eyes)
Sanskar:papaaa(shocked) and worried about his parent’s condition.

At that time, Doctor is coming from ICU.
Ramprasad stand and asking the doctor about his wife’s condition.
Doctor: she is now alright Mr.Maheshwari. She is in deep depression. I suggest you to take her to hilly region for 2 years and don’t give stress to her. You can discharge your wife Tomorrow .
Ramprasad command his managers in phone.
The next day
He shifts his headquarters to Shimla temporarily and he controls his business from shimla.
Sanskar and Uttara stayed in Kolkatta.
At college
Swara sees sanskar.
Swara: why not you message me yesterday?
Swara feels something different with sanskar.
Aditya: what happened sanskar? Is everything ok naa?
Sanskar: Mom’s health is not well. So Papa shifts her to Shimla.
Swara: now is maa feel better na?
Sanskar: now maa is ok. But the problem is Uttara’s studies. I can’t let her alone in home. She also needs to concentrate on her exams.
Swara: then the problem is solved
Sanskar& Aditya: (surprisingly) HOW?
Swara: my mom will take care of her. Can I take her to my home?
Aditya:I help you Swara to convince your parents. Sanskar , you can stay with me and Your sister can stay with Swara.
Sanskar is happy for swara taking care of Uttara.
Evening Gadodia House

Aditya: (shouts) I want all the one gathered here for polling.
In Gadodia’s house , there is an procedure. If anyone want to take important decision, majority of family should need to approve the decision.
All the family members gathered in hall.
Shekar: whats the matter aadi?
Aditya explains the situation of sanskar and Uttara.
Ram kapoor: so you want to help your friend and his sister. Ok,This is good.what is your decision shekar?
Shekar sees sumi and sumi agrees.
Shekar: what’s your opinion swaragini ? because Aadi’s friend’s sister may share your room.
Swara(rushes): we don’t have any problem papa.
Ragini and sumi feels something different in swara. Ragini refused it.
Shekar: What about you laksh?
Laksh: I don’t have any problem uncle.
Shekar : ok aadi, your friend’s sister can stay our home.
Ram Kapoor: your friend can stay with us.
Then all the elders moved from the Hall.
Swara and Aadi gives Hi-Fi to each other.
Aadi informs Sanskar about their parents approval.

AT Maheshwari Mansion,
Sanskar: Uttara, you can go to your bhabhi’s house and you can see her.
And then he explains swara’s decision.
Sanskar: you need to stay in Swara’s house until you finish your school exams.
Uttara: so I will stay bhabi’s house for 6 months . yeah jolly
Uttara is so happy to stay with her bhabhi and so interested to meet aditya.
The next day morning
Sanskar and uttara went to temple and then went to Gadodia’s house.
Sanskar calls Aditya.
Sanskar: We reached your house.
Aditya: Wait a minute sanky.
Aditya welcomes sanskar and uttara and introduces to all.
Sanskar and Uttara takes blessings from shekar , sumi and Ram Kapoor.
Swaragini: Welcome to our home Uttara.
Swaragini takes Uttara to their room.

Swaragini: this is our room Uttara.
Uttara (hugs Swaragini) : thanks for helping me.
Ragini breaks the hug and says:”there is no need of thanks and sorry Uttara. From now, We are friends naa” and giving her hand for hand shake.
Uttara:friends ( gives an handshake)
Swara hugs Uttara and whispers in her ears:there is no need of thanks for your bhabhi Uttara.
Uttara smiles.
Aditya leads Sanskar to Kapoor house and shows his room.
Aditya: it is not so much comfortable as your room(little bit embarrassed while considering he is millionnare)
Sanskar: what are you saying Aditya? I am so much comfortable in your house. Feel like it is my family.
Aditya: kk listen . They don’t know you are an Maheshwari.only me,my bhai and father omly knows that. Don’t reveal that because you need to win their hearts. If they known, They keep a distance with you. And Shekar papa always hate High class people due to his friend’s betrayal.
Sanskar: kk aadi.
The next succeeding days
Laksh became friend of sanskar.
Uttara became friend of Ragini. Ragini likes Uttara unknowingly. She starts to take care of uttara in all her aspects . Swaragini Helps Uttara in her studies.
Uttara starts to fall in love with Aadi .
Meanwhile, ragini is moved to Mumbai for some important work.
Soon Uttara and Sanskar are mingled with Gadodia’s family.
Sanskar observes the caring of Laksh for aadi.

One day , Sanskar sees Aadi is sleeping in the Lap of Laksh and Laksh is singing Laali.
He is surprised by seeing Aadi like this and wipe his tears while remembering Dev’s care and leaves the room without making noise .
Ram Kapoor: what happened beta?
Sanskar: I was surprising by their bond and caring.
Ram Kapoor: when aadi was 7, his mom left us. At that time, laksh was just 11. But he was matured beyond his age He starts to take care for aadi and he became his mother. Only, He can understand Aadhi’s feelings. I am just his father. But for Aadi, Laksh is his world .He can do anything for him. Whenever aadi feeling something weird or he needs his mom, he sleeps in laksh lap.
Kk beta. Go to sleep.
Sanskar go to his room and slept by remembering Dev’s care for him and laksh’s care for aadi.
Someone enters the room and caresses his hair.
Sanskar:(unknowingly murmurs) Dev bhaiya
That person wipes his tears and murmurs” I do this for your happiness sansku” and leave the room.
The next day morning
All the members are gathered in Dining Table except Sanskar and Uttara.
Shekar: where is sanskar ,aadi?

Sumi: uttara is also missing naa.
Aadi: today is Sanskar bhaiya Dev’s death Anniversary. So , they don’t eat food and even they don’t drink a single drop of water.he loved his bhaiya a lot. Till now, he is not able to accept his bhaiya’s death.
Swara is worried and became sad for sanskar.
Laksh(worried and shouts): aadi,how can you let your friend to starve? It’s not good aadi
Everyone is shocked because Laksh never speak like this to aadi. RamKapoor feels something different in Laksh.
Laksh(realizes): sorry aadi.can you say the name of the Temple?
Aadi replied then Laksh rushed to go that temple from the house
In temple, Sanskar and Uttara sat in the mandaap of temple and sanskar remembers joyful days with Dev and uttara staring his brother to observe his feelings.
Laksh saw them and went near to them
Laksh : Sanskar
Sanskar: laksh
Laksh: come to home.
Sanskar: lakshhh(stammers)
Laksh: I know that it is your bhai’s anniversary. But , he can see you. . He cannot tolerate your and Uttara’s starving. By your words, I can observe that your bhai loved you both so much, if he knows that you were starving and because of you uthi(Uttara) is also starving, then he will find guilty. So do you want to gift guilty to your bhaiya for his love? If you want then you could starve. I should not resist you.
Sanskar saw uttara and the pain and caring for him in her eyes .he feels guilty because of him uttara is also starving.
Laksh: Don’t feel guilty for uttara, sanskar , come to home.

Sanskar(in mind):whenever I am with laksh, I also feel my Dev Bhai’s caring from laksh.
Sanskar: laksh can I call you Bhai?
Laksh(happily): ofcourse sanskar
They returned to home happily.
When laksh enters the house , he remembers that he scolded aadi.
Laksh: sumi maa, where is aadi?
Sumi: he is in his room.
Laksh rushes towards aadi room and sees aadi is angry and tears coming from his eyes.
Laksh:aadii aadi turned to him.
Laksh holds his hand in ears and says “sorry” and starts to put karnam.
Aadi stops him and hugs him.
Laksh: sorry aadi . please forgive me. It’s my mistake because…..
Aadi: no need of explanations bhai. I know that there is some reasons behind that. Leave it.
Laksh hugs him tightly and says” please don’t angry with me . I can’t tolerate your anger”.
Sanskar told aadi about the whole incident in Temple.
Sanskar: whenever I am with Laksh Bhai, I feel Dev Bhai’s presence.
Aadi( smiles). :If you happy means I am also happy sanky.
At night
Laksh and Ram kapoor were sitting on the bench in the park.
Laksh: is something important papa?

Ram Kapoor: so, you are Devprasad Maheshwari. Am I right Laksh?
Laksh(shocked): pappppa(stammers)
Flashback starts
RamKapoor and his wife saw a boy who is aged near 10 lying unconscious near the road. Mrs.Kapoor sprinkles water in his face and gave water to drink.
Mrs.Kapoor: beta, what is your name?
The boy: dev
Mrs.Kapoor: where is your mom or dad?
Dev: My parents are dead in car accident and someone tried to kill me.
They were shocked to hear this.
At that time ,Mr and Mrs.Kapoor lost his son due to disease. So,they decided to keep him as his son.
Mrs.kapoor: you come with us as our elder son?
Dev: kk
Mrs.Kapoor: now onwards your name is Laksh Kapoor.
Flashback ends

Dev Prasad Maheshwari was grown as a Laksh Kapoor
Ram Kapoor: why did not you reunite with your family? I can see your love and affection towards Sanskar and Uttara.
Laksh: If my real identity is revealed, then it would be dangerous for Uttara’s life Papa. If I try to take revenge against my enemies, it will affects Sanskar life. So, my Identity will be always Laksh Kapoor not Devprasad Maheshwari.
Ram Kapoor: I can’t understand Laksh. How will your revenge affect sanskar life?
Laksh: Trust me papa. Now the things are more complicated,than before, Swara and sanskar loves each other and Uttara starts to fall in love with aadi. If my identity revealed means , it also affects in swara and aadi’s life papa. After few seconds
Laksh: how can you know my real identity papa?because Ragini is only know about my real identity.
Ramkapoor: I have a doubt while you caressing Sanskar’s hair and confirmed when you shouted to Aadi.
Laksh and Ramkapoor leaves that place.

PreCap: swaragini’s Birthday and Ragini is shocked

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